Wednesday, March 28, 2007
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shannon's Wedding Pics and an UPDATE

I can't remember if I posted these or not and frankly I'm too lazy to go through past blogs and figure it out, so here the pictures from from shannon's reception. There are about 10 more pics from the reception in my photo album for your viewing pleasure as well(Link on the right) I was planning on going to Karen Hunsaker's as well, but TOTALLY forgot about. I feel terrible for missing it, but I will go and see her personally and apologize.
Anywho, down to current life......................................
I am sick right now. Have been since last friday with my good ol' friend bronchitis that I feel like is turning into pneumonia. Totally sucks. I'm coughing my lungs out(well mucus actually) and my abs are sore like I've been working them out all week. With all this comes the disappearing of my voice, thus I've missed choir all week. Brother Allen even called me personally thinking I had turned into a slacker. Nope, just contagious and bed-ridden. I made it to work yesterday which I probably shouldn't have, but I had an actual mountain on my desk of stuff I was behind on. I stayed home today and will probably end up going in tomorrow. These people can't function without me apparently. Kind of makes me feel an secretary kind of way.....
Well, I have turned for the better and should be completely recovered by Monday. (Cross your fingers)
Tuesday the new Michael Buble song "Everything" came out. go buy it on Itunes. great song. Already #27 on the charts in it's third day. Stupid Fergie. Die......I just can't stand her voice people. She never SINGS!!!!! She wouldn't know a note if it hit her in the face. So go Michael Buble...woot ...woot.....
So Toni has killed off another one of her blogs......Maybe she needs an anger management class? I just feel bad for all her blogs. Sitting out in cyber space...unused.dead. Oh well, people change, I guess their blogs do too. I guess I'm pretty dull, having this blog since..(let me check) January 2005!!! wow! I didn't realize it had been that long! But I think I'll always have this blog. Maybe when I turn too old to type I'll have it printed and bound and passed down like a journal. It is a journal. Just an electronic one.
Time to talk about the mission prep.
----I had my Lasik consult on tusday. My astigmatism is too "mixed" as he called it and I might even have a progressive disease of my eyes thinning (can't remember what it's called). He said in 2 years I might be able to have the surgery, but for now it's a definate no. I was quite dissapointed about this. I was hoping that the vision correction would eliminate my migraines. But I have come to terms and am testing out contacts(again) and will end up taking glasses on my mission. oh well.
----Since I had my physical Last week, I have been sleeping exactly 8 hrs every night, waking up within the same 2 hours(6-7) and going to bed within the same hours(10-11) to see if that would help with migraines. As of yet I haven't had one. A couple sinus headaches from being really sick, but no actual migraines. All other test results came back fine and if I get migraines off my list my Dr will clear me to go out of the states for a mission. Here's hoping I'm cured!
---- I go to the dentist next friday. i have had 2 cavites my whole life, lets hope they were the last ones. I had my wisdom teeth out last summer, so I'm all good in that department. Let's see, Dr's, Dentist, Eyes, Ah yes, the spiritual side.
---- I have been reading preach my gospel Daily along with the B of M. I know I'm not perfect and I am trying all I can to be ready for this. It's pretty much up to the bishop now!
----Financial. This is the tough one. Should I sell my car now? should I wait until I get my call? Should I save up more so my parents aren't chipping in so much? Any Advice people? know any multi-millionaires willing to pay for the whole thing? If so, CALL ME NOW!!!!!
Other than than that list above, I am pretty well on track to have papers in within 2 weeks!! So excited I could pee my pants. But I will spare myself the humiliation.
I got my first letter from Jocelyn at the MTC today!! She is what they call a "solo sister" she is the only one going to Fiji that is female! She shares a room with other sisters, but is escourted by two elders all day long. She is lonely and having a tough time, but it is only her first week. Pray for her!!! She told me right away to get a haircut that I can do in 10 minutes. You get 30 minutes every morning to (get this) shower,dress,makeup & dry hair. It takes me 20 minutes just to dry my hair!!! I will definately be getting some kind of cut before I go. I was trying to figure out how to keep this blog alive on my mission. I don't think I would be allowed to post(maybe, who knows) so i was thinking about having my sister publish my letters here. What do Ya'll think? She could scan it, or just re-type it. I think either will work. Plus, she could do pictures as well, so you guys will keep in touch by comments and emails yourself!!!
Well, I can't really think of what else to write. Searching.....................................searching(my brain that is) Oh, I'm going to the Harlem Gobe Trotters next week, kind of cool. Cameron is home from his mission...Ben Scott(old Madrigals partner) home this week from mission..........searching.......My nail broke today.......My brother Randy has a new girlfriend from the singles ward. Charity. She's cool...........My sister Rachel went to Solo & Ensemble (singing a solo) and got a 2............Ness is still out sick and MIke Rohde is Subbing.......... I soind like a friggin smoker the way I'm coughing.................Ok, done searching, their is no more left. Hope you guys have a blogtastic day. Update ya pone heads..