Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's still Christmas time for my family so we're still away consuming our bodyweight in chocolate (when I say we, I really mean, well, me).

Tonight we went to our (the Hodgson Side) family Christmas get-together. It was held at my uncles new mansion in Bountiful. And when I say mansion, I mean mansion. He lives on the highest point of any mountain in Bountiful and his house is at least four of mine combined, probably more. It was SO nice to have space to have our Christmas celebration. Getting to his house was another thing. Randy drove, and his tires are bald. Combine this with falling snow, wet roads, and a grade to steep you leanforward so the car doesn't start rolling down the hill, and you get terrified passengers becoming very prayerful.

The gifts were awesome this year!! My Grandma has been travelling the world this past year, and got our presents abroad. I got one of those wooden dolls that seperate and have 5 more dolls inside. From Russia! The real thing. Also a tote bad and pearl necklace from China. My mom got a real Jade bracelet from China. Gorgeous!! And as usual she shelled the cash for everyone. I have the most generous grandma ever.

My cousin Brady had my name this year and got me a $10 giftcard to Deseret Book. I love that place and could buy the whole store. All in all, a great second Christmas!!

Today I actually changed my myspace profile. i realized that my old one, you can't really read the font very well. So, you should go look at it. I added two blogs as well.

Well, the camera is still lost. I think I may actually have to clean my room to find it. It would happen sooner or later I guess.

Brother Allen (SLCC insitute choir director) called me up yesterday. I guess I'm starting choir again!! I"m excited, but dreading having to get up at 6am again. I truly believe my body was built to go to bed late and wake up late. It just functions better and I sleep better. Plus I need 9 hours of sleep. Or it could just be that depression has stuck around and is effecting my sleep habits. Is fatigue and lots of sleeping a sign? Who knows. I'm getting over it.

I've been obsessed with looking for homes for sale in Utah these days. I want to move out, but paying rent just seems like a waste of money because you're not investing as if it was a house you were paying for. Houses are expensive though. Some very small ones in Ogden for about 70k up to 100k. Hard to pay for a house/bills/car when you only make $12/hr. Where's my millionaire dream man when I need him? I guess it's all dreams as I don't even have a job yet. Oh well.

Not that I'm actually trying for a job at the moment anyway. I've started a work out program early in December and I've been dedicated all my energies and time to it. It's the fastest I've ever lost weight, and I don't want to do anything that will distract me from it. for now, that is. I'll be updating my tracker above quite soon. Watch out!!!!!!

Well, church tomorrow(who knows if I'll actually go) so I should get to bed. Does anyone else watch Greys, private practice and Chuck? when in the heck are they going to have new episodes?!?!?!?

Tootles ya'll


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Blues

The day after Christmas. Kind of a boring day compared to what you've been going through the past month in preparation for this holiday. But I really can't complain. I was spoiled again at Christmas. My mom knows stuff I like more than anyone else in family, so I usually end up getting the most gift-wise.

I got my favorite bedding from Ikea that matches my whole room. Looks SO nice!!! New scripture case I wanted(yay for magnetic closures!!!), an awesome photo album that is emroydered, diamond blue earrings, way too much junk food, Lane Bryant Jeans and two sweaters I picked out at the mall a while ago. Lots more, just can't remember at the moment. I'll take pictures when I can find my blasted camera. It's been missing for amonth now! I hope no one stole it or if it is lost it's in my room. Starting to get worried.

Yesterday I had SO much junk food. I think the only thing I ate that was healthy (relatively) was the yearly ham dad brought home from work. I got stuck cooking it. It was good though. I only tried two bites, didn't want to get sick on Christmas.

Christmas Eve Michelle and Lema found out they were having a BOY!!! We also got to see ultrasound pictures. Feels so much more real now that we can actually see him. They want to go with the name Miles. The first two letters of michelle's name, and first to letters of Lema's name. I think it's cute. now my mom is going to go nuts buying everything blue green yellow and prange for baby. Can't blame her though. I'm way excited too!

today we all slept in, had a big healthy breakfast (as opposed to junk food from stocking) and now we are getting ready to go see either National treasure or Water Horse. I'd prefer to see I am legend, but Mom will have noneof PG-13 anymore.

Well, going to the movies, gotta run!!!

