Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I added three new friend's links to the right. Alli jenkins who is newly engaged to Josh Gee(SO excited for them!), Jessica Weight an old friend all the way from elementary school, and Jessica Springer from my old job at Bryner Clinic. Go check out their blogs and see what they've been up to!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My creations for the week

I always think homemade Ideas for certain things are best. Such as recipes and hairstyles in this case. So, I thought I'd share mine with you. With pictures too! the first one is my Teryaki Chicken Fried Rice. I never use exact measurements, so you'll just have to guestimate. *Note* this recipe feeds 6-7 people!

Scramble three eggs. set aside. Toast 1 1/2 cups of peanuts in a pan with olive oil and a bit of soy sauce. Set aside.

Cook 3 chicken breasts in olive oil and soy sauce. Season with pepper and seasoned salt. Cube chicken. Add 1 cup of frozen peas, 3 large carrots-jullienned, 3 stalks of celery chopped. heat through, but not completely cooked veggies.

boil 1 cup of pineapple juice, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 tsp of ginger, 1/4 c soy sauce, 1 clove of minced garlic. Boil until thickens up.
Add Peanuts and eggs to chicken & vegetables. Add 1/2 of sauce to veggies & chicken. Set aside in large bowl.

Pour about 1/2 cup of olive oil to pan. Turn heat to med-high.

Add about 8-10 cups of rice to pan when oil is hot. Makes sure all the rice gets coated in oil. Add more oil if needed. Fry the rice about 6 min.
Add remaining sauce to rice

If not enough sauce for amount of rice, add more soy sauce

Add 2 tsp of Sri Raka to rice(Found in chinese food @ Walmart/Smiths). This stuff is delish, but VERY hot. Only add if you like spicy stuff!

Add Veggies & chicken mix to rice and mix up. May need more soy sauce depending on how strong you like food.

Enjoy the yummy goodness

Creation #2. This week is spirit week at Cyprus. Today was crazy hair day. Of course Rachel couldn't do her own hair as usual so she asked me. She wanted cute/cool instead of crazy weird hair. She saw this look on paris hilton online and wanted it. I call it the Hair Bow. This was done in 15 minutes at 6am. I didn't have time to experiment. This was the first attempt! Pretty darn good eh? It looks better in real life too. Plus this is at 11pm. It lasted all day without falling out!
Becca's hair salon. Open whenever I decide to get out of bed. By appointment only. Will accept hot cheetos as payment...... In advance


Friday, April 25, 2008

Ode to the Dog

Last night I made a video of compiled pictures and videos of our dogs. Muppy who we had for 16 years, Toby since 2000 and Ace the newbie. the video finished, is huge. Maybe I'll get it online in my photo website. I don't think they accept files that big. I think I may be obsessed with my dogs. I guess it becomes this way for any person. If you have a baby they become the center of your life, if you get a new car it's all you can talk about for months and you find yourself sitting in it even when you have no where to go. Well, for me it's my dogs. Mainly Ace because he's very attatched to me.

He always seems to have mud on his nose from digging.

Toby on the other hand has become quite the lazy dog. I think since we got Ace it's just tired him out. His usual place of residence is the top of our couch. Just like a cat.

Today the Dumpsters from the county were dropped off on our street. I have never seen it fill up so fast! I think all our neighbors (and we) have been collecting junk and just too lazy to take it to the dump. You should see the dumpster by our house. Almost 1/3 more full than all the others. Lets just say we've been lacking the most in the de-junking department. I also got a ton done in my garden today. Lots of squash planted, nastursiums, tomoatoes, morning glory and my fence to keep the dogs out is almost finished. I keep draggin ace over to the garden and forcing him through the gaps to see if he'll fit and if I need to alter it. So far he's too big for all the crevices.

Ace always attacks water whenever it's moving water. Bruno (Our neighbors dog) is a regular visitor at out house and learns from Ace. He learned how to lift his leg when he pees, scratch when he wants to go out, and bite when he plays (which is bad). Lately though, he's become more and more used to water. he used to hate it like a cat, but now he attacks just like Ace. Our little protege

I'll be an aunt in two days! (cross your fingers)

As I've mentioned before, I adore Lio the comic strip. Just one of the recent ones I've found. Awsome.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes Devil's Food Cake with Italian Merengue Frosting

" Sponge and poached egg with a hint of sugar"

These are the exact words that came out of Randy's mouth after trying his second bite of this cake. The exact same look was on my mom and dad's faces. I have to say I agree with them. The frosting is a classic merengue with no butter, so it's quite the bland frosting. very fluffy, pretty and would be easy for piping. It's devil's food cake, but hardly sweet at all and quite dry. Quite the dissapointment in Martha Stewart. I will never ever be making this cake again! And just in case you're wondering, I followed the directions exactly, so it's not my fault!

I was lazy and didn't flatten out the layers this time, so it looks a little retarded. Oh well :) So here is to finding a better devil's food cake recipe in the future. this one definately thumbs down.

Or maybe my family are just food snobs?

