Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful

Ahh. the after Thanksgiving blues and the transition into the Christmas season. I just found out they are going to have the Candy windows downtown this year! YAY! I was so upset when they stopped the tradition a couple years ago. Can you believe I didn't see the lights downtown last year? yep. I broke my tradition. My family just didn't have the time. But I am definately going this year, even if it's by myself.
I went to the mall yesterday with my mom and sister. I hate christmas shopping with no money. I don't start my job until monday, so if they hold my check the first two weeks, I'll probably be giving everyone their presents a couple weeks late. You'll get them though! My sister is getting her ears pierced this month, and so we stopped at a couple jewelry shops and checked out earrings. My mom probably bought 6 pair of earrings for my sister. She never did that for me! not fair. But I noticed her looking at things I had asked for, so it's all good.
I woke up this morning with a cat staring at my face. He was cold and wanted under the blankets. Later when I got home, he was sitting on the heat vent in my mom's room. Poor cold kitty. The other cat, Joey, just sleeps on pillows all day. Just her head though, just like a human. funny creatures cats are.
We are having a thanksgiving dinner today. We dodn't really enjoy it at my aunts house, and my mom bought everything for a turkey dinner with all the sales going on. So we are having ours tonight. YAY! I was even thinking about going out to the shed and bringing in all the Christmas decorations and making the house look festive. I wanted to put lights up on the house outsided, but since it snowed, it's kind of cold. I still want to though.
I'm supposed to find out this week if I got the other job at IHC or not. I hope so. they have really good benefits, a good atmosphere, and right in the middle of downtown. I love downtown. Lots of excitement and things happening all the time. If I don't get this job as a Patient Service Rep, then I'll go to the one at shred pro. Either way I'll have a job. So all is well with the world.
Well, I must be off to help with the turkey dinner and peel some tators for mumsy. Tootles to ya'll

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Early google days

I have a JOB! I called back to ask the manager a couple questions, and he asked if I could start on Monday of next week. YAY!!!!! I am so excited or this job, because it has room to advance up, and It pays a ton! Now I can get everyone really good presents for Christmas. Woot Woot.
I went to walmart and Reams this morning to shop for thanksgiving stuff. the only thing we're bringing to my aunts house is squash and apple juice, but my mom bought a whole cart load of food because she, "couldn't pass up such good deals". Heaven forbid. She even bought a 20 lb. turkey for cryin' out loud. She bought over $200 worht of food today. My mom is crazy when it comes to shopping.
Oh, I saw Michelle's sister, Kim at Reams too. Just a side note :)
I love Eggnog. I love it so much that I drank an entire quart of it in three hours yesterday. Make that two quarts, because I add milk to it to double it and dillute it. Yes yes, I love eggnog. It's sad you only see it in stores around the holidays.
It's fun going shopping with my mom around christmas. She never knows what to get me(except garlic stuff) so When I'm with her, I point stuff out to her and she puts it in the cart and says, "you didn't see that". It takes all the surprises out of Christmas, but hey, I'm getting the EXACT thing I want. you know, when they get you something close to what you want, and you like it, but you'd still rather have the exact thing? or is it just me? I dunno.
I must go and clean my room now. And I'm going to hang Christmas lights up in my window. Maybe I can convince my sister to help me put some outside too. We used to hang them up every year when i was little, , but now we never do it. I need to start the tradition again. every house needs Christmas lights at Christmas. It should be a law. I agree with Karli though, people shouldn't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. that's just stupid.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ask me about microwaving cats for fun and profit

I've been working on a letter to my brother for Christmas. I can't beleive that he'll be home next summer, and MIchelle will be home in FOUR months! That went by very very fast for Michelle.
I have a job interview tomorrow at noon. I'm kind of nervous, because I hate job interviews(who doesn't?) but not nervous at the same time, because I know I'll do ok, and if I don't get the job it's not meant to be. But I hope it's meant to be becasue they pay $13-$17/hr. wouldn't that be a nice surprise in my checking account. :)
So this week is thanksgiving and my family is getting together at my aunt's house. I do not want to go. Our family is the misfit family on my dad's side. We don't live on the east side, we don't have a HUGE house, we don't have a jacuzzi bathtub, and we're not snobs. So, they don't like us. Kind of like that saying,"Can you love, yet hate someone at the same time? of course, it's called relatives." But, I will make sure to bring card games to keep Rachel and Me entertained, and then I will call Michelle and we'll compare who's thanksgiving was crappier. So, it's all good in the long run.
I think I've corrupted my little sister Rachel. We are having a contest to see who can lose the most weight by her birthday December 20th. We have both weighed ourselves at least fifty time in the last four days. Probably not the most healthy thing in the world. So far I've fluctuated between 6 lbs, and she has between 3. I have no idea what that means. I have been lifting weights ever night though. I just need to do some cardio with that. Hope I win, because then she has to do the dishes for me for a month. I really hope I win.
I went to the dentist for the first time in probably three years. I didn't have a single cavity(YAY!) but did have a lot of tartar and calcium around my gums. They had to use the metal scrapey hook and my gums were bleeding like crazy because the girl kept catching my gumms along with the deposits. All is well now though. I have brushed and flossed daily since I've gone, and been mor regular with whitening too. YAy, happy teeth. Sometime this week I have to go in for a consultaion to get y wisdo teeth out. I' not looking forward to that. At least I'll be asleep for that though. I' not looking forward to looking like a chipunk for three days. No siree.
Ok people, I need Ideas for Christmas. I have something from Michelle already, But I need Toni, Tony and Joe still. Si give me Ideas!
I'm going to make a pumpkin roll and some some apple turnovers(woot woot, apples!) so, i must be signing off now. tootles to the world.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I agree