Tootles, bec

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I totally need to learn how to do this!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Candy Ever

Yes, I'm devoting a blog post to a peice of candy. And yes it is 4am and I'm online. So what. Sometimes I just can't sleep and the internet and blogging is the only thing to save me from myself.

We all know and love the flavored tootsie rolls called Midgees, right? Well, me being the weirdo that I am I always pick out the vanilla's and wolf them down first. Absolute best flavor ever.

Turns out they are doing a "special edition" ALL vanilla flavor for christmas.

Turns out I can stay up 48 hours after consuming an entire 16 oz. bag.

I have practically sold my soul to my mother for purchasing several of these bags for me.

New subject, today I went to Erin's farewell as she is off to Paruguay on wednesday, or the MTC that is. She gave a great talk about the Word of wisdom and told us a bunch of things about her mission area. very cool. I will miss her tons as we became really close in Choir.

Speaking of missions, I've been considering the possibility of going back on mine. It's a 50/50 thing right now. Lately I just can't get it off my mind. It's been hounding me day and night and I don't know what to do. Stupid life changing decisions. I wish I had a life map in front of me so I never had to make a decision. Thinking about it frustrates me, so onward to a new topic.

We got new music for next season. Brahm's 2nd Symphony & Tragic overture. Swimmingly amazing stuff. SO excited to play. Not too much of a challenge, but enough to keep me practicing for a while.

Going to bed now. Shopping tomorrow with the mother. Tootles!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

The plan: Type the answer to each question into a Google image search, and you pick an image from the first page of results.

1. Age at Next Birthday

2. place I'd like to travel
3. Favorite Place (my garden)

4. Favorite Object (duvet)
5. Favorite Food
6. Favorite animals7. Favorite color
8.Town where I was born
9.Town where I live

10. Name of past pet
11. Name of past love (ha! zero on that one)
12.Best Friends Nickname (my sister- Bones)
13. My NIckname (one of many)
14.My first Name

15. Bad Habit Ihave
16.First Job
17.Grandmother's Name
18.College Major

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Heart burn from Hell

On thanksgiving I over ate - along with the rest of the entire population

I had some minor heartburn that evening, which is to be expected as food was so jam packed into my stomach it was overflowing into my esophogas, thus the burning sensation.

Today is now Saturday. You think I'd be recovered from all the pain, but no. Last night I had such painful heartburn I couldn't lay down. I had to sit up so to sleep while holding a pillow against my chest. I've never had heartburn before, but this is torture.

Hopefully the Pepcid AC and millions of tums I've consumed in the past three days will finally kick in. If not, I'll be living off yogurt the rest of my life.

Lately my jeans have been a bit snug. I have missed volleyball three weeksin a row and haven't gone to the gym since halloween. Time to kick the bum into gear again. I'm not going to wait until New Years Like I usually do. And I'm not going to completely give up because i'ts the holidays eaither. A holiday is no excuse to get fat. I'm just glad I'm not at my old job right now. Everyday someone would bring in a dessert of some sort, and clients were constantly sending in candy. This year I have a lot less temptation to deal with.

I cleaned my room this week and now my elliptical is staring me in the face every morning as a reminder to work out. As you may have noticed, I added a weight loss ticker to my blog. But, it's a special ticker, it tells you how much you've lost instead of how much you need to lose. Kind of a motivation ticker. wahoo..... Being the wimp that Iam, I was too chicken to put down my current weight. Instead I have it set up to show how much to lose. To get to the absolute lowest healthy weight for my height,body frame and age I have to lose (dare I say it) 100 pounds *cringe* It may seem drastic and unrealistic and unhealthy, but it's true, I have to lose and entire person from my body to be at my goal weight. If I was to choose the highest weight to be healthy, i would need to lose about 75 lbs. But that's borderline overweight, and I don't want to be anywhere near it.

So if anyone needs me, I'll be on the elliptical. please call for any appointments and I'll see if I can squeeze you in.

Here we go again!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tom Cruise kills Oprah (click on the pic)

thought you'd enjoy that

Today is Lema'a birthday. I guess in Samoa they don't have cake and ice cream on b-days, becuase apparently, he hates them both. Amazing.