Here is the book I got the recipe from just in case you're wondering. Good ideas for decorating cakes, just not for recipes(so far)

Slow down Spring!

Now normally, you would never hear the above mentioned words come from my mouth. But seriously? It snows and snows, freezing temps, then all of a sudden BAM! Warm weather and all my bulbs are coming up, and things need to be planted. I still have so much to plant it's rediculous. If I could just freee one day to plant everything and then the weather can go about it's business. No consideration at all.

Last Friday was Michelle's last day at work. Now we sit and wait for my nephew Miles. If this is what I feel like, I bet Michelle is going nuts! Last week I stayed at her house for a day and helped her go through baby stuff, rearrange baby furniture, and even put the changing table together(which is harder than it looks) . It was fun looking at all the gifts she got from her work shower and family shower. I want this baby NOW!

Since first day of conference this month, a bird has taken up residence in our dryer vent. Normally I wouldn't really care, except that he makes the BIGGEST FREAKING RACKET EVERY DAY AT 6AM! It's like he rebuilds his nest every day an hour before I want to get up. Aluminum tubes and bird claws can get quite the volume going. I have resolved to evict him tonight. I'm putting chicken wire over the vent to keep him out. If I don't do this now, I may wring his neck in a weeks time. So for the sake of his little birdy life, he's leaving.

Rachel and I want to start a wedding rental business. Craxy, farfetched, will probably never work, I know. but I want to try. I've always wanted to be self employed, and have been obsessed with wedding stuff since I can remember. So why not put it to good use? Today We went looking (completely for the fun of it) for a building to rent/lease to open up shop. We found a place in old town magna main(center of attention, I know) that would be absolutely perfect in size and it was just renovated. It's also only $600/month for rent. Heck, if the business didn't work out, I'd live in it and rent out the spare rooms. It got us both excited and giddy about getting started. Of course we' both have to be working on the side, I have to wait for her to graduate, and we'd have a million other thigns to do. But so far we have no hang ups about it. We'll see. I'll let you know in future posts if it happens.

My mom baought my a Martha Stewart Baking book. The title is, "Martha Stewarts Baking Handbook" I want to make every single recipe in this book! they all look so good and tasty. Maybe I'll do just that. Make every single thing in order and post a picture of the finished product and my rating. Except I'd have to start with a chocolate cake they have in the middle. Made me want to bite off the book cover and chow down the picture looked so good! actually, I'm going to go make it right now. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

Here is a classis Rachel-torture-cat-moment that I caught on video. She's so mean to her. And yes, Joey(the cat) does have claws, so it kind of makes up for it.

Tootles, Ya'll!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yay for Pictures and Videos post!

The genius internet people of the world need to create a program that will upload photos one time to the internet, and then it distributes a copy to each website you want. I currently upload my photos here on blogger, facebook, myphotoalbum, and sometimes on myspace. That's a lot of time staring in front of a computer waiting for uploads and taking the time to organize it all!

But for now, I'll be a dedicated photo poster to all the sites I want to share my life info with.

Here we have Toby dog doing the strong bad dance. I have one cool dog.

Yes, I had my birthday. Another year older, another year of feeling guilt of what you could have done in the past year with your life. This year It actually took two breaths to blow out the candles. I guess I didn't take a deep enough breath. I'll probably drop dead when I have to blow out candles when I'm 50.

Randy and Michael being excited beyond belief as usual

So many candles! Cute cake though!

Presents! Yes, I have a garden hose on my head. I'm a gardner, I needed a hose, I couldn't hold it for the picture, so I stuck it on my head. Oh, Toni, don't hate me!!! My Mp3 player broke(Randy dropped it) and I needed one for working out with. all my music is in iTunes, so I got the shuffle(my left hand). I still think they're taking over the world, but I gave in........I'm weak, I know.

Some serious frosting on the cake. Everyone had to scrape of some. This is from ONE peice. about 1/2 cup. Bleh.

My room is black, white and red. This is a blanket to match my bed. Or as I prefer, my mink.

Ace likes mud

Mom had to wash off his feet outside before we could transfer him to the tub for a bath. Too cold that day to wash him outside. I love how he's sticking his tongue out at me.

Shlurp. Mmmmmm,....mud

In the tub

After the dog wash. So humiliated with the ears down

All clean!

Toby loves his belly rubbed, apparently slapping feels just as good

My random cake. I felt like baking. I doubled the cake recipe though and not the frosting. hence the 1/200 of an inch layer of frosting. The center is custard. It was SO good! Next time though, more frosting.

Joey, our royal cat. the music is her theme song. I love how she looks like a queen. She could pass as an egyptian sphinx. A very fat egyptian sphinx

Monday, April 14, 2008

ABC's of me.

I usually hate these because I do them way too much along with the rest of the world. But I'm bored. So this is all you get today.

