Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grass, rules, and a coordinator

Don't you hate it when you organize all you stuff and then you can't find anything? My dad has been trying to implement a rule in our house for years. As more of my siblings are moving out, he hasn't been as strict. This rule is to make all the "children" take their belongings out of the bathroom when they leave. meaning take out your razor and shampoo after a shower and take out all curling irons and makeup when you are finished. This being a retarded rule in my eyes is somewhat understandable to others. At the time we had 7 people sharing one bathroom. Now if we all had our own toiletries x7 that would cause a bit of clutter. Seeing how their are only 5 of us now I think the rule should be abolished. It hasn't. So I started organizing my things to not cause any problems. How many times (girls) have you gone in the bathroom and desperately needed a bobby pin or an elastic and all your stuff is put away so you have to trek to another room. Thus wasting time and motor skills. Sometimes life is just annoying and their is nothing you can do about it. Unless you move out and make your own rules. but even then you live with other people and have to establish some order and some rules. Life is a never ending rule. Stupid rule

Funny how my next experience also relates to this rule of taking everything out of the bathroom. I am slightly obsessed with my teeth. The whiteness, cleanliness and straghtness are all very important to me. Thankfully I was blessed with 95% straight teeth and am satisfied to not get braces. Thankfully whiteness and cleanliness are both something I can control. So I use a whitening toothpaste daily and whitening strips evry 8 months or so.

The other noght I was getting ready for bed and realized I left the bag of my toiletries so neatly organized in my room. I was in a lazy mood and decided to use the boring toothpaste that is always left in the bathroom for public use. I had two options. A baking soda flavored toothpaste (gross)-my parents do the whole "all natural" approach- or mint green tea extract. Of course I chose the latter. It was a pretty teal/clearish color with the scent of mont. How bad could it be? well, people of the blog world, it was B.A.D. The best way to describe it was a combination of grass and bertie botts every flavor bean (Harry Potter) with the flavor of vomit. It'a amazing how it smelled minty yet had no taste of mint whatsoever in that toothpaste. Nasty Nasty Nasty. I just kept telling myself I was preventing cavities and bore with it the two minutes until the electric toothbrush beeped. What's even worse, is that flavor stayed with me after 5, count em' 5 rinsings of my mouth with water. I went to bed still with the flavor of freshly chewed grass and the distugsting vomit taste every time I would breath out. And I was wondering why the tube was still completely full after sitting in the bathroom for two weeks.

I called at my old job on friday. Lucky me, the man in charge was at a golf tournament and wouldn't be back until Monday. I swear every possible thing has "come up" to prevent me to going back to this place for a job. Maybe I'm not supposed to back? This could be a sign perhaps? I want to though. this was the best job I've ever had with good pay for my lack of business skills. This new position is a dollar pay cut, bu I can easily switch to a higher position once I get my foot back in the door. Speaking of higher position, I found out they are hirering for two project coordinators. Meaning I would probably get paid 3-4 bucks more per hour and I would have less "secretarial" work and be more focused on the actual Jobs of the company. I am quite scared to apply for these and don't even know if I'd be qualified. I was only their for 9 months and don't know if I could handle it. I want to and it would be quite the challenge. I just rambling thoughts trying to make a decision on this. If you are bored you may sign off now. Anyway, Just not sure what to do, if I'll get the job, frustrated with my sleeping habits (or lack thereof) constant migraines the past week, exercising but not seeing results except pain, and in a pickle to putit mildy. I think I'll go have a decision making hour and think about everything.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday of freddom before the mondane monday creeps up on us all.



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  1. yuck. Grass toothpaste.

    So my sister applied for an Admin job with group 22. She'd fit into that job. I think she could work for Christy and survive.


    So project manager eh? Well even if you just come in as an admin then apply for the manager job that'd be cool. I think I want to be an admin forever... maybe eventually I'll be assistant to someone higher up. That'd rock. :D

    What can i say? I have low ambitions.

    You just need to come in and make someone interview you. :) Seriously.