Monday, April 30, 2007

The death of blogworld

Wow. Everyone is killing off there blogs left and right. All I can say is, I hope everyone keeps reading mine! I plan on blogging forever. I wasn't ever good at keeping a journal, but this!! This has been my relief to life. Where I can write anything down I want and no one cares. I can piss-off about my problems, talk about the latest crush, whine about my weight and tell about when my dog throws up. I LOVE this blog and love writing in it. It is part of me and part of those who read it(if they still do!!) I will stay here in the land of blogging even if I'm by myself. Just me and my blog, I'm fine with that. I'll keep it going on for anyone to read whenever. It will always be here, never changing, (HA as I just changed my layout) and always here to comment on. I'll still have my sister post all my emails and letters here with pictures as well. so Keep me bookmarked!!!!!

Well, Here is what's been going on in my life this week.

Papers have been in SLC since last week. I could get my call on Wednesday!!!! I'm not getting my hopes up though. I'm expecting it next week.

Today I go to the Bank to sell my car to my brother. *sadness* I cleaned out my car last night and I wanted to cry. My first car, favorite car, my FREEDOM!! It's now going to belong to my stinky brother Randy who will speed like no other, kill the engine, scratch it to peices and make out with his girlfriends in it. Yuck. Well, another part of life moving on. I saw the 2007 passat parked next to me today. I LOVE IT!!!!! I doubt that's what I'll be getting when I get back though. I can dream :) I never even named it............sad.

Today was our April B-day party. We had 4 people in our group (including me) with a b-day this month. Seeing how I'm the Admin, I got to plan it with $80. We had Pizza Hut, Rootbeer floats, and Cake. YUM. Very good lunch if I say so myself. Well planne on my part. Plus getting paid to go shopping at Walmart is nice too :) I hope I go somewhere with a Walmart on my mission. I think I will go into withdrawl if they don't have one where I'm going.

Bffffff. I'm stuffed with cake and rootbeer and pizza.........bufffffff....

I had my last choir perf. last night for Institute Graduation. Kind of sad. I will miss it a lot. I got my copy of our Christmas CD from last semester. We sound good except for some stupid soprano(it'a always a soprano isn't it?) that sounded like she was whining the whole time. Other than her, we sound Pretty good. My director will finish this semesters CD by the fall, so I won't get to hear it till I get back. Darn. Maybe I'll see if I can post a song on here when I get home. Still working on getting the DSL hooked up though. I have to do all my internet stuff at work. Annoying. ONe of these days.....

I'm so behind on Grey's anatomy and Lost. Maybe I'll stay late tomorrow and watch them all after work. there's a thought.

Oh, I almost forgot, Whe I do get my call, I should find out in the morning and call everyone to come to my house that night if you can. We'll be having a ton of people over and Pizza while I open the call. I want everyone to guess!!!!!!

I went to a Bachelorette part on saturday. It was cute (and clean) and held at Applebees. We dressed the bride up in Boa's and a viel and tons of jewelry. all the gifts were cards and money, chocolate and lotion type of stuff. Then some guy that makes balloon animals and such came over. The bride requested a "pole" for her bedroom. she then texted her fiance that a hot guy gave her a pole for their honeymoon. It was hilarious. I even got a picture with her leg wrapped around it. It was fun. But NEVER order Applebees Zexty chicken sandwhich. It was nasty. It had this wierd pepper flavor and was just gross. Their Buffalo wings appetizer is delish though.

Have I rambled enough for you? My lunch is technically over, even though I was setting up the food for 20 minutes of it. Tonight after the handing over of my car, I am going to the gym. I am getting what I think is the beginning of stretch marks on my under arms(either that or a wierd looking rash) and vowed I would never get large enough to get stretch marks. that was my ultimate fatness limit. So, off to work out my arms!!!!!!

