Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas 2010

I LOVE this picture!!!

You know where I get the crazy eyes from!

It's always a chore doing this picture every year, mainly because we have to get the animals to sit still.

And it's impossible to get a smile out of Randy.

 Eli was only a couple weeks old, so he was the hit of Christmas that year. Oh, and I just got engaged the night before!!

Steven's Dream car

After taking pictures for Megan and her family, Steven spotted his dream car (Ford GT) in the parking lot at Wheeler farm. The driver let the kid sit in it and the mom take his picture, Steven was this close to asking the guy if he could too. :)

Ding Dong, the wall is gone!!

My parents had been talking a while about taking down the wall that separates the kitchen and the front room. The day before Thanksgiving they decided to do it. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. I think Rachel and my dad went to bed around 4am on thanksgiving day. Sure opens up the space!

My mom cooked turkeys as the wall came down

Almost there!1


Yables and chairs all set up to eat. 

And he's down for the count!!!

We finally have enough room at my parents hose to eat!

Carter the tomato

Becky and Randy's son Carter, showing my mom he wanted to be a tomato. Thus squeezing into a cage and pretending to act like....a tomato. He's hilarious :)

Michael's 31st B-day BBQ

I'm breaking my own blogging rules and  and just posting lots of pictures without putting them in order or editing them. I have so many things that need to get blogged from 2011. So here goes!

Michael's 31st birthday in August we hosted a BBQ at our house. Michelle and Lema brought these crazy glasses for everyone. Also the same day we found out our yard is infested with Bees when Miles got stung on his head.

Friday, February 03, 2012

High Five for Friday

I've decided to post at least once a week as part of a goal this year to blog & journal more. What better way than to join in with From my grey desk's blog's "High five for friday". Basically post 5 pictures of whatever. Great way to do a weekly post I'd say.

1. My mom and her randomness. She's always treasure hunting at thrift and craft stores and always finds something that "reminds her of me" or one of my other siblings. Here she found a paperweight with the "@" symbol. She thought I was obsessed with these, but I'm not. Cool anyway :)

2. Here is her find #2 for me. Maggie from the Simpson's. No, the octopus legs don't make my mother think of me, but