Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Grandmother's flowers

These irises were in my great grandmother's garden and then moved to my grandmother's garden for a while. A few years ago my grandma gave them to me. This year I finally planted them. It's nice to have something growing in our flowerbeds that reminds me of both of them.

A few pictures of our "spring" home. This week I pulled out a lot of the spring flowers that were dying and planted some fall hardy ones, so I made sure to get some pictures beforehand.

Of course the lily's!!

These pictures were in may I think

Then July



Rainy Days

Someone is enjoying having a cat just as much as I am :)

Steven's idea of playing with the cat (tying random objects to her tail)

Two straight days of rain has been keeping me from working in the yard like I wanted, but have to say I love the views we keep getting after the rain.