Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 steps, brewed hay, and other interesting things that happened today

It's 12:49 am. I should be alseep on a normal human's schedule, but alas, I'm up typing in a blog that no one reads. I feel better when I get my thoughts on paper(screen) so I will persevere.

Today I had Chamomile tea for the first time. It is always included in my fruit herbal tea variety pack, but I would just chuck it cause I thought it sounded gross. I have given the stuff a new name as you may have noticed in the title. Brewed Hay. Nasty stuff. I wil continue throwing it out from now on. Just thought You'd like to know.

Yesterday and Today have been the most non-productive days of my entire life. And guess what I filled in that dull wasted time? Food of course. Warm, comforting, friendly food. Lots of food. We're talking dump trucks full. In the past 48 hours I have probably consumed over 12,000 calories. I am not even exaggerating. When I'm bored, I eat. I was SO bored. I could have gone to the adult session of stake conference on saturday, I could have gone to the gym, I could have built a snowman when it snowed last evening, I could have gone to stake conference today, could have read a book and practiced my spanish. Could have could have could have. Stupid could have's. As my dad says (and it drives me nuts) "It doesn't matter what you know, it's what you do"

I need a serious kick in the backside and an electric current shocked through my body to get me back into gear. The past two months I have accomplished practically nothing compared to the rest of my life. Painted my wall, moved to a different room in my house, pulled weeds, watched way too many movies. All that, in two months. Wowser.

Tonight I turned to my Aussie inspiration/motivational speaker-dude, Craig Harper (link to the left). I've been reading his site for about a month now. I always leave with the frame of mind, "wow, I could really do something with my life, lose weight and be happy if I put my mind to it. But I'll do it when I have time/when I want to/when I feel like it/insert any lame excuse"

Today he posted a weekly Video about making changes and how to do it. Not short term never-gonna-happen changes, but a life altering way of life change.

1. Be honest about where I am now in life

2. Where I really want to be

3. What has held me back in the past -or what is holding me currently. Any hurdles I can't seem to get over. i.e. procrastination, fear, poor time management skills etc.

4. Make decisions-important, passionate driven serious decisions

5.Set specific Acheivable goals with a time frame/limit

6.Create an action plan. One that is do-able

7.Stop and re-asses. partway thorugh, halfway, whenever

8. improvise and adapt when things change or go wrong as they are bound to do.

9. Persevere

10. Finish what you start

So there they are. Now go change your life. Accomplish what you've always wanted to. I'm going running in the morning. As in 6am morning, not my usual noon wakeup time. What will you do?

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