OH!!! almost forgot!!! Yesterday right before I leftm yhouse for the choir performance (which Tony sluffed) I was coming down the stairs and my heel (3" mind you) got stuck in a piece of our carpet that was ripped (Top step of course) I'm in my long dress too and Wa-BAMO!!!! I totally fell down the stairs. Not the falling where you skitter down on your feet as if they were ski's, but where I fell, my shins caught my fall on the bottom step (yes TOP to BOTTOM step) so I cut up my shins and have these massive bruises. swollen too. Then after my body realized it had more momentum to keep going, I face planted into the floor. It was acrobatic I tell you. After laying on the floor for 5 minutes in a sense of shock, crying because of the pain (I never cry, so it was quite embarrassing) my family is freaking out wondering if I split my head open and broken every bone in my body. It was traumatic I tell you, traumatic. I was then 10 minutes late for my performance (I am NEVER late for performances) so my entertainer brain kicked in and told me to buck up and start driving to SLCC so I would make of fool of myslef walking in late to the performance. Several people asked me if I got a sunburn, I told them yes, but it was from crying. (like I would admit to that) But other than a slight Gimpy walk, You can't even tell that I saw my life flash before my eyes yesterday and almost died.

I'd say that's a good way to end a blog for the day, wouldn't you?


Still gimpy, Bec

Monday, April 23, 2007

Some people were just not meant to be president

Thought I'd freak you all out by starting my post off with a frightening picture you hope never to encounter in real life.

Anyway, I guess I'll give you all the 411 on my life right now.

1st- so sad to read that Toni will no longer be posting on her New Beginnings Blog. It was short lived, loved, and is missed already. If you still read this Toni, I hope nothing offensive was done or said to make you stop. It has been hard for all of us doing our own thing, going our own way in life and I could feel the falling apart of our happy little group. A Marriage changes things. A BABY (that I'm still DYING to see)changes things. I hope to be a part of your life and keep our friendship alive-no matter how distant it gets- forever. We went to copperhills together, Brockbank, and Cyprus. We have known eachother since Kindergarten when you first made fun of my glasses and pigtails :D That part of me will never forget the good times we had. The nano baby days, Creative Persuits, Dustin (aka: Skippy) Jackson, Our trolls that we would dress up and make houses out of our pencil boxes. Part of you will be part of me forever. I will do all I can to keep us alive and strong!!!!!! I hope you one day start up the blog again. Even if all you talk about is marriage and baby stuff. I DON"T CARE!!!!! I want to hear it!! Your blogs were my looking glass into your life. Please start them up again when you can!!!!

2nd- My mission papers are in to the Stake President!! It's all up to him now and the wait has begun!! 1-3 weeks and I'll be getting my misison call!!!!!!!!!
WAAAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Actually, I can wait. I don't have any shoes or clothes yet. I can't until I find out where I'm going. My parents got me a luggage set for my B-day though, so I'm good in that department! I've been reading SO much Book of Mormon Lately. It's amazing what I have been missing out on. I have recently been reading in Mosiah. By reading it every night, I can picture each thing that is going on in the book. It is really amazing. I have never read the scriptures so dilligently before and I am LOVING IT!!! seriously, I used to see the scriptures as a task to be done. I look forward to reading and can't get enough of it. I know, I know, I sound like a molly mormon. You guys need to read it like you mean it. you will be amazed.

3rd- Actually, I don't have a third topic. I'll just reamble for a bit. Work is busy, but good. I really like my job and don't mind going to work everyday. I definately plan on working here when I get back from my mission. I'm going for a bike ride after work to Cemetary Hill-if it's not raining. Should be My brother Randy is buying my car before I leave. So it will still be in the family when I get back. Now I don't have the stress of needing to get it sold before I leave. On financial matters, I have $100 more to go before I am completely out of debt!!!!!!! I got a line of credit to fix my car in December and it has seemed impossible to get it paid off. But with my tax returns, I got it all off but $100!!! Yay!!!!!!! DEBT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Good feeling. What else what else....Tony leaves for R.I. this Saturday(*tear*) but maybe it will be good for him. (don't ask me how I just wanted to sound thoughtful) I probably won't see him for the whole 18 months I'm gone, and if he leaves for a mission during that time, It could be even longer. Odd thought.

I have talked with my sister, and I'm going to let her use my computer when i'm gone on the condition that she doesn't downlad anything whatsoever, and that she posts my letters and emails on this blog for all of you. She'll be copying all the comments and emailing them to me as well. I'm not sure if you guys can email me yet, but definately can write letters. Oh, We are finishing our back yard right now, and for my farewell we are having a "luncheon" after my talk at my house. I'll be sending you all invites with a pic of me as well. So that's something to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

Well, I should really get back to work now and stop slacking off. Everyone update your blogs!!!!!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Camping Pictures!!!!!!

