Monday, November 19, 2007

Tom Cruise kills Oprah (click on the pic)

thought you'd enjoy that

Today is Lema'a birthday. I guess in Samoa they don't have cake and ice cream on b-days, becuase apparently, he hates them both. Amazing.

You know what Iove doing? Building a fire in our fireplace, cuddling up with a book and sitting there for hours. It's like tho most relaxig thing in the world. Now all I need is a man and my life is perfect. I'm becoming quite the pro at getting the fire started fast. I should start timing myself - I'm that good.

So, the Symphony? Last week I was the only violist for the first hour. The retarded thing? some old lady took half my music and said she would copy it and promised she would be there the next week. She wasn't. So the first hour, I sat there looking like a loser, not playing. Thankfully some guy violist showed up who had all the music. Afterwords he even let me take it home. Yay for guy violist. So I've been practicing like mad through the harder passages in the nutcracker. There is some pretty tough stuff, but I love it.

Oh, our concert is December 8th at 6:30pm. I don't know where it's at yet though. I think Eisenhower Jr. High. So if you want to come that would be awesome! Oh, and Tony, we are still dying for a bassist.

Last night I watched a dvd called "The year of the dog" dumbest show ever. dumb plot, dumb chracters, dumb acting. complete waste of time. Even had a dumb ending. Never see this show people. Dumb dumb dumb.

You know you need to re-stock foodwise when you eat rice for dinner. Just rice, and soy sauce. boring.

I don't have anythng else to write at the moment. I'll check in later if something pops in my head.



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