What year did Jesus think it was?

My brother comes up stairs and askas me if I want to go running with him at the track. I said "sure" and thought, hey I can only burn calories. Wrong-o bucko. We both Jogged one lap, and then starrted to die. Not because we were tired, but because the cold air was slashing at our lungs with daggers and swords. Kind of painful. After one lap we walked home with our jackets covering our mouths so we could get some warm air. We both collapsed on the couch gasping for warm air the second we came in the house. I guess we're going to get a pass to the rec center from now on so we don't die. I feel better about having done some exercise today.

I made baked apples the other day. The y turned out delicious! We put vanilla ice cream on them. Very very good stuff. Yesterday my mom trtried some of my herbal tea. She thought it was disgusting. She said it tasted like it was made from a bunch of spices. Well, ya Mom. They're called "tea leaves". Anyway, I'm the only one in my fam who like the stuff. Not even my little sis Rachel who likes everything out of the ordinary. Some days I just want someone to sit down with me and talk over a cup of tea.

HARRY POTTER COMES OUT FRIDAY!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Rachel and I would go to see it at midnight, but she has school friday. so we are going to see it that evening. YAY!!! I've been waiting for it FOREVER! I am a pround Harry Potter freak. I love the books and have read them all at least four times each. YAY! HARRY POTTER!

Tonight I'm making apple dumplings. Yes, still have millions of apples, and I, unlike the rest of my family, am determined not to let them go to waste. Besides, it improves my cooking skills by using all brand new recipes. remember the french rolling pin I was talkking about a couple posts ago? It has totally warped and is now unfit for use. It's completely warped so the center is an arch. My mom threw away all the papers and info for it, so we can't return it. I DIDN"T EVEN GET TO USE IT YET! I am sooooo mad. I think it came from virginia. Would clmate make a difference? what kind of climate differences are their between utah and virginia! GEEZ!!! stupid rolling pin., stupid manufacturer of the rolling pin that lives in virginia. A thousand curses on his home and dog. Jerk.

Well, I must retire for the evening and attempt some apple dumplings. wish me luck! Oh, I watched Oprah today with my mom and sister. I now know what kind of bra and jeans to wear. thank goodness for Oprah. what would the world be without her? (sarcasm, sarcasm)
Tootles for today

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It was a Hot cheetos kind of day

I sit here at my computer eating my faithful friend Mr. hot cheetos. What a friend, to let me eat him. I was awake half the night because of my retarded cats. they kept fighting, puking, peeing on my carpet, howling, clawing and running around ballistically. I eventually blocked of my room(I couldn't close the door because I don't have one) so theycould come in. But then they crawled and clawed up my blockade to make sure I didn't fall asleep for more than half an hour at a time. I slept in until 1PM today because I didn't get any sleep last night. i wanted to strangle them last night. And guess what they are BOTH doing this very minute? SLEEPING! ON MY BED!Stupid cats.
Yesterday I put lotion on my feet afte my shower. I didn't realize how much I had been neglecting it. They are nice and smooth today. You lucky little pampered feet you.
I've been listening to Brian Setzer's Boogie Woogie Christmas on my computer. Cool Christmas Music. you should hear it. Greenday should put out a Christmas Album. that would be cool.
I went to Cyprus the other day to play in the orchestra and take my sister to lunch. HIgh school kids are very small, immature, and stupid. I really hope we were never like that. I never want to be a high school teacher. maybe elementary, but nothing else. OOOUUUCHH!! My elbows are very dry and cracked, so I put Arm and Hammer medicated lotion on. Big mistake. Holy BURN! youch. It must physically burn away the dead cracked skin and give you a whole new layer of epidermis. sheesh.
I must go now and bake some apples. Yes the same ones I had a million of before. Hey Toni and Michelle, did you guys make a pie yet? I hope you put the apples to better use then my family has. They are probably going to get thrown out soon. oh well.
Must get going now. Have to go to Walmart and buy some carpet cleaner for the cat puke on my floor before I can bake apples. tootles

