Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parade of Homes 2008 UTAH!

Michelle and Lema invited Rachel and me to see the parade of homes with them. A couple of years ago when my aunts house was first built, they had it in the parade of homes. This was my first time seeing other houses. We saw so many beautiful houses that were decorated incredibly. I brought my camera and Rachel and I took over 300 pictures for ideas! We love house designs and decorating. We saw a 3 million dollar house and a ton of $600,000 + houses. So insanely expensive, but a blast to tour through. Here are a bunch of my favorites.

This candle was about 1ft dia. HUGE candle and it smelled SO good.

Rachel and her thoughtful pose.

Even the vent covers in houses were cool

I love raised sinks. I thought this one was awesome.

I had to combine three pictures, so excuse the retardedness of this picture. This house we titled, "The Castle" for obvious reasons.

We were in an angry mood first thing this morning. We decided to take it out on the camera.

We survived the FULL day of driving across northern Utah, thanks to my cool ipod keeping us entertained.

What girl wouldn't KILL for a built in stone vanity?

Guess how they lit up above the crown molding? Rope lights, cheap rope lights.

Cool entry way

I LOVE this faucet! So classic, yet modern design. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Weird pillows. Thought they deserved a picture.

This scene made me think of the disney cartoon version of Cinderella when she's making the dress.

Speaking of cinderella, here's Cinderella coach/bed I would have died for as a kid.

How exactly do you clean a sink made out of copper? Cool nonetheless

My new car.......In my dreams. Don't you love my model pose?

Gorgeous kitchen sink.

This was the ceiling to a master bedroom. I felt like flying for some odd reason.

Cute little nook for writing.

This my friends, is a playhouse built inside a house. Talk about kid friendly. It looked like a miniature town for midgets.

RAchel decided to take a break from all the stair climbing.

These looked a million times better in real life. Really. Oh well.

This was the same house with the indoor playhouse. This was the play room. Yes, a play house and playroom. This has a built in swing, and the trees are half painted, half real.

Previously mentioned trees.

This is a candle. Could be handly in a blackout I suppose. A very long blackout.

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  1. I really like the water pump looking faucet....