Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I was going through some old pics on my computer and found these! This was probably one of our first bonfires together! Ahhhhh, precious! Dude, what is up with tony and Joe commenting on blogs, ,yet not updating their own in the process? And why am I fired as a friend? I'm so confused. Anyway, we all need to work on updating more often. No I flippin' don't have a blasted passat yet. I had my dream one with tan leather interior and sunroof and everything, then the weekend before the sale is final, the girl who owns the car, calls me up and leaves a two second message that she lost her job over the weekend and she can't sell her car anymore. i think she just chickened out he last minute and mad eup some dumb lie. thursday I am going to test drive a dark blue passat in Ogden that is $7000, a bit cheaper than the last one with 30,0000 less miles, so I guess it's good this other girl backed out. Michelle, i am so glad you are moving ! that is awsome you will be in a bigger nicer house than before. I don't know if i told any of you guys, but my family is going on vacation for a week to california! And we're flying! this will be my first time on a plane, so I'm excited! i will take lots of pictures. we are going to San Francisco for a day, ,then the Redwood forest, We'll stop at hard rock Cafe and the rest of the time we will be at a beach house enjoying the freezing ocean(we'll be on the northern part of cali). Last time i was at Walmart I bought a cheaper brand of razors that i used to use before venus thinking I would save myself a buck. WORNG! I cut myself twice, it missed patches all over the place and I had to shave twice as often! This thought is for the girls, ONLY USE VENUS RAZORS! they are so worth it, I didn't realize how good they are!
Anyway, That thought just kinda randomly came to mind because i went to walmart. Well people's I will let you enjoy the pics of our bonfire below, enjoy!

Does it look like they're peeing on the fire, or is it just me?
Hot feet!
Yum, sand covered doggies!

Welcome to the BBQ jack sparrow