Ok, here are some pics from Antelope Island. If you'd like to see all of them, go to MyPhotoAlbum link on the right. It's the first album on the webpage. enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I was browsing through my addiction site Popsugar which I have this thing with celebrity gossip, can't help it :), and stumbled across a video of Fergie singing on the Charlotte Church show. I mean actually SINGING!! I was amazed as I have never heard this woman sing before. It was always some stupid Britney Spears "fake-voice-shake-my-tush-I-wish-I-could-sing" thing going on. But in this perofrmance the lady actually sings. Im now publicly apologizing to Fergie and her many supporters (Toni) for dogging her so much in the past. She just never sings in any of her songs! I've even included the link below for you enjoyment.

Click Here for >>>>>>Fergie Singing

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ok, so the thing Toni did on her blog was pretty darn cool. The Johari window to map out your personality. Everybody do mine so I can see what you really think of me. Here is the link to do mine and create your own!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The happinings of conference weekend

Ok, taking a break between conference sessions trying to keep myself awake. Not that I am bored with conference or anything, the speakers release a natural endorphin to make me sleepy.

FREAK!!!!! This stupid Ice cream truck is going .2 miles an hour on my street playing THE most annoying song in the world. Great, now some kid is buying one and he's parked in front of my house! If I had an AK-47, It would be out of ammo by now and I'd be going to prison for life. I think Later in my life when I have nothing to do, I will join the government and pass a bill banning ice cream trucks from playing music. They can still drive around for all I care, but no music. Die stupid ice cream trucks.....DIE. You rip people off, and the ice cream is nasty anyway. just die. I MY HECK!!! He is two streets over and I can still hear it!!! Eech long note in the stupid song goes half a pitch flat as it plays. AAAARRRGHHH!!!!! Somethings drive me mad and this tops the list. Man...sometimes i don't know myself. I have a temper like lucifer himself. Jeez..

Ok, I'm back now. I went downstairs to get some friend salad Rachel made. Dumb truck is out of hearing range. I feel a bit better now. I love sunday conference at my house. Everyone is home, we have sandwiches and fruit and chips and all watch it together. Good times.

My mom said the other night she was praying (nightly prayer) and was praying for my mission prep to go well and that I would have a good mission when all of a sudden Italy popped into her head. She wasn't praying that i would go where I'm supposed to or anything, but It just popped in her head at that moment. I hope it was inspiration of some kind!!! I would love to go to Italy!!

Yesterday I was moving my car because my parents car was in front of it. It was reaally hot, so I unrolled the windows. My sister has this obsession with my car where she just likes sitting in it, even if we don't go anywhere(kind of like a dog). So she came prancing outside and jumped in my car. When she closed the dore, it sounded a bit strange/loud, but I didn't think anything of it. Then when I had movved my car, I rolled the windows up, and the passenger side window made this terrible screeching sound! I looked over and the window was rotated completely vertical! I guess something that holds the window right side up fell off when she closed the door and it was just kind of hanging there. We got the window up all the way, but now it's going to take who knows how much to get this fixed. Dumb car issues.

The dentist went ok on friday, lots of scraping(I've been slacking in the flossing department) and one small cavity to take care of(darn) So on monday back to the torture chair. After that, just my picture and I'm done!! YAY!!

Last night me and a bunch of friends(Kristy, Megan Carlisle, Heather Beck, Craig Riding, Cameron Ellsworth etc.) about 16 people total got together after the priesthood session and played games. At 11pm we went outside to play big buddha. After about 20 minutes a cop pulled up and said to keep it down or go inside because neighbors were calling. Dumb people. Can't a group of young adults have any fun? Have you heard of ear plugs? we weren't even being that loud!! Anyway, we went inside nad played the "what-if" game which was hilarious and way better than big buddha. We stayed up till about midnight and all went our seperate ways. All around a fun night, other than the cop part. you know me....Always getting into trouble with the law...... :)

My brother Michael went on a date on friday....amazingly enough.... and they went to a new restaurant down town. The waitress asked if they wanted anything to drink, so my brother asked for something fruity. He got the drink and said it tasted like pineapple and dirt mixed together. He told the waitress he would like something else because this was terrible, She said fine, and gave him the list of alcoholic drinks and said to choose something else. My brother drank half a glass of alcoholic drink!! It was a total accident, but funny. I told him to go to his bishop and confess. He's the executive secretary of the ward. Kinda funny.

Well, conference is starting again, so I will see you guys/gals later!!!!