Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blog still under maintanence

So tonight Tony got online and helped me TONS with the HTML for my blog. We got it centered!!! That may seem trivial, but it was tough! I've been researching like mad and cannot figure out how to add back my comments and a link to my blogger profile as well as my profile picture. I don't really care about the profile, but I WANT my comments back. I tried blogger help groups and no one responded. Jerks. I really need to learn HTML all the way. then all this crap would take minutes instead of hours.

Again, if anything looks abnormal, out of line or a link doesn't work, email me please.

Last evening my mom and I got in a gardening mood as we are wont to do every now and again. I tackled our out of control rose bush. Armed with some clipping shears and my leather garden gloves (thorns people. BIG sharp thorns) I chopped away until it was a perfect round shape and no more stray branches that would grab me when I would take out the trash at night. Then My mom and I attempted the prickly weeds on the driveway.

Let me paint (literally) a picture of it for you. On the South side of our driveway, instead of having it paved, we have colored rocks/pebbles. Kind of a backup or spare driveway-thing(technical aren't I?) This has been the mating ground all the way up and down the driveway. Hopefully they never expand to the lawn across the driveway. you can also see my wonderful rendition of my rose pruning job.

Anway, after the roses were done we both started ripping out the little buggars. Big buggars actually. They aren't just sharp weeds that stab you. These are Probably radioactive enlarged thorny beasts that puncture the skin and make you bleed. Then the spot stays sore for a day or two and is nice and pink and swollen. If any of you have been to my house(all of you), you probably remember it. actually I think Joe stepped on one once.

The stupid things have a short root(the one good trait about them) and then one root produces 5-6 2ft long vines of death sprouting in all directions. Of course this makes it practically impossible to locate the root, so you finger through the mangles vines-with the occasional OW! or CRAP!- until you find the center hub to rip out. And wouldn't mother nature be so cruel as to make the thorns barely attached to the plant so one tiny movement and they fall off, thus embedding themselves to regrow and reproduce for next year. A never ending cycle of misery I tell you. What's even more grand is that the plant wedges its root underneath the cement driveway thus making it 5 times more difficult to pull it out.

Randy came out for a while to watch our torment and made an intelligent suggestion that, "If we really wanted to conquer Iran, just take these suckers, scatter the seeds on their soil, and viola! instant retreat."

Today I went shopping with my mom for the yearly ritual CASELOT SALE!!!! Pretty much my workout for the week. Pushing around a cart jam packed full of every canned vegetable and fruit imaginable gives you quite the sweat. I think I have a couple blisters on my hands. You know what made me SO mad though? They had the Ramen for sale by the case and towering shelves and stacks of every flavor EXCEPT SHRIMP!!! The best one that I like and it's like they were hiding the shrimp in the back for the employees. Stupid Smith's. I hate you for that. Now I am stuck with 3 whole cases of Chicken flavored Ramen. You can have chicken anyday, but Shrimp? peice de Resitance!!

I must run off to bed now, going to Walmart in the morning for the rest of the Grocery shopping. We are out of everything since my parents left and returned from their vacation to Washington. It's hard living without Sugar flour and yeast when you cook all the time.

Oh, another quickie rant- I bought a bag of Funyuns and a bag of skittles because the house was COMPLETELY and I mean totally out of treats at all. I come home today to find both bags shredded and 3/4 gone, with the rest covered in dog slime. Ace my little brat dog took them OFF MY DESK and brought them upstairs and devoured them while we were gone. This dog will be glued to the kennel whenever I go out from now on. I Promise that.

Tootles Ya'll!


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