Thursday, February 28, 2008

The dog who cried wolf

Item 1- The suckage of my comforter

Item 2- The grasping of the comforter to get a good grip.

New photo editing software!

Can you tell? I LOVE this program!!!! I can finally edit my pictures and do cool stuff with them. The first was to change my profile pic. I like it mucho. Next, I played around with shading and collages. Here is Toni's!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yucky fast food. I'm getting quite sick of it these days. I go places with my mom during the day and she likes stopping for a quick meal. Today we stopped at KFC, and then for dinner we all went as a family to Carl's Jr. I feel like Im on grease overload. Nasty

Pat me on the back and give me a gold sticker- I've been to choir all week (so far) and early every day!! Meaning waking up at 5:30, at SLCC by 6:50. Quite the feat to be proud of I'd say. Tough part is, I had all my parts memorized and ready to perform, when Bro. Allen asks us amazing low altos to make up for lack of tenors and sing tenor. Great. Learn new parts in 3 songs! And the hardest part is, we don't get our parts played out for us. We are expected to figure it out on our own while we sing it a'cappela as a group. fun eh? Thankfully I snuck by a tenor the last two times we sang those songs and I picked out the notes by listening to them. Helped a ton. But I'll be staying up late to work on those songs tonight just to make sure I've got it. I hate not knowing my part when everyone around me does. Got to be on top!!!

Ah, just remebered. The other day I uploaded a bunch (read millions) of new pics on my photo website (link to right). Most of then are additional wedding pictures of Michelle and Lema, but there are a couple of new albums of never before seen Hodgson footage. Take a peek! Some on my facebook albums too.

I got two videos of Ace doing his usual craziness today. I will see if I can upload it here, if it's too big I'll just stick it on the photo site. The first one, He sucks on my blanket like a pacifier. It's his way of going to sleep. Just like a baby. Cute, but nasty when I jump into bed and my blankets are soaking wet. The other one is of his howling. He hates the sound of our phone ringing so he howls to try and get rid of it. My phsyco dog.

Oh! guess what I found at the D.I. today? A 1/8th size violin in a case with a bow! I paid $10 for it. It needs a bridge and an A string, but other than that, perfect condition. I can't decide If I want to give it to Angela for her Baby (Inside joke between us forever), keep it for myself to add to my string instrument collection(making it a grand total of 3), or sell it ebay for $60+ dollars. Thoughts? I'm going to summerhays tomorrow to get the replacement parts. Then I'm going to play it!

Oooh, Oooh, guess what I got yesterday!!! My mom and I went to deseret book in the mall and guess what was in the clearnce section for $19.99? The complete Jane Austin Series in a hardback leather covered edition!! SWEETNESS!!!! GUys would not understand this purchase. Girls, are you jealous yet? The book is about 3 1/2 inches thick. I love it! AND, I had a giftscard for deseret book, plus deseret book rewards club points worth 4 bucks, so I ended up paying $6 for this book! Love it love it love it.

Must be off to bed now. Up at 5:30 again tomorrow and I would prefer to not be a singing/walking zombie all day. Tootles


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comments Have Returned!

It's 5:16am and what do you think I'm up to? Blogging of course!!! Before you start slapping my wrist for being up so late, hear me out for my excuse. As you have noticed, ever since I added my personalized template (that took FOREVER to create and perfect) I have been without comments. I tried in vain for several months to read up on HTML, scoured the blogger sphere for help and googled like mad. To no avail sadly. Alas, I had to go with a more basic template that came pre-installed with comments. I've been working on this templaate for the last 2 hours. But I am happy with my adjustments and like the finished product. Very chic I'd say, no? Same links as before except updated EBAY and Photo links.

Have a look see! So far I've sold 2 things on ebay in one week. Sweetness. If you notice any links not working, comment(because you can do that now!) and I'll fix it. Oooh, and did you see the weight loss ticker to the right? 5lbs are gone BABY!! I haven't really been working out(hangs head in shame) but I have been eating super healthy. Tax return is heaven sent in my time of poorness and I've been buying tons of fruit instead of my mothers delicious yet 5,000 calorie meals. The loss has begun! Plus, I bought another scale from walmart yesterday. My other one is dying slowly.

