Saturday, March 18, 2006

What an absolutely horrid day

Meaning the rain of course. I hate rain. It's so gloomy. Oh, that abnormally large eyed person in the pic is my little(little mind you) sister. Ginormous eyes no? I've always been jealous of her eyelashes though. long and lush. no fair.
We found a pitbull puppy last night. HE was the sweetest dog I've ever met. We took him to the animal shelter last night. I WANT ANOTHER PUPPY!, The other day I was talking to my mom on the ohone during my lunch at work, when all of sudden she yells,"I HATE COMPUTERS!" You know why she yelled this? because in the middle of typing a letter to my missionary siblings, the computer screen went blue, and said,"fatal error has ocurred,will restart in 10 seconds." And guess who's computer she was on?MINE! Who elses?! For those of you not exactly computer savvy, a blue screen is.....a baaaad sign. I mean really bad. Meaning, my hard drive will crash any day now and lose every single thing I have on it. So, guess waht I'm doing this fine saturday morning? feverishly backing up all my data on to cd's and on the network so I'll have more that on e copy. And you know what that means? NEW COMPUTER! I'm debating on wether or not to get a laptop. I think I'll buy a laptop, and keep this desktop one I have for home use just until it crahses, then I'll already have something else I can use. A Dell computer of course. DEll people, Dell, it's the only way to go with computers. believe me. I have worked with computers all my life, my dad and brothers are pros. GO WITH DELL! Or build your own. that's good too. also expensive though.
I think I'm going to make some bread sticks today. and plant some more flowers. I'm just in the mood to do stuff today. i woke up early, and I don't want to waste the day. So, off I go to be productive!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WEDDING PICS! (click on myphotoalbum link for the rest!)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hum didly um

Jeez, some people freak out about not updating. you'd think it was all they had to look forward to their day :) The reason I haven't updated forever is two reasons. #1 my brother who I share my internet connection with, moved upstairs and we had to rewire everything. meaning i was without internet for about five days. reason #2, I had my wisdom teeth out on the 24th and one side began to get infected like, so I was down drinking juice, watching TV and having my secretary hold all my calls until I was able to talk without sounding like I had no teth ot tongue. yes, it was an exciting time.Codine has been my dear friend these past seven days. He and I have become quite close. I don't think I'll be able to say goodbye. I need to though, I'm kind of relying on him a bit too much :) Anywho, I'm almost to the point where I can eat solid foods, and I think I will say farewell to codine today. I'm going to tuff out the little pain. Do you know what it tastes like when you can't brush your back teeth for five days? Foul and nasty. I finally brushed today. I didn't care how much blood came spewig out, it was getting gross in there.Well, on to more.....sterile subjects. oh, wait, I didn't tell you how I looked. Only one side of my face swelled up, so I looked like I had a golf ball in my right cheek. plus a lovely black bruise the first couple of days. I kept telling everyone Igot in a fight, but I won(you should have seen the other guy!) ok ok, I'm done with my adventures in tooth land.Mmmmmm..I just ordered soup and salad with breadsticks from the spaghetti factory for lunch. yes I'm at work writing this. Don't worry, I'm not cheating the company or anything, I only write a little bit here and there when I'm on hold with an insurance company. BTW, United Healthcare Sucks worse than a whirpool. Their customer service is garbage. just thought I'd rant a bit. Every blog must have a rant once ina while if not every post. It's a rule.Oh, guess what? I FINALLY bought a new CTR ring. I lost my old one about 7 years ago and have been sinning without it ever since. I got the spinner one that the center band spins. very cool and entertaining at the same time. plus I'm much more righteous now with it.Hmmm...What else to blab about...da de da de da de da......I'm going to see Nanny Mcphee tomorrow with Rachel. My parents go on a date every Friday(good idea for married couples, Toni...wink wink) So Rachel and I have a SIster girls night out. Usually we rent a movie and get junk food and pizza and stay home because we never get the house to ourselves, bu this friday we are oing out! I get paid and will have money burnin' a hole in my pocket, veven though I should be saving it for a car. I am terrible with saving. Someone needs to slap my hand.But yeah, We re going to oldnavy for clothes, Kohls for jewelry, and good ol walmart for anything that catches our fancy :) seriously, Walmart is getting rich off of people like me. That place is addicting. Except for wierdo's like Tony who think they are a cult and refuse to shop there. THey don't know what they're missing. freaks. :PWell, I have two other blogs to go update, and my lunch should be here soon, so I suppose I'll end this post for today and bid you all farewell. Nice talking to you yesterday Shell! Oh, Since I'm pretty much recovered with my teeth, we should go camping some weekend. Yes, It's still kind of cold, but hey, that's what coats and fires are for. yes, camping sounds fun. we need to do it. I must be off to eat lunch now. HAve a good day all you people!