Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yesterday was the loverly celebration of dead people day, more commonly known as Halloween.
Shell's party was great and I had a fun time. We watched 1408, carved pumpkins(which were surprisingly easy to cut through. Yay old pumpkins!) decorated cookies, had too much junk food and made fun of eachother's costumes. Genious men in the group were clueless as to what we all dressed up as.


I spent the whole day before the party making sugar cookies. My sister michelle actually complimented me on them and said they were better than store bought! It's quite the compliment as she is quite the picky eater and master cook herself. I didn't realize until after the party that I only got a few pictures. None of Tony in his costume or joe in his (as lame joe) Trash.

I guess my parents didn't get many trick-or-treaters. They used one bag of candy. Now we have 4 bags of candy floating around the house that we are using as a meal replacement. Kind of sad really. Adults desereve the next day candy gorging too right? I think I've overdosed on KitKats and am getting a canker sore from shock tarts.

Here we have Shell as Lizzie Borden(did I spell that right?) bloody axe and all. Seeing how Michelle is the morbid dead-liking-person we all know her to be, I guess this costume isn't too surprising. It rocked. you know it.

Karin as a mind reading gypsy-fortune teller. She sounded like santa when she walked. Cool shtuff. The flash was way too bright on my camera so she looks like a zombie as well. perfect for halloween!

The cookies I decorated at the party. Love the Madonna ghost no? How bout the headless ghost with a pumkin?

My costume as Queen Amidala. For all those people who don't remember, it's from the 1st episode of star wars at the end when they have the victorious parade. Just watch the movie. Rachel helped me tremedously with the costume. Shweet if i do say so myself. Oh, I'm not bucked-teeth or biting my lip here. I had the white lips and hadn't done the lipstick yet.

Tony's puking pumpkin. gross

Karin's pumpkin. Ahh how cute.

My scary pumpkin with fangs and M & M's for eyes. Cool eh?
Here are his rockin earsAnd the grand finale, Michelle's pumkin, thus murdered. I guess killing her parents wasn't enough she kills plants too.

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