You know what Iove doing? Building a fire in our fireplace, cuddling up with a book and sitting there for hours. It's like tho most relaxig thing in the world. Now all I need is a man and my life is perfect. I'm becoming quite the pro at getting the fire started fast. I should start timing myself - I'm that good.

So, the Symphony? Last week I was the only violist for the first hour. The retarded thing? some old lady took half my music and said she would copy it and promised she would be there the next week. She wasn't. So the first hour, I sat there looking like a loser, not playing. Thankfully some guy violist showed up who had all the music. Afterwords he even let me take it home. Yay for guy violist. So I've been practicing like mad through the harder passages in the nutcracker. There is some pretty tough stuff, but I love it.

Oh, our concert is December 8th at 6:30pm. I don't know where it's at yet though. I think Eisenhower Jr. High. So if you want to come that would be awesome! Oh, and Tony, we are still dying for a bassist.

Last night I watched a dvd called "The year of the dog" dumbest show ever. dumb plot, dumb chracters, dumb acting. complete waste of time. Even had a dumb ending. Never see this show people. Dumb dumb dumb.

You know you need to re-stock foodwise when you eat rice for dinner. Just rice, and soy sauce. boring.

I don't have anythng else to write at the moment. I'll check in later if something pops in my head.



Sunday, November 18, 2007

This was my absolute FAVORITE cartoon as a kid. Thought I'd share it with you all. I can't believe I found it! What would the world be without Youtube? Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sony Cybershot Camera Case Dark Pink, White stripe, carrying strap

Tuesday Quicky

I went to orchestra tonight! yay!! I was pleasantly surprised at how good i've become at sight reading. We have a new director who is young, funny, motivating and I'm excited to work with him. I missed the first two rehearsals, but the songs aren't THAT hard, so I'll catch up quick. At first I was the only violist for an hour, then some old lady who reeked of cigarettes came in. I had to share a stand with her because they were out of half of the music for viola's. Lucky for me I brought my glasses, so the old lady stand-hogging didn't bother me too much.

We are doing a couple selections from the nutcracker suite, and the REAL one too. Not a lame arranged version for high school orchestras. Also the chronicles of Narnia (love it), sleigh ride, theme from ice castles (whatever that is) and some other ones I don't have yet.

Oooh, guess what else? you are going to be jealous people. We are the backup orchestra for Neil Diamond when he comes to Salt Lake! Awesome, no? I don't prefer Neil Diamond music at all, but to be a REAL back up orchestra at a concert? Rocks I tell you.

I need one of those grip masters for building up your calluses. Mine are completely gone, so my fingertips are Killing me.

Just thought I'd update you al on my musical life. Yay. Go un-loved violists!


Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yesterday was the loverly celebration of dead people day, more commonly known as Halloween.
Shell's party was great and I had a fun time. We watched 1408, carved pumpkins(which were surprisingly easy to cut through. Yay old pumpkins!) decorated cookies, had too much junk food and made fun of eachother's costumes. Genious men in the group were clueless as to what we all dressed up as.


I spent the whole day before the party making sugar cookies. My sister michelle actually complimented me on them and said they were better than store bought! It's quite the compliment as she is quite the picky eater and master cook herself. I didn't realize until after the party that I only got a few pictures. None of Tony in his costume or joe in his (as lame joe) Trash.

I guess my parents didn't get many trick-or-treaters. They used one bag of candy. Now we have 4 bags of candy floating around the house that we are using as a meal replacement. Kind of sad really. Adults desereve the next day candy gorging too right? I think I've overdosed on KitKats and am getting a canker sore from shock tarts.

Here we have Shell as Lizzie Borden(did I spell that right?) bloody axe and all. Seeing how Michelle is the morbid dead-liking-person we all know her to be, I guess this costume isn't too surprising. It rocked. you know it.

Karin as a mind reading gypsy-fortune teller. She sounded like santa when she walked. Cool shtuff. The flash was way too bright on my camera so she looks like a zombie as well. perfect for halloween!

The cookies I decorated at the party. Love the Madonna ghost no? How bout the headless ghost with a pumkin?

My costume as Queen Amidala. For all those people who don't remember, it's from the 1st episode of star wars at the end when they have the victorious parade. Just watch the movie. Rachel helped me tremedously with the costume. Shweet if i do say so myself. Oh, I'm not bucked-teeth or biting my lip here. I had the white lips and hadn't done the lipstick yet.

