Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sadness. The health care reform bill passed. Obama:1 America:0

Monday, March 08, 2010

So what if I'm almost a month late in posting about Valentines day? When was the last time YOU updated your blog? huh? huh? Or are you one of the many slacker friends of mine who doesn't even HAVE a blog? You should get on that. It's like facebook, if you don't do it, people will think you're weird. =D

For Valentines day My mom & dad got me a full block/stack/notepad(?) of really cool scrapbooking paper. A nice change from the usual box of chocolates that I eat the caramels out of and give away the rest.

Saturday I got to spend almost the whole day with Steven. We talked on the phone for about an hour trying to decide which movie to watch that night. Where are all the good romance comedies in the world? Because the one we watched was trash. Anyway, then we went to McDonald's with Rachel and David, then to Sizzler later in the day, and then back to Steven's house for a movie and lots of talking (which I love). Before dinner Steven showed up with a dozen roses, which was great. I LOVE flowers of any kind. Sunday morning (Valentines day) he showed up with a second dozen roses for me. *passes out* I've never gotten that many roses in two days, let alone 20 years. I LOVE me some flowers!

We then went to church together, and then spent the rest of the day together. It was THE best Valentine's day I've ever had. I still get butterflies thinking about it.

Ok, enough of my mushy life. Back to my normal/random self. Gotta make up for a month of no posts right? Here we go...
As you know I've been fighting a roller coaster battle with my blood pressure. it's great one day, and pre-hypertension the next. My dad's too. So, another precaution we're taking is the sodium content in our diets. Enter: "No salt" a type of salt made from potassium chloride . Almost exactly like regular salt, and good enough for me, the master of all salt, to put on my food. We'll see how it works next time I check my blood pressure.

Rachel made fudge. Rachel didn't like the fudge. Rachel destroyed the fudge.

this is what happens when you leave my mom alone in a room with a package of Oreos. Notice the major lack of cream filling? I am not alone in my chocolate hating ways. It's hereditary.

This picture is via It needs no words. Well, maybe just awesome. Yeah, that works.

This is a mixture of both my dogs. Toby's gut, and Ace's pig bum. I want a piggy.

Last month our neighbors House caught on fire. Around 1am Rachel and I heard some explosions and ran to the front door. There were flames about 30-40ft in the air from the house behind the house across the street from us. I called 911 and they said they would send firefighters, meaning I was the first one to even report it. The fire was HUGE! Rachel and I ran to our neighbors houses and told them to get out and move their cars so they wouldn't catch on fire. Can you say adrenaline rush! These pictures were after the fire was mostly under control and the flames weren't shooting into the sky.

After things had settled down a bit, Rachel and I went over to see the house.
It was completely gutted and the only thing left was the front of the house. Pretty freaky.

Here are the pictures from KSL that were taken the next day. The heat from the fire melted the insulation on the Richard's house. The firefighters ripped off all their siding and they had huge holes in their house.

Top that mr./ms. non posting blog slackers!! :D :D