Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a baby, baby!

Our lives have been consumed by everything baby and Christmas the past few weeks. Christmas because we went through a MILLION boxes of Steven's family's christmas stuff, then our own. We finally have everything organized, D.I.'d, and ready to put out in the shed. We're trying to get the house all organized and efficiently running before the baby, and that is NO small task. Housing our stuff (which we have way too much of), Steven's mom's stuff, and some of his brother's stuff is just too much. I'm glad we have the nine months to work on it. Although we're down to just 5 months now plus Steven starting school 4 days a week, I hope we can do it.

The day after Christmas I screwed up my back and it's been impossible to do anything at my regular pace of things. I'll do the laundry, then go lie down for 30 minutes to recover while icing my back. So everything takes 10 times as long, and that's if I last the whole day. I usually quit by 7pm and lie in bed the rest of the night because I can't walk anymore. Sure has made this pregnancy "fun". 

This week has been "fun" in it's own right as well. Our car decided to burst a line from the power steering pump and is un-drivable. Steven can't drive his work car anywhere but for work stuff, so that doesn't help us. So he goes out last night to start up the truck to get it registered and it's battery is dead. I'm stranded at home and we're car-less. And school starts next week. Should be interesting.

This is all getting a bit depressing, so I'll switch over to my weekly(ish) tracker of pregnancy stuff that I wish I started long ago. I don't even have belly pictures! They'l start soon though, promise.

How Far Along: 17 Weeks. Almost to the halfway mark! Time has FLOWN by.
Baby Size: Sweet Potato and 5.5 in. 
Total Weight Gain: None technically. When I had the stomach flu I lost a bunch of weight, was scolded by the doc and hubs, and now am trying to eat on a regular basis. It's only going up from here!
Maternity Clothes? Yuss. My pants are too tight and push my tummy down on my bladder. Not that I wasn't running the bathroom enough already. LOVE my stretchy maternity pants!
Stretch Marks? Nadda.
Sleep: I've been waking up a few times each night, and Unisom is my best friend. Every once in while I'll wake up lying on my back as Steven pushes me or tells my to roll on my side. I call him "the back police".
Best moment this week: Getting a package from Old Navy with maternity clothes. They fit and I can breathe in them! Oh, and all the spoiling I get from Steven :)
Miss Anything? My migraine medicine IMITREX. I'd sell my arm to be able to take some when I get a migraine. Oh, and being able to bend. The back hurts and never quite seems to get better.
Movement: Not yet. I'll lie in bed sitting really quiet and focus on my stomach waiting to feel any kind of flutter, but nothing yet :(
Food Cravings: water, water, WATER! and crazy bread.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Meat. I'll cook something, start eating, and end up throwing it away because it will make me sick to look at it. I've been wasteful the last couple of weeks.
Gender: Unknown. My mom and I both think it's a boy though!
Labor Signs: Just the usual stretching of ligaments, no labor.
Belly button in or out? I'm pretty sure mine will stay in no matter how big my belly gets. It's wedged deep in there.
Wedding rings on or off? On. The cold weather makes them fall off all the time.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy about being pregnant, frustrated a lot because of my back limiting me .
Looking forward to: Probably buying the crib this week!