Tony's puking pumpkin. gross

Karin's pumpkin. Ahh how cute.

My scary pumpkin with fangs and M & M's for eyes. Cool eh?
Here are his rockin earsAnd the grand finale, Michelle's pumkin, thus murdered. I guess killing her parents wasn't enough she kills plants too.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Work out shakings

My mom makes a loverly tuna casserole. I heart it quite a lot. Lucky me, she made it tonight. Good girl me went with Michael to the gym five minutes after wolfing down a huge bowl of casserole.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid

We get to the gym. It's bursting at the seams with kids in costumes running around on blowup playgrounds, apparently they have a community halloween night for kids at the gym. The actual b-ball court was blocked off for the kids as well as the lobby area. We pushed our way through and started working out our legs. last time we did arms and cardio. So all the machines are new to us. I get on the leg press and Michael decides I can push the same weight as him. 300 lbs.
I used to be able to do more in high school when I had weight training but it's been years since then.

I get on the machine of death and begin. At first I thought it was broken because it wasn't moving beyond a certain point. Stupid me, i wasn't puching hard enough. So I do 12 reps and we switch. 12 reps again. and again. I was quite impressed I could do that much weight after not lifting for so long. By this time my heart rate is up like I've been running for the past hour in a sprint. My wholoe body starts to shake and I feel a rage of nausea coming on. I run to the bathroom and sit down on the bench and nothing comes out. I wished it had.

Lets just say I can't handle exercise with food in my stomach. I thought I'd tough it out and keep working out so I didn't just pay $4 for nothing. After a half an hour of weights I couldn't take it any more and had to collapse on the floor. I couldn't stand up without puking and their wasn't a garbage can in site. Just a bunch of screaming kids shoving their faces with junk food and sweaty men working out. I did not want to throw up there.

I took a break for five minutes and Michael ran a bit. Finally I started walking around the track and got in about half a mile or so. I'm quite proud of how much I did seeing how I was holding down the puke the entire time. And you know what's wierd? My bum is sore. I don't know what exercise I did, but it's sore.

end of part 1 of my gym adventures. Stay tuned next time for..........organisms attack on the bench press.........

over and out.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I spend WAY too much on music.

I have no job and no income at the moment (still), yet I am using the last of my resources to buy music online. I refuse to buy actual CD's of an entire album unless it is Kelly Clarkson, Beatles or John Mayer. Otherwise, it's online purchasing of individual tracks I like. I was looking at my bank statement today and totalled up this month's spendatures. Totalling $30 this month alone. Month before? $42. It's becoming an addiction methinks. Good thing I have an 80GB hard drive to hold it all. I need to save up and get an 80GB MP3 player now. Sadly ipod is looking like the best option. but I have yet to give in. I will keep searching before I join the ipod cult.

I got a call from the SLCC orch. director tonight. I guess he wants me to come back. I think I will, I miss playing. It's been months again since I've touched Hannah. That sounded wrong. Since I played hannah. No, that sounded gross too. Get your minds out of the gutter you sick people. Anyway, I think I'll go this week and check things out. can't be playing with any old orchestra you know. I have my limits. Ok, so I'm a music snob. Deal with it.

Oh, guess what I did today? While walking from my car to subway- a total of about 10 feet- wearing only flip flops (AND clothes you nasty people) I pulled/tore my arch. As in my foot's arch. It felt like someone took a seraded knife and stabbed it and ripped it about 4 inches down my foot. It hurt like no other. So I wallow in pain, squeeze Rachel's arm to the point of bruising (she was with me) and try and walk. I could handle it with a slight limp. Then, WHAMO! it happens AGAIN. I pulled the same muscle twice within 5 seconds. ........ 5 min pause.....

I just checked my foot for bruising, and I have two massive liquid filled blisters on my foot! Holy Crap my poor feet!

After I pulled my arch I taped it so it had some constant support and it seemed to help. I've been running with Michael and going to the gym to lift weights this week, Tonight I wasn't going to give into the arch pain and ran anyway. I guess the retarded limp-run I was doing gave me blisters. wonderful.

