Sunday, October 07, 2007

Flashback Weekend!

My Mum & Dad on their late Honeymoon to Maine. They couldn't afford to go until 9 months after they were married. As you can tell, my mom is a very 9 months pregnant with my oldest brother Michael.

The picture my mom sent to my dad while he was on his mission. They wrote for 2 years and when he came home 4 months later they were engaged.

My first Orchestra concert. 5th grade christmas concert. Notice how retardedly I'm holding my viola? Ya, I was definately a beginner at it.

My first trip to the zoo. It looks like I'm feeding them cheetos! hopefully no deer died from my generosity.

Was I not the cutest baby ever? admit it, I was.

It's amazing what kids can create with a minimal amount of snow. notice the line of rocks behind me? their is a house and fence there now.

Randy and me playing with playdough I think? Love the face no? I was a freaking indian as a kid as well as today. Just blessed in that department I suppose. Look at my legs! So dark!

MIchelle was the one who taught me how to do my hair and created the passion I have now for cool hairstyles. I guess she had to practice on Randy until I came along. He doesn't seem to mind much

My mom and Dad's reception. the ceremonial cutting of the cake. My 17 year-old (at the time) aunt made their cake. wowser. My mom wore a different dress for the reception and wore her normal temple dress for the marriage. Money was tight then. She still looked beuatiful though!

The family before Rachel and I came along. My mom was pregnant with the baby she miscarried at the the time. Right between Randy and me.

Guess who I was for halloween?(repunzel for you slow learners)

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