Thursday, March 31, 2011

So little to do, so much time.

Please excuse my blog for the next few days (maybe weeks). I'm working on a custom template. So if things look retarded (such as my header right now), bare with me. It will be beautiful when finished though!

Wedding plans are happening. Lots and lots to do. I've got three showers within the next four weeks. I'm SO excited and can't wait! Dress fitting next week, cake deposit down, photography in the works, and tomorrow I'll probably be ordering our invitations. We'll see.

I told myself I'd have everything planned and done by April 20th (a month before the wedding) so I could focus on moving my stuff to Steven's house and just relaxing before becoming a married woman. Yeah....I don't think that's going to happen. I'm going to try to do as much as possible before the 20th, but some will just have to trickle over into May.

I need to take more pictures of all the stuff I've been doing. Gotta start taking my camera with me everywhere I go.

Oh, by the way, like my wedding countdown? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I thought it was nifty.

Oh, thought I'd post Rachel's latest crazy quote. Actually, it's from a month or two ago, but still funny.
My dad keeps the thermostat down low during the winter months and just tells us to bundle up (kind father, I tell you what). Every night he would ask Rachel what temperature the thermostat was on so he could make sure it was turned down for the night.  The conversation went something like this:

Dad- "Rachel, what's the thermostat set to?"
Rachel- "Freezing"


Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes a girl just needs a day

You know when you go a really long time just throwing your hair into a ponytail, no makeup, no shaving of the legs, and bummy clothes? Today I finally got sick of it.

I got up pretty early hoping to score some super cheap wedding stuff from KSL ads. Nothing came of it. So I had 3 hours to fill before I had to be work. Time to pamper!

I took my sweet time in the shower, pumiced myself to death, made my legs so smooth they are glistening, lotioned like mad, big fabulous hair and gorgeous makeup. And my clothes look feminine and I just feel GOOD. If I knew I wouldn't look ridiculous at work, I would have worn a hot dress and my highest heels. (doesn't exactly work in a doctors office) Every girl needs a pretty day now and then to make her feel good about herself. And boy did I need it.

Here's hoping to a happier day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Had a very early (for me) breakfast with this hunk of all hunks  ♥ ♥ ♥

Great way to start off my day :) Oh, and notice the goatee? I think it's dashing.

*It was a Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger by the way. Quite tasty even though I thought it would be terrible*


Eli, Mr. Chunk & Grunt

Somehow I've misplaced all the pictures I took at the hospital when Eli was born. I've searched my computer and camera like mad, and they are just plum gone! I'll keep looking though.

It's been wonderful watching Eli grow and learn. He's about 3 1/2 months right now, but wearing all of Miles' 9 month clothes. This baby is big!!! He's massive and a tank. He's so much more talkative than Miles was at his age too.

He loves looking at faces and he absolutely LOVES to smile! Here he is smiling at my mom:

This baby really likes watching TV. hmmmmm *concentrating very hard*

He can't sit up on his own so I made him a supportive "pouf" if you will. He seemed to like it :)

Nothing Better than a Thomas the Train marathon!

Here he is just a couple weeks old. Always looking around. Nothing is cuter than a baby's wrinkly forehead!

Chillin' on Rachel's lap on Christmas day. almost a month old here.

And here's Eli in real time. Just this week anyway. Cute!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Forgotten Post

You know when you happen to come upon your past posts and find a few (okay, a lot) of posts that you started (some even finished) and you never published them? Yeah, that's me today. So, here we go with the past posts that fell to the wayside! I'll stagger them over the next week so you can get a daily fix of my blogging :)

If you're on facebook, (or communicate with me in some way other than my blog) then you probably already know. But for those who haven't heard (and need to be obsessed with my life just a wee bit more) I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!! :)

Instead of scarring you with a picture of my hideous fingers, I'll just show you my ring instead. No, it's not pink, or colored in any way. I just get a little saturation happy in photoshop :) Behold, my amazing, gorgeous emerald cut ring (That I Absolutely ♥ LOVE ♥)

But, of course with changes in life comes stress, family issues, wedding planning and other fun things....

But life is WONDERFUL and I'm so much in love and couldn't care less about anything right now. I'm twitterpated for Steven and always will be.

And of course, nothing is legit until it's on facebook. I should have disabled my email and text notifications before changing my relationship status though. Quite the bombardment. But again, loving every second of being engaged!

Notice how all the ads magically turned to wedding ads? Yeah facebook "knows" you. (Big brother anyone?)

Steven and I just "get" each other. We have an interesting (sometimes overly cynical & morbid) relationship with each other.

Christmas Eve at his family's party he pulled me to an empty room, started telling me how much he loved me, then I in turn (not realizing he was preparing to propose) started saying how I was still hungry, needed a drink and was feeling claustrophobic with all the people around in a hot room (way to kill the mood, right?). Then all of a sudden he gets down on one knee, and I froze.

I can't remember exactly what he said, but it was along the lines of "Rebecca will you marry me?" to which I replied by almost knocking him over with a forceful hug and started giggling like an absolute retard. Seriously, it was like I was on drugs or something. I'm just not a "giggle" type of person, and I was G.I.G.G.L.I.N.G. Defined as: "To laugh with repeated short, spasmodic sounds", yeah that pretty much sums it up.

I didn't even give him an answer. Finally he said, "So does that mean yes?" because I was two busy processing that I was actually just proposed to by the love of my life, which apparently makes my brain turn to mush and makes me go into "act-like-a-fool-and-start-laughing" mode.

After I sat down and composed myself and started drooling over my ring, we went into the room with his family and told everyone we just got engaged which was followed by tons and TONS of picture taking by his family. Which I love, because you know me and pictures :) Then we went off to my house later and told my family. I think Rachel screamed with excitement if I remember right.

That night I think I stayed up until 5am (partially because I was wrapping gifts :s ) taking pictures of my ring. All in all, I had an AWESOME Christmas last year.

And so begins the new chapter of my life that I've been waiting for. Wedding/Marriage planning and prep! I cannot wait for the future and to be married to Steven. Who else knows exactly what to say to make me melt?