Tonight I helped Michael make a curry chicken stirfry. I will never use curry again. It is NASTY! I ended up rinsing off the veggies and chicken and starting over, turning it into sweet and sour chicken. Who ever invented curry should be shot. Goess Gross Gross.

My mom volunteered me to play the piano in the primary tomorrow. I guess she forgot.......... I CAN ONLY PLAY LIKE TWO SONGS MOM!!!!!.........................
So I'll be looking like a completee idiot tomorrow pretending to play kids primary songs I don't know. they'll be getting the right hand only. Maybe and occasional left hand accomp. if it's in C major. They should sell tickets. it should be interesting. Pray for me.

Well, the bathroom is calling (trying to drink 8 glasses of H2O a day) and I have some blisters to take care of (oh, were you eating?) Hope you all have great weekend. See most or all of you at Shells party!!!!!!

Oh, michelle inspired me to finish my "100 things about me" section as she did hers
in ONE day. Go check it out!(link to the left) I left off at 67 last time. I finished it!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 steps, brewed hay, and other interesting things that happened today

It's 12:49 am. I should be alseep on a normal human's schedule, but alas, I'm up typing in a blog that no one reads. I feel better when I get my thoughts on paper(screen) so I will persevere.

Today I had Chamomile tea for the first time. It is always included in my fruit herbal tea variety pack, but I would just chuck it cause I thought it sounded gross. I have given the stuff a new name as you may have noticed in the title. Brewed Hay. Nasty stuff. I wil continue throwing it out from now on. Just thought You'd like to know.

Yesterday and Today have been the most non-productive days of my entire life. And guess what I filled in that dull wasted time? Food of course. Warm, comforting, friendly food. Lots of food. We're talking dump trucks full. In the past 48 hours I have probably consumed over 12,000 calories. I am not even exaggerating. When I'm bored, I eat. I was SO bored. I could have gone to the adult session of stake conference on saturday, I could have gone to the gym, I could have built a snowman when it snowed last evening, I could have gone to stake conference today, could have read a book and practiced my spanish. Could have could have could have. Stupid could have's. As my dad says (and it drives me nuts) "It doesn't matter what you know, it's what you do"

I need a serious kick in the backside and an electric current shocked through my body to get me back into gear. The past two months I have accomplished practically nothing compared to the rest of my life. Painted my wall, moved to a different room in my house, pulled weeds, watched way too many movies. All that, in two months. Wowser.

Tonight I turned to my Aussie inspiration/motivational speaker-dude, Craig Harper (link to the left). I've been reading his site for about a month now. I always leave with the frame of mind, "wow, I could really do something with my life, lose weight and be happy if I put my mind to it. But I'll do it when I have time/when I want to/when I feel like it/insert any lame excuse"

Today he posted a weekly Video about making changes and how to do it. Not short term never-gonna-happen changes, but a life altering way of life change.

1. Be honest about where I am now in life

2. Where I really want to be

3. What has held me back in the past -or what is holding me currently. Any hurdles I can't seem to get over. i.e. procrastination, fear, poor time management skills etc.

4. Make decisions-important, passionate driven serious decisions

5.Set specific Acheivable goals with a time frame/limit

6.Create an action plan. One that is do-able

7.Stop and re-asses. partway thorugh, halfway, whenever

8. improvise and adapt when things change or go wrong as they are bound to do.

9. Persevere

10. Finish what you start

So there they are. Now go change your life. Accomplish what you've always wanted to. I'm going running in the morning. As in 6am morning, not my usual noon wakeup time. What will you do?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

blugh. too much food :)

Still no comments on the blog. totally sucks, but life moves on. I know it's the weekend, and you are expecting flashback pics. But.... My dad brought home new scanner form work to get a better quality picture and it will not connect to the scanner software on my computer!! The computer recognizes it, but other than that it's worthless. So no pictures this week. Sorry.

You know what I totally forgot to do? Take picture of our dinner/game night tonight!! Stupid me dangit. Well it was fun and I'm still stuffed. One course next time eh Shell? But I finally have made chicken Cor don Bleu. yay for me!

Last night I went to the Cyprus Football game. It was quite cold (freaking cold) but it was fun to see Kristi, Shana and Heather and play around. We all lost our voices from screaming so much and I go tto talk with Kristi on the ride home which was long overdue. I hate it when you go a long time without talking to someone and it's like you have a billion thing to catch up on . Anywa, she is getitng me a application at her work on Monday and hopefully all goes well, I'll get a job!

