Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jocelyn and I went to Matheson on saturday so she could practice her photoraphy. We also went to cemetary hill and took even more pics. It was a fun night, and I decided to bring my camera along and get some picture too. So, here are the fruits of my labors. enjoy!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Adventures on the 1st of July

As most of you know, My family and I were planning on going to the Stadium of fire on saturday. Yes, we eventually made it, but all the events before hand were........interesting.
I began with us all rushing to get ready to go out for dinner before driving to Provo. We all rushed around the house for an hour or two packing everything but the kitchen sink, ,and eventually packing ourselves in to our family car and my brothers Honda Civic. We drive to Chinese gourmet on state for our dinner, when we come to the stop light right before chinese gourmet, and I notice a bit of white smoke/steam looking stuff coming from underneath the hood. My dad says,"I just changed the oil, some probably spilled and burnt up." Ok, fine I thought. Oh, Might I mention that earlier My younger sister Rachel and I both said at almost the exact same time that we had an odd feeling that something bad was going to happen. which was very creepy because we were just talking and started the EXACT same sentence. A sign wouldn't you think? anyway back to the story. We pull in to the parking lot and gather up purses, ,and get ready to go in, when, BAM black smoke is cascading out of the cracks in the hood. Oh crap...My dad runs and pops the trunk, and 2ft high flames are shooting out the engine! He screams at me to call 911. Crap! I think to myself, ,What's the number!!!!??? Who is 911? Why would I call someone if our engine is on fire?!!!Shouldn't we try to put it out before calling someone and telling them about it? OH wait! 911? THAT 911?! Shoot! So, after standing there for 30 seconds wondering what the crap 911 is, I yank out my cell and dial 911. Jeez the lady asked me for my life history before she finally said the fire dept was on the way! What year is the car? Is anyone hurt? what's your name? what's your address? favorite color? what's your idea of the perfect date? oh, and where are you so we can send help? Finally I hang up with this lady who wants to write my life biography, and tell everyone the fire dept. is coming. My dad pulls out a mini fire extinguisher and manages to get the flames down with just a bit of smoke still coming out. then the fire dudes come.(did I mention how wierd it was to actually CALL 911? weird, It's like getting married, you plan on it all your life, and then one day, It happens. Like, "hey, I called 911 lat weekend. what did YOU do?kinda cool) anyways, the fire dudes get there and pull out a heat reading thingy that tells the temp of the engine to see if could possibly catch on fire again. They tell us it's kinda shot probably some faulty wires or something and that we shouldn't drive it until it's checked. They all pack up and leave(Did I mention some of the fire dudes were exceptionally hot?) and we are one car short of getting to Provo. Then I(Yes It was MY idea)come up with a brilliant idea of calling Randy's friend Danny(drummer for his band) and invite him to come along if we pay for him if he'll just drive.
Ahhh....Did I also mention my dad got 1 extra ticket for my grandma to come? and then it turns out she had a cruise planned for this week, so we had an extra ticket? and then we need another person to come drive us there, and we happen to have ticket for them to come? is that not wierd? it's like all of this was supposed to happen, and I have noidea why! But anyway, Danny comes to chinese gourmet and we split up and start the drive to provo around 5:45 thinking we'll have plenty of time to still get there even with all of todays events. WRONG! might I mention that stadium of fire has thousands of people all going to the same stadium at the same time? Michelle called me right when we got off the freeway, and then it took us I would guess 90 min to get there. We sat intrtaffic for SOOOOOOO LOOONG!!!!!!!, ,then to find a freaking parking spot took another 20 mins. We finally got to the actual stadium around 8:30 and got in our seats as Stupid raven from disney channel starts doing some dumb game. I hate that girl. SO ANNOYING!!!! then, tons of dumb counrty singers. I HATE COUNTRY!!!!!! We were so squished in our seats it was rediculous. My sister was sitting on my thigh and none of the rudede people around us would move at ALL! Jerks. But, the fireworks were awsome as they are every year. I am still debating on if it was worth all the trouble though. I din't even get to call michelle at the stadium, because we were so freaking tired from all the previous events and all the screaming people around us, ,I wouldn't be able to hear her. And All I got out of it was a dumb FLAG!!!!!! talk about a strressful day! But, It turned out we picked a good spot for parking, ,because we got out within 5 min, when My parents and bro sat in the parking lot of the stadium for an hour!
It was a crazy hectic, scary, crowded night. Oh well. It gave you guiys something to read, right? I hope you all had way more fun than I did, and hope you enjoyed the story. Bye for now! oh, I updated my photoalbum too! Kelly Larsens wedding pics, , some new family pics, and Ace pics. Go check it out! The link is under my links on the right!