A - ADVOCATE FOR: Women needing men as much as a hole in the head.
B - BEST FEATURE: Legs, if we're talking physical. My legs belong to a model while the rest of my body....well.....
C - COULD DO WITHOUT: Lack of willpower in EVERYTHING
D - DREAMS & DESIRES: Be happy in EVERY aspect of my life
E - ESSENTIAL ITEMS: My God, My family, Music, animals, friends
F - FAVORITE PAST TIME: eating, cooking, singing, playing in an orchestra
G - GOOD AT: House decorating, organizing, listening
H - HAVE NEVER TRIED: caviar. I would like to some day. Just once.
I - IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS: Get a masters in music, build my own house. Start a business either in cooking or stationary
J - JUNKIE FOR: Internet/Blogs/Facebook, stationary, purses, shoes(when I can find my huge size)
K - KINDRED SPIRIT: My sister Rachel, Michelle B.
L - LITTLE KNOWN FACT: I'm knocked kneed and my left thumb is double jointed
M - MEMORABLE MOMENT: Taking control of my life and the direction it was going
N - NEVER AGAIN WILL I: do something for someone else when it should be my decision
O - OCCASIONAL INDULGENCE: sound editing(random I know.)
P - PROFESSION: Sort of college student(barely even part time), home bum. no job.
Q - QUOTE: "A heart that hasn't been stretched by trials isn't big enough to really know joy"
R - REASON TO SMILE: I'll finally be an aunt in 11 days!
S - SORRY ABOUT: Not staying and finishing my mission (or starting it rather) But if I went back I'd do it the same way
T - TAG SOME FRIENDS: Anyone who is reading this!
V - VERY SCARED OF: dying in a car wreck because of how some people I know drive so crazy
W - WORST HABIT: Popping knuckles and neck
X - X MARKS MY IDEAL VACATION SPOT: California Redwood forest
Y - YUMMIEST DESSERT: Joe's crabshack chocolate cake. More like a mountain of fudge and probably about 10,000 calories.
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Aries. Boring Aries

Whoa. dude. I just turned 22 years old! I still can't believe I'm in the 20 year age range already. Holy cow, I'm freaking OLD!!!!!! Happy B-day to me!

Friday, April 11, 2008

blast from the past

I heard Ashokan Farewell on Toni's blog from her playlist, and it inspired me to dig around my music files and find the one that Angela, Tony, Me, Mike and Claudia Senten did our sophmore year. After downloading a program to upload my audio, and then realizing the file was too big, and downloading a MP3 cutter program and fiddling around with that, I finally have a way to post my own music! I hope you enjoy. And yes, the wrong notes were probably all mine. Still sounds pretty darn good for a bunch of high schoolers I'd say! Here is Ashokan Farewell 2002 from Cyprus Solo & Ensamble Concert:

I have Mine and Angela's duet as well, but it sounds so bad (on my part) I've elected to keep it to myself! I'll see if I can find the original CD and post some full band and orchestra recordings!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ooh, pick me, pick me!

You've all been tagged. Take a picture of your desk (work or home) for us to all see! I made mine a bit more interesting by adding commentary on a couple of things. Enjoy a peek into my room.

Massive Picture post!

I found my ever disappearing camera cord today. Thought I would update via picture post. So here goes:

Oh wait, here is a video of our lame singing for Michelle's birthday. I didn't sing because then all you would hear is me. :D

Saturday we celebrated Michelle's 26th B-day after conference. It's a tradition to get her grapefruit because she's nuts over them. Optional juicy glasses if you prefer.
Can't have a Hodgson birthday without the essential angel food cake, fresh strawberries and whip cream. Optional overdose of cream if you like. Don't worry, it was "light".
Lema tired. Can't see why, he slept through most of conference. (who cares if I did too)
Michael was sleepy as well. I think he just woke after conference. Yes, he is a self proclaimed vampire.
Randy leerves whip cream.
Michelle got her scrapbooking book by Becky Higgins. I. want. it.
So I found this cake online. yes, it's a cake. I think I want to make it.
Old Volleyball team pic after we won region. Woot.
Is this not the coolest thing ever? No need for an ugly flat screen mounted to the wall. I pull MINE out of a shelf. Get with the times people!
Michelle 8 months along. She's about to pop!
The cookies I made for the WesTech baby shower. took FOREVER, but I loved how they turned out and got lots of compliments. This is the favor for the family shower on saturday.
Closeup of my amazing goodness.
Michelle and her loot from the Westech party. She got SO much stuff she doesn't really need the family shower now! Such nice people at WesTech!
Ace in his pool. It was clear water about 30 minutes before the video, but he loves to roll in the dirt. End result, very muddy water and filthy dog
Joey the fatcat in her window. This is how she always sleeps. Randy decided his phone would make her look more entertaining.
I only took three photo's at MIchelle's B-day dinner. I am terrible at taking one of everyone. Sorry Joe and Tony!
Bekah and her messy face. So adorable!
Michelle mid-blow.
We like-a chinese food. Chinatown wok to be exact. YUM!!!!
Rachel prefers wood.

Well people's, hope you enjoyed the pictures & videos. Must be off to bed!