I am enjoying free life though. Scroungin off the parents, no bills, no car (sux), sleep in all day, stay up all night. Now If I could just stick to my exercise routine seeing how I have nothing else to do all day. You know me though. Exercise? what's that again? No wonder my body has so many health problems. All My own fault and I know it.

Well dearies, need to run, sorry so short. Can't miss church tomorrow. If I get to bed now, I'll get.......5 hours of restless, dog crowded sleep in time for church. Yipee. Tootles!


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Flashback Weekend!

My Mum & Dad on their late Honeymoon to Maine. They couldn't afford to go until 9 months after they were married. As you can tell, my mom is a very 9 months pregnant with my oldest brother Michael.

The picture my mom sent to my dad while he was on his mission. They wrote for 2 years and when he came home 4 months later they were engaged.

My first Orchestra concert. 5th grade christmas concert. Notice how retardedly I'm holding my viola? Ya, I was definately a beginner at it.

My first trip to the zoo. It looks like I'm feeding them cheetos! hopefully no deer died from my generosity.

Was I not the cutest baby ever? admit it, I was.

It's amazing what kids can create with a minimal amount of snow. notice the line of rocks behind me? their is a house and fence there now.

Randy and me playing with playdough I think? Love the face no? I was a freaking indian as a kid as well as today. Just blessed in that department I suppose. Look at my legs! So dark!

MIchelle was the one who taught me how to do my hair and created the passion I have now for cool hairstyles. I guess she had to practice on Randy until I came along. He doesn't seem to mind much

My mom and Dad's reception. the ceremonial cutting of the cake. My 17 year-old (at the time) aunt made their cake. wowser. My mom wore a different dress for the reception and wore her normal temple dress for the marriage. Money was tight then. She still looked beuatiful though!

The family before Rachel and I came along. My mom was pregnant with the baby she miscarried at the the time. Right between Randy and me.

Guess who I was for halloween?(repunzel for you slow learners)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The incredible shrinking/changing/derranged way of beauty

Another amazing movie made by Dove about the fashion idustry and it's way of contorting our minds. They sure have hit this on the nose. I am lovin' this video and keep watching it over and over. Hopefully they change some people's minds on how they see themselves. Hopefully me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blog still under maintanence

So tonight Tony got online and helped me TONS with the HTML for my blog. We got it centered!!! That may seem trivial, but it was tough! I've been researching like mad and cannot figure out how to add back my comments and a link to my blogger profile as well as my profile picture. I don't really care about the profile, but I WANT my comments back. I tried blogger help groups and no one responded. Jerks. I really need to learn HTML all the way. then all this crap would take minutes instead of hours.

Again, if anything looks abnormal, out of line or a link doesn't work, email me please.

Last evening my mom and I got in a gardening mood as we are wont to do every now and again. I tackled our out of control rose bush. Armed with some clipping shears and my leather garden gloves (thorns people. BIG sharp thorns) I chopped away until it was a perfect round shape and no more stray branches that would grab me when I would take out the trash at night. Then My mom and I attempted the prickly weeds on the driveway.

Let me paint (literally) a picture of it for you. On the South side of our driveway, instead of having it paved, we have colored rocks/pebbles. Kind of a backup or spare driveway-thing(technical aren't I?) This has been the mating ground all the way up and down the driveway. Hopefully they never expand to the lawn across the driveway. you can also see my wonderful rendition of my rose pruning job.

Anway, after the roses were done we both started ripping out the little buggars. Big buggars actually. They aren't just sharp weeds that stab you. These are Probably radioactive enlarged thorny beasts that puncture the skin and make you bleed. Then the spot stays sore for a day or two and is nice and pink and swollen. If any of you have been to my house(all of you), you probably remember it. actually I think Joe stepped on one once.

The stupid things have a short root(the one good trait about them) and then one root produces 5-6 2ft long vines of death sprouting in all directions. Of course this makes it practically impossible to locate the root, so you finger through the mangles vines-with the occasional OW! or CRAP!- until you find the center hub to rip out. And wouldn't mother nature be so cruel as to make the thorns barely attached to the plant so one tiny movement and they fall off, thus embedding themselves to regrow and reproduce for next year. A never ending cycle of misery I tell you. What's even more grand is that the plant wedges its root underneath the cement driveway thus making it 5 times more difficult to pull it out.

