Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flashback Weekend OVERLOAD!!!!!!!

Ok, I got the scanner working (finally) and got a TON if pics for you guys. I thought of doing them in increments, but what the heck, let's do them ALL!!!! I'll be going in chronological order, starting with Elementary School leading up to Graduation. Enjoy!!

Remember Mrs. Johnson? The slide machine she would have us turn and you would get a yellow ticket for doing it? And her creepy fingers? *shudder*
YAY! Ms. Condie! Coolest teacher EVER. She took me and two other kids to Artic Circle on our birthdays. Awsome lady
My 2nd Grade picture. Toni you got your wish and here I am with my huge pink glasses. They were cool at the time ok? so shuddup. It was either wear them or go blind. Mr. Foote our second Principal. Remeber to balloon animals and he had that inguana?

YAY! playground!
4th grade Mrs. Chandler. AWSOME teacher too.

6th grade Mr. gregerson's class. The "Gifted and talented". HA! If I was in it, It was nothing special.
Toni remember climbing this tower for girls camp? that's Alli on it. We all thought it would collaapse and half of us had asthma attacks on the hike up to it. The good ol' days.
Mrs. McDonough's Room. Angela and I ate lunch her every day after our T.A. class for her.The memories.
Tony and Mike . This was at at the coke tent-thing we went to in orchestra 9th grade. Where i ice skated for the first time in my life

MORP I think? My retarded scanner almost cut michelle's head off!
pit orchestra Once Upon a mattress 10th grade. Yay for viola's!!

Angela's Sophmore spinnie portrair. Cuuuute.

I have no idea. would you like to elaborate Joe?

Sweethearts I'm thinking. Precious..

...and their dates

On the way back from show choir festival. we of course walked(danced) away with 1's.

State Orchestra Festival

Sadies. My first H.S. Dance

Toni & Nate. I'm not sure what dance this is. You know someone is gorgeous when they can shve their head (female) and still look HOT

MORP dinner @ Mike's sister's house. YAY for snake-o-pus!!

Bowling before MORP
Pit for Cinderella. Michelle must have been in the bathroom during this picture because she was my stand partner

Mads tour at Disneyland!!!

PROM 2004.

Grad night hypnotist. jordan was a Beauty queen. and good at it.

Right before the grad night started. look at tony's hair!!!

Graduation wouldn't be complete without Hannah


  1. I DO remember the librarian with the NASTY fingers! AND I went to Arctic Circle with Mrs. Condie too. I remember that! :) Oh me blonde, me bald... I did it all. :) he he he pink glasses. I love this.

  2. that was quite the stroll down memory lane, Mrs. Johnson always freaked me out. I never EVER volunteered to run the slide projector. I was afraid she had touched it at some point and then my fingers would end up looking like hers, like it was some kind of disease.
    P.S. Best Prom ever.