Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's still Christmas time for my family so we're still away consuming our bodyweight in chocolate (when I say we, I really mean, well, me).

Tonight we went to our (the Hodgson Side) family Christmas get-together. It was held at my uncles new mansion in Bountiful. And when I say mansion, I mean mansion. He lives on the highest point of any mountain in Bountiful and his house is at least four of mine combined, probably more. It was SO nice to have space to have our Christmas celebration. Getting to his house was another thing. Randy drove, and his tires are bald. Combine this with falling snow, wet roads, and a grade to steep you leanforward so the car doesn't start rolling down the hill, and you get terrified passengers becoming very prayerful.

The gifts were awesome this year!! My Grandma has been travelling the world this past year, and got our presents abroad. I got one of those wooden dolls that seperate and have 5 more dolls inside. From Russia! The real thing. Also a tote bad and pearl necklace from China. My mom got a real Jade bracelet from China. Gorgeous!! And as usual she shelled the cash for everyone. I have the most generous grandma ever.

My cousin Brady had my name this year and got me a $10 giftcard to Deseret Book. I love that place and could buy the whole store. All in all, a great second Christmas!!

Today I actually changed my myspace profile. i realized that my old one, you can't really read the font very well. So, you should go look at it. I added two blogs as well.

Well, the camera is still lost. I think I may actually have to clean my room to find it. It would happen sooner or later I guess.

Brother Allen (SLCC insitute choir director) called me up yesterday. I guess I'm starting choir again!! I"m excited, but dreading having to get up at 6am again. I truly believe my body was built to go to bed late and wake up late. It just functions better and I sleep better. Plus I need 9 hours of sleep. Or it could just be that depression has stuck around and is effecting my sleep habits. Is fatigue and lots of sleeping a sign? Who knows. I'm getting over it.

I've been obsessed with looking for homes for sale in Utah these days. I want to move out, but paying rent just seems like a waste of money because you're not investing as if it was a house you were paying for. Houses are expensive though. Some very small ones in Ogden for about 70k up to 100k. Hard to pay for a house/bills/car when you only make $12/hr. Where's my millionaire dream man when I need him? I guess it's all dreams as I don't even have a job yet. Oh well.

Not that I'm actually trying for a job at the moment anyway. I've started a work out program early in December and I've been dedicated all my energies and time to it. It's the fastest I've ever lost weight, and I don't want to do anything that will distract me from it. for now, that is. I'll be updating my tracker above quite soon. Watch out!!!!!!

Well, church tomorrow(who knows if I'll actually go) so I should get to bed. Does anyone else watch Greys, private practice and Chuck? when in the heck are they going to have new episodes?!?!?!?

Tootles ya'll


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Blues

The day after Christmas. Kind of a boring day compared to what you've been going through the past month in preparation for this holiday. But I really can't complain. I was spoiled again at Christmas. My mom knows stuff I like more than anyone else in family, so I usually end up getting the most gift-wise.

I got my favorite bedding from Ikea that matches my whole room. Looks SO nice!!! New scripture case I wanted(yay for magnetic closures!!!), an awesome photo album that is emroydered, diamond blue earrings, way too much junk food, Lane Bryant Jeans and two sweaters I picked out at the mall a while ago. Lots more, just can't remember at the moment. I'll take pictures when I can find my blasted camera. It's been missing for amonth now! I hope no one stole it or if it is lost it's in my room. Starting to get worried.

Yesterday I had SO much junk food. I think the only thing I ate that was healthy (relatively) was the yearly ham dad brought home from work. I got stuck cooking it. It was good though. I only tried two bites, didn't want to get sick on Christmas.

Christmas Eve Michelle and Lema found out they were having a BOY!!! We also got to see ultrasound pictures. Feels so much more real now that we can actually see him. They want to go with the name Miles. The first two letters of michelle's name, and first to letters of Lema's name. I think it's cute. now my mom is going to go nuts buying everything blue green yellow and prange for baby. Can't blame her though. I'm way excited too!

today we all slept in, had a big healthy breakfast (as opposed to junk food from stocking) and now we are getting ready to go see either National treasure or Water Horse. I'd prefer to see I am legend, but Mom will have noneof PG-13 anymore.

Well, going to the movies, gotta run!!!

Tootles, bec

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I totally need to learn how to do this!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Best Candy Ever

Yes, I'm devoting a blog post to a peice of candy. And yes it is 4am and I'm online. So what. Sometimes I just can't sleep and the internet and blogging is the only thing to save me from myself.

We all know and love the flavored tootsie rolls called Midgees, right? Well, me being the weirdo that I am I always pick out the vanilla's and wolf them down first. Absolute best flavor ever.

Turns out they are doing a "special edition" ALL vanilla flavor for christmas.

Turns out I can stay up 48 hours after consuming an entire 16 oz. bag.

I have practically sold my soul to my mother for purchasing several of these bags for me.

New subject, today I went to Erin's farewell as she is off to Paruguay on wednesday, or the MTC that is. She gave a great talk about the Word of wisdom and told us a bunch of things about her mission area. very cool. I will miss her tons as we became really close in Choir.

Speaking of missions, I've been considering the possibility of going back on mine. It's a 50/50 thing right now. Lately I just can't get it off my mind. It's been hounding me day and night and I don't know what to do. Stupid life changing decisions. I wish I had a life map in front of me so I never had to make a decision. Thinking about it frustrates me, so onward to a new topic.

We got new music for next season. Brahm's 2nd Symphony & Tragic overture. Swimmingly amazing stuff. SO excited to play. Not too much of a challenge, but enough to keep me practicing for a while.

Going to bed now. Shopping tomorrow with the mother. Tootles!