Randy came out for a while to watch our torment and made an intelligent suggestion that, "If we really wanted to conquer Iran, just take these suckers, scatter the seeds on their soil, and viola! instant retreat."

Today I went shopping with my mom for the yearly ritual CASELOT SALE!!!! Pretty much my workout for the week. Pushing around a cart jam packed full of every canned vegetable and fruit imaginable gives you quite the sweat. I think I have a couple blisters on my hands. You know what made me SO mad though? They had the Ramen for sale by the case and towering shelves and stacks of every flavor EXCEPT SHRIMP!!! The best one that I like and it's like they were hiding the shrimp in the back for the employees. Stupid Smith's. I hate you for that. Now I am stuck with 3 whole cases of Chicken flavored Ramen. You can have chicken anyday, but Shrimp? peice de Resitance!!

I must run off to bed now, going to Walmart in the morning for the rest of the Grocery shopping. We are out of everything since my parents left and returned from their vacation to Washington. It's hard living without Sugar flour and yeast when you cook all the time.

Oh, another quickie rant- I bought a bag of Funyuns and a bag of skittles because the house was COMPLETELY and I mean totally out of treats at all. I come home today to find both bags shredded and 3/4 gone, with the rest covered in dog slime. Ace my little brat dog took them OFF MY DESK and brought them upstairs and devoured them while we were gone. This dog will be glued to the kennel whenever I go out from now on. I Promise that.

Tootles Ya'll!


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We lika' the new layout?

Ok peeps, how are we enjoying the new and improved layout? huh huh huh? It's been a while since I've changed anthying and I was waiting until I could do something cool. It took FOREVER to get this done and I LOVE the outcome.

EXCEPT.......... 1. I can't get the retarded thing to CENTER on the page
2. For some reason comments have dissapeared completely
3. I can't get a pic up on my profile anymore

Most of it is trying to figure out HTML. I had to revert to the classic template option to get it all my own customizations, so I have to do everything the long and hard way. So all you computer wizzes out there, HELP ME!!!!! Until you do, you don't get to see my face every time you visit, you can't talk to me except through email and you have to stare at the right side of the screen the whole time.

I'll be contacting Blogger help as well, but if you know how to do it, tell me!! Also if you notice any glitches that I can't see on my end, email me. I double checked all the links, but if you notice anything, let me know.

Later, Becks

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grass, rules, and a coordinator

Don't you hate it when you organize all you stuff and then you can't find anything? My dad has been trying to implement a rule in our house for years. As more of my siblings are moving out, he hasn't been as strict. This rule is to make all the "children" take their belongings out of the bathroom when they leave. meaning take out your razor and shampoo after a shower and take out all curling irons and makeup when you are finished. This being a retarded rule in my eyes is somewhat understandable to others. At the time we had 7 people sharing one bathroom. Now if we all had our own toiletries x7 that would cause a bit of clutter. Seeing how their are only 5 of us now I think the rule should be abolished. It hasn't. So I started organizing my things to not cause any problems. How many times (girls) have you gone in the bathroom and desperately needed a bobby pin or an elastic and all your stuff is put away so you have to trek to another room. Thus wasting time and motor skills. Sometimes life is just annoying and their is nothing you can do about it. Unless you move out and make your own rules. but even then you live with other people and have to establish some order and some rules. Life is a never ending rule. Stupid rule

Funny how my next experience also relates to this rule of taking everything out of the bathroom. I am slightly obsessed with my teeth. The whiteness, cleanliness and straghtness are all very important to me. Thankfully I was blessed with 95% straight teeth and am satisfied to not get braces. Thankfully whiteness and cleanliness are both something I can control. So I use a whitening toothpaste daily and whitening strips evry 8 months or so.