I felt like I was blogging to myself which is fine most of the time, but I miss people talking to me


But the world is now happy with my music widget, comments, lots of links, and femie pretty backround.

I am on the most retarded sleeping schedule this past week (as you can tell). I am a friggin' night owl and I can't get over it. I slept till 3pm saturday, up now until probably 6am and then go to bed. At 6am!!! What is wrong with me!? And of course it gives me migraines and I sleep more and mess it all up again. Not sure what to do on that subject. Always a frustrating one.

You know how Rachel and I go to the symphony about once a month? Well, we do, but this month we are going to "The Composer is Dead". More of a murder mystery dinner like adults do, but in this an actual member of the orchestra killed the composer and the conductor interrogates each instrument. Cool huh? And guess who the interrogator is? Lemony Snicket!!!! From "Series of Unfortunate Events" for you non-readers/losers. Rachel is going nuts waiting for this performance. And guess which song they are playing after the intermission? FIREBIRD!! THE best song ever(well one of them). It's the one played in Fantasia 2000 with the "mother earth" thing green lady that's always riding on the deer. Anyway....Can't wait!!! I think we are in row 18 so about center of the room. YAY!!!

Is anyone else peeved at that last snow storm on monday, was it? That morning I was outside scoping out the garden for planting and getting out all the tools and stuff. All the snow had melted in our back yard and I didn't even have to put on a jacket to go out. I was so excited that Spring was starting so early!. Thenn WHAMO! Snow pounded down my dreams in 4 hours. After the four hours we had 5 inches of snow. By the next day, 8. Why was Utah cursed with such retarded weather? Wear flip flops in the morning and snow boots at night. Weirdness to the extreme. My garden will just have to wait. Hey, that kind of sounded like the cartoon disney Cinderella, "I guess my dress will just have to wait" then the mice,"Poor Cinderelly, she'll never get her dress done" ......Ok shut up people, it was my favorite show as a kid, I could recite that movie backwards and forwards.

Well my dad is waking up to get ready for his bishopric meeting. Maybe I should get some sleep before church. I would die if shurch was still at 9. Yay for the new year time of 11!

goodnight/morning everyone. Ah, I also added my youtube favorites to the bottom of the blog. Just scrool down, pause the music and watch all the videos. They are hilarious! Happy Sunday! and don't forget to comment!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Singles Awareness Day

Yes, I'm aware that I'm single. V-day just enhances the pondering of it. Oh well. Maybe next year :)

I just got an email from Zach Frank. Remember him from orchestra at Cyprus? He's engaged and getting married either this month or next! Crazy!

Anyone heard the song "Rehab" from Amy Winehouse? I quite like it. Very 40-50's sounding. Surprising for a modern artist. She has crazy hair ideas, but good music.

Ahhh! gotta run. going out to eat with Rachel. Sorry for the shortness!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to the D.I. today with my mom. Should be interesting. We are both really good at finding treasures amongst the junk. Maybe more stuff to sell? We'll See.

k, so the new Ashley Simpson song, "Rule Breaker" is dumb. No melody, no structure. Just annoying repetative talking. Almost like pointless rap. Don't listen to it. Or worse buy it like I did online. Waste of a dollar. "Outta my head" is better. I actually like that one.

Do you every sit and listen to Justin Timberlake's, "What Goes Around" or "Lovestoned" and wonder what ever happened to JT from N'SYNC? Well I do. He was the hottest of them all, best singer, and didn't he write the songs too? Why did Justin get so famous and a single recording deal? We all know what happened to Lance, No one really cared what happened to the other two. But what about my main man JT? Sad really. Listening to music makes my mind triple in production for some reason. I always end up analyzing the chord structure from theory days, critisizing the vocalists' vibrato, and point out when they are flat. Also the wondering about their history, personal lives and such. I can't ever just listen to a song. Kind of annoying.