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I woke up this morning in a good mood, motivated to do a lot today and get things done. I startted my cleaning some spills in our fridge with our steam cleaner, because everyone else in my family are slobs and don't care. I ended up taking out all the food and and cleaning the whole thing. But that's okay. Now the fridge looks brand new and all the food is organized and the rotten stuff thrown out. Next I vacuumed the living room, aven got down on all fours and used the hose to get around the edges. So now the whole house looks sparkly clean all because of me cleaning it. Then the UPS truk came and dropped of a package my mom ordered for me. She got me a rolling pin. A french style one that I love. But she said I couldn't have it until I did some cleaning around the house because it wasn't cheap. She had even seen me cleaning all morning without being asked. I WAS FRIGGIN TIRED! Cleaning is rigorous work when you do it non stop and you do a good job at it. I wasn't slackin' off with this. Anywho, she was serious and said I couldn't have it till I cleaned even more. So I threw my hands up and said forget it. And then as I walked away I grumbled the not so nice words under my breath at her. It makes me so mad just becasue I woke up in such a good mood and was doin a toon of things, and then my mom ruins my whole attitude with one sentence. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I'm in my room typing out my frustrations because no one else would want to hear them anyway. Seriously, I don't know how I survived without a blog before. oh wait. a journal, duh. Stupid moment.
I got a bunch of Christmas Cd's from the Library the other day and just finished copying them all to my computer. I can't help it. I love Christmas music.(As you know Toni) I have about five of them on my Puter now. I'm such a Christmas Junkie. And it's only November. It's Walmart's fault ya know. If thet didn't put out Christmas stuff so soon it wouldn't get me in the mood. Walmart seriously has an effect on my life. I go their at least once every two weeks without fail, but usually once every week. Same with Subway. mmmmm. I'm hungry.
OH! I got churros when I was at Walmart! I'm going to make them tonight. yuum yum.
Well, I'm going to eat something for lunch and come clean my room. I don't think I can stand to be around anyone right now. I think I'll take Toby on a walk too, to get out of the house. Hope all your Days turn out better than mine has. Tootles

P.S. I've put all my pictures in a photo album online that you can all view. Click
HERE or click on the link with all my other links at the side of my blog.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I just realized and am very sad about, that I didn't get any pictures of Tony or Catherine. I"M SORRY!!!!!!!
Athena and Snow white
Eveil Queen hording Walmart stuff. Why she would want a deer head, we'll never know
Athena convincing The queen to give up her evil ways
Snow white and her closeup
The sugar high finally wore off
Snow White and her Evil Stepmother with Whore shoes
Cute Michelle
Cute Toni, or should I say, Snow White
And Cute Joe
Cookies I made for halloween that my family ate way before halloween. MMMM.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die

I went to Rachel's Senior Granite Youth Concert tonight. I was quite impressed. They had some difficult songs that they played quite well for high school students. The last song they performed was Bachenalle from Samson and Delilah. I've played that in Granite Youth, Utah Youth Orchestra, and Utah Youth Symphony. It brings back such memories. Makes me want to play in an orchestra again.
I've been looking at SLCC's class schedule's for the Spring semester next year (2006). I have a whole schedule planned out in case I go. I figured I can work all of November and December, Hopefully get a music scholarship and my pell grant, go to school while working part time and Buy a car in January, and In July move to Orem and transfer to UVSC for the Fall Semester. I'd have a car, and be financially stable. I think that's what I', going to try for right now. If I get the Job with my Brother at Unisys I'll be making $10/hr. So If I get that job everything will work out.
Right now I'm wearing the shirt Michelle gave me that was too big for her. Very cute shirt. Very femme. Halloween was fun and I was glad I got to stay overnight for another day. Michelle, Toni and Joe are crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Yesterday I gave Michelle and Toni about half of the apples we got from a lady in our ward. Tonight my Grandma came to Rachel's concert and said she had something for us when it was over. She gave us a Huge turkey(that she had lying around) and TWO FULL BAGS OF APPLES. she has two apple trees at her house, and she decided to pick them yesterday. So, once again we have a million apples in our kitchen. I need to find some serious apple recipes and do some cooking for the neighbors. HOLY APPLES!
I feel like playing my viola. But everyone's asleep so I can't. Darn
I suppose I should go to bed so I don't wake up with a migraine like I did this morning for staying up all night reading last night. Goodnight to all, I will continue my adventures tomorrow. Oh, Toni, If I haven't sent you the pictures from Orem by the time you have read this, send me an email to remind me because I have forgotten. Note to self: Make Picture CD for Shell too.
Bec Bec