The other noght I was getting ready for bed and realized I left the bag of my toiletries so neatly organized in my room. I was in a lazy mood and decided to use the boring toothpaste that is always left in the bathroom for public use. I had two options. A baking soda flavored toothpaste (gross)-my parents do the whole "all natural" approach- or mint green tea extract. Of course I chose the latter. It was a pretty teal/clearish color with the scent of mont. How bad could it be? well, people of the blog world, it was B.A.D. The best way to describe it was a combination of grass and bertie botts every flavor bean (Harry Potter) with the flavor of vomit. It'a amazing how it smelled minty yet had no taste of mint whatsoever in that toothpaste. Nasty Nasty Nasty. I just kept telling myself I was preventing cavities and bore with it the two minutes until the electric toothbrush beeped. What's even worse, is that flavor stayed with me after 5, count em' 5 rinsings of my mouth with water. I went to bed still with the flavor of freshly chewed grass and the distugsting vomit taste every time I would breath out. And I was wondering why the tube was still completely full after sitting in the bathroom for two weeks.

I called at my old job on friday. Lucky me, the man in charge was at a golf tournament and wouldn't be back until Monday. I swear every possible thing has "come up" to prevent me to going back to this place for a job. Maybe I'm not supposed to back? This could be a sign perhaps? I want to though. this was the best job I've ever had with good pay for my lack of business skills. This new position is a dollar pay cut, bu I can easily switch to a higher position once I get my foot back in the door. Speaking of higher position, I found out they are hirering for two project coordinators. Meaning I would probably get paid 3-4 bucks more per hour and I would have less "secretarial" work and be more focused on the actual Jobs of the company. I am quite scared to apply for these and don't even know if I'd be qualified. I was only their for 9 months and don't know if I could handle it. I want to and it would be quite the challenge. I just rambling thoughts trying to make a decision on this. If you are bored you may sign off now. Anyway, Just not sure what to do, if I'll get the job, frustrated with my sleeping habits (or lack thereof) constant migraines the past week, exercising but not seeing results except pain, and in a pickle to putit mildy. I think I'll go have a decision making hour and think about everything.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday of freddom before the mondane monday creeps up on us all.



Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flashback Weekend OVERLOAD!!!!!!!

Ok, I got the scanner working (finally) and got a TON if pics for you guys. I thought of doing them in increments, but what the heck, let's do them ALL!!!! I'll be going in chronological order, starting with Elementary School leading up to Graduation. Enjoy!!

Remember Mrs. Johnson? The slide machine she would have us turn and you would get a yellow ticket for doing it? And her creepy fingers? *shudder*
YAY! Ms. Condie! Coolest teacher EVER. She took me and two other kids to Artic Circle on our birthdays. Awsome lady
My 2nd Grade picture. Toni you got your wish and here I am with my huge pink glasses. They were cool at the time ok? so shuddup. It was either wear them or go blind. Mr. Foote our second Principal. Remeber to balloon animals and he had that inguana?

YAY! playground!
4th grade Mrs. Chandler. AWSOME teacher too.

6th grade Mr. gregerson's class. The "Gifted and talented". HA! If I was in it, It was nothing special.
Toni remember climbing this tower for girls camp? that's Alli on it. We all thought it would collaapse and half of us had asthma attacks on the hike up to it. The good ol' days.
Mrs. McDonough's Room. Angela and I ate lunch her every day after our T.A. class for her.The memories.
Tony and Mike . This was at at the coke tent-thing we went to in orchestra 9th grade. Where i ice skated for the first time in my life

MORP I think? My retarded scanner almost cut michelle's head off!
pit orchestra Once Upon a mattress 10th grade. Yay for viola's!!

Angela's Sophmore spinnie portrair. Cuuuute.

I have no idea. would you like to elaborate Joe?

Sweethearts I'm thinking. Precious..

...and their dates

On the way back from show choir festival. we of course walked(danced) away with 1's.

State Orchestra Festival

Sadies. My first H.S. Dance

Toni & Nate. I'm not sure what dance this is. You know someone is gorgeous when they can shve their head (female) and still look HOT

MORP dinner @ Mike's sister's house. YAY for snake-o-pus!!

Bowling before MORP
Pit for Cinderella. Michelle must have been in the bathroom during this picture because she was my stand partner

Mads tour at Disneyland!!!

PROM 2004.

Grad night hypnotist. jordan was a Beauty queen. and good at it.

Right before the grad night started. look at tony's hair!!!

Graduation wouldn't be complete without Hannah