I went back to choir today after two weeks of absence. I blame the two week long migraines for it. I seemed to be cursed to no end with flippin' migraines. Is their never a cure? Choir was good though. I love singing, love the spirit felt, and Bro. Allen is a hoot as well as several other students who keep it interesting. What I can't stand is when one group, say the tenors, go over a section while we wait for them to get it. I don't mind that, I mind the STUPID SOPRANO WHO NEVER QUITS YAPPING when we have these moments of sectional practice. Some people have no tact and don't know when to shut up. Sheesh. Don't these people have parents? Basic Etiquette? Some times I wish I had a paint ball gun when ever I go into a public place to shoot the onnoying people. It wouldn't kill them, but make them be quiet. and get a good bruise or two to remind them.

Ok, Leaving now to the store.

Happy day! tootles!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yay for music!

I finally have music on my blog! Shuffle on down to the bottom of my page and you can pick the song to listen to from my playlist while you visit. If you can't find anything you like, suggest it (by email, still no blasted comments yet) and I'll add it. I have 60 more slots available for new songs, so gove me some suggestions. Sweet no?

I've been doing spring cleaning, well pre-spring cleaning that is, the past two weeks. I felt so guilty just throwing things away or giving them to the D.I. for nothing. Guilty as in I-paid-good-money-for-these-I-want-something-for-them, guilty. Greed I guess you could call it. So I set up my seller's account with and EBAY. So far I've made $30 on ebay for a glass dish I originally bought for $3, and $20 at for a dress I originally bought for $5. I was so excited I almost peed my pants. Not really, but I was excited none the less.

I added a link of KSL stuff to the left if you wanna hop on over and have a look. Not an ebay link yet, I only had one item there. I'll add a link when I have lots of stuff. Also my facebook link. Yay.

I see Tony finally joined this past week. Boy are we all internet-aholics or what?

I get sustained for my new calling tomorrow. Don't tell anyone I told you, but I'm the new 11-12yr-olds primary teacher. It's a co-teaching thing with another lady in my ward. I play volleyball with her and love her to death so it should be fun. Although, secretly, I'm hoping someone will object in the "any opposed?" question so I can get out of it, but I doubt it. I don't think I'm a very good teacher. I always feel like I'm rambling. Plus I'd much rather take the easy road in church. Go, sit, listen, enjoy, go home. Not, Prepare, study, get nervous, mess up, bore children to tears, go home, do it again next week. I guess I need a calling sooner or later. I could opt out and just go to a singles ward. But no car yet. Hmmm, we'll see. Oh Tony, I think I'm the new teacher for one of your nephews. Is one of them 11 or 12?

I have been avoising the temple these days. Hassle to drive there, iron my dress, get someone to go with me, etc. I love being there, but Satan works his magic to give me reasons not to go. You wanna know the recent lame excuse? My shoes don't fit in my temple bag very good. I can't zip it shut. Plus the shoes I got are toe-squishing. So Friday I was determined to get rid of all excuses and plan a day next week. I even ordered new shoes that are more like slippers so I can fold them in my bag. I'm going next week, no if's and's or but's.

How is it that no matter how many bobby pins a girl purchases, she always loses every SINGLE one of them, and has to buy more? I've gone all week without being able to find any bobby pins, which I use about 8 in my hair daily, and I was going nuts. I went to Walmart with Michael and bought two stacks of them. Maybe I'll just make it a monthly regular purchase. Like toilet paper, or deoderant. I think I will.

So I got sick of staring at my debit card picture. I had my family on it and the picture was blurry, the numbers faded, and I needed an update. So my new debit card will look like THIS!!

I love America First because they let you choose your own picture.(yes, join this credit union for that SOLE purpose) and what better thing to look at than Gir from Invader Zim? Such a cutey pie.

Lately I've been up all night unable to sleep with migraines, (big change there) and tonight no exception. As you can tell this post is at 4:30am. I think I may die tomorrow if I have to wake up earlier than 2pm. But I have to go to church to get sustained and set apart. i better run off to bed I guess.