Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tuesday Quicky

I went to orchestra tonight! yay!! I was pleasantly surprised at how good i've become at sight reading. We have a new director who is young, funny, motivating and I'm excited to work with him. I missed the first two rehearsals, but the songs aren't THAT hard, so I'll catch up quick. At first I was the only violist for an hour, then some old lady who reeked of cigarettes came in. I had to share a stand with her because they were out of half of the music for viola's. Lucky for me I brought my glasses, so the old lady stand-hogging didn't bother me too much.

We are doing a couple selections from the nutcracker suite, and the REAL one too. Not a lame arranged version for high school orchestras. Also the chronicles of Narnia (love it), sleigh ride, theme from ice castles (whatever that is) and some other ones I don't have yet.

Oooh, guess what else? you are going to be jealous people. We are the backup orchestra for Neil Diamond when he comes to Salt Lake! Awesome, no? I don't prefer Neil Diamond music at all, but to be a REAL back up orchestra at a concert? Rocks I tell you.

I need one of those grip masters for building up your calluses. Mine are completely gone, so my fingertips are Killing me.

Just thought I'd update you al on my musical life. Yay. Go un-loved violists!


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