Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ensign Peak

Two Saturdays ago Rachel and I hiked Ensign peak together. There were so many wild flowers all over the mountain, and all the trees had new leaves. It was gorgeous!

Their was a stake group also hiking which stunk because we were hoping to get the hike to ourselves. Oh well, you have to share the outdoors I suppose. It took us about 30 minutes to get the top. It's a good hike, just the right amount of steepness and the right length. Good workout if you walk at a fast pace like we did. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

Our energizing "Trail mix"

Me before the hike

First sight you see as you get around the first bend. B-E-A UTIFUL!! quite picturesque

Taking a water break

Our destination from halfway up


The picture didn't do the flowers justice. the were gorgeous flowers. Wild too!

Call me Ms. Buff Woman

She strong too..

Look Ma!!

My hands hurt SO much from that rock!!!

SLC Valley

The monument at the top of the hill

I think I walked through 3 spider webs to get in place for this pic. Yuck!

West Valley / Oquirhh mtn's

What can I say, she likes the camera

Wasatch Mtn's

More of the flowers

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Girls Night!!!!!

A TOAST!!!! To Friends Forever!!!

What else do you do with an empty glass?

The Sacrificial cutting of Michelle's hair. Kind of like hazing........

What the heck, another toast for good measure

Where Michelle almost "accidentally" proposed to Josh via text

Emily (our Makeup consultant), Shell and Toni

Our BEEEUTIFUL Makeovers and shining faces

The aftermath of it allThis picture wasn't meant for the public eye....a little

Friday, May 18, 2007


So, the pain thing yesterday? It escalated just a bit. As in I almost went to the hospital because of it. It just kept getting worse and worse throughout the day and I kept getting weaker and weaker. All my muscles were going into a spasm and I felt like dying. Finally I fell asleep around 7pm and didn’t wake up again until 11pm. The only reason I didn’t go to the hospital was because I was too tired to get up to go. My parents wanted to take me, but I wanted to die on my bed. I have no idea what it was, but it was quite the experience. This morning I feel 50% better. Still sore and tired and feel like I’m going to puke, but getting better. I’m full of drugs to kill the pain and it seems to be bearable. Heck I’m at work, so it’s not that bad. I just hope it all goes away. I even missed volleyball last night. I think I’ve missed volleyball twice in 6 months so this was serious.

Anyway, enough of my moaning and groaning. My poor sister didn’t make choir again. I terrible because she wanted to make it so bad and she’s a junior so this was her last chance. She has an amazing voice, probably better than mine, but she is just so shy and isn’t that used to performing in front of big groups. Oh well, life goes on.

Sorry such a short post, but I have to actually work today, have some big things due at work. I will post Girls night pictures tonight. Promise.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The pain.....the AGONY!!!!!

So I'm at work on a slow day(Read-BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!) and ever since I got to work this morning(on time for the first time in weeks) and my entire body has been aching. I cannot figure out why!! I moved a couch and a chair yesterday about 100 feet. It was a piece of cake, I highly doubt that's why I hurt.FREAKING!!!!!! My legs are aching, my back, EVERYTHING HURTS!!!! I've never had the flu, but they say you get muscle aches. I've got some SERIOUS muscle aches. IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!! This post is supposed to be all the pictures from girls night out, but I'm at work and I forgot to bring the camera. so this is just me whining about hurting. I wasnt to scream!! It doesn't hurt enough to REALLY hurt, but it's this same aching sore dullness I've ben feeling for hours. I think I'm going to go get a tylenol or something. I'm dying here. It's only 2pm. Dang it. 3 more hours of work. I'm going to get a tylenol now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life as of Late

My older sister got engaged last night. She has known him for 3 days. Well, not technically. SHe has been emailing him and calling him every day for thr past month and he just last weekend came (indefinately) to Utah to meet her. They have been attached at the hip since friday. Last night under some fake palm trees at the valley fair mall, he proposed on one knee. No one was around and their was no ring. Kind of sentimental I think. I hope it all works out for them. And there is a 50/50 chance of them moving back to Hawaii where he lives. If not, they will stay in Utah. He is polynesian (Somoan to be exact) he's 22 (she's 25) his name in Lemalea Laulu (pronounced Lema-lee-ay, La-oo-loo) But he goes by Lema. Michelle Laulu. Lots of L's in that name. She's getting married on June 30 (SOON!!) So, I'm hoping my bishop will let me get my endowments a week early and be able to go to their wedding.

Oh speaking of - When I do get my endowments I will probably invite all those friends and family who are endowed to go through the session, and then everyone (endowed & not) to dinner afterwords at Olive Garden. So June 23 is when I will probably go through the temple. Leave you calendar's clear! It will be the Salt Lake Temple btw.

Yesterday I did some research on Bermuda. My mom has gone nuts with New York and gotten every book from the library imaginable and my brain has O.D.'s on New York Facts and culture. I'm way excited though. But about Bermuda; Population is about 65,000 about half and half African American and White. English is the official language with portugese in second. They didn't actually mention Spanish at all. odd. It is $6/gallon for gas. Glad I'll be walking. You drive from the west side of the island in an hour and walk across it north to south in about 15 minutes. Very small place. It said on the website that tourists/visitors can stay no longer than 21 days no matter what and they are very strict about it. I wonder how that works with missionaries. Bermuda is sub-ruled by the U.K. but has their own laws and government so they are kind of like their own country. No one would even be living their unless a ship on course to Virginia in the 16oo's hadn't shipwrecked. They have a mid-high crime rate in Bermuda. They said on the travel site to lock your doors day and night, and never carry a purse because you'll get robbed. *comforting* So there is the history of Bermuda in a coconut shell.

Last night I ordered my Mission shoes. I knew is would be nearly impossible to find COMFORTABLE walking dressy church shoes that were approved for a mission. That would be like trying to find a tip of a needle in a hay binding plant. So, I started my search the day I decided to go on a mission. After 100's of shoe sites, I finally found some good ones with shoes that might work (Toni, pay attention!!!!!) has large women's shoes(cute too) with decent prices, has all the REALLY comfy ones, and Massey' has a small variety, mostly in the wide department. Also, has quite a selection for size 12 women's shoe. That's where I got my boots. So ina couple weeks when they all get here, cross you fingers they will all fit!!! Here they are!!!

Cute huh? They have to be conservitive, black or brown, close toe, closed heel and no more than 1 1/2' heel. But still, I think they are cute. These are the shoes I'll be wearing for 18 months other than P-days once a week. These suckers better last too. I spent $254 for all three. Big feet suck.

I bought my winter coat today during lunch. I got a wool one for less than $100!!!! sweet. Very good find If I do say so. This is a pic, but imagine it in black. I'll feel like I'm in the Matrix!!!

Well, there is the update on me as of late. Tomorrow The Orem (well, one of em') chicks will be getting together for a girls night out. Going shopping tonight to get everything for it. So excited!!!!!

Oh, for an ending story- Today after lunch I took a quick walk around the building to help me digest(McD's is not the easiest thing to stomach) and while admiring the greenery around the building I heard a *Crunch*. Looked down and I had just murdered about a thousand ants. My flip flop is a graveyard. GROSS!! From now on I'll watch where I'm going an try not kill things during my lunch hour.

Have a fantabulous day!!!!!

77 days till I leave to the MTC

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Call Pictures!!!!

So here are all the pictures I promised. Enjoy!!! People there were Becca Broadbent, Kristi Schroeder, Ian James, Heather Beck, Megan Carlile, all my siblings and parents. Joe Spears and Shana Richards were on speaker phone and I called Michelle Buckner right after and told her, then my grandma called and I told her. My dad got 6 pizza's and breadsticks from Little Ceasar's. Later after everyone left(2 hrs later) Bishop Riding and Craig came over to find out where I was going. I found out. That a guy in my boss' ward got his call on wednesdat to the EXACT same mission and leaves the same day!!! He'll be in my district for sure what a coincidence!!!(all this for future memories)

The Big white envelope that hold my future!!!


Reading the call.....

My mission President and Wife the Bennions


MIchelle couldn't believe it either!!!

The gang

Mum & Pop

Heather & Kristi

Megan, Heather & Kristi

Bec & Ian

My sister was hysterical as you can clearly see

Looks like we are praying huh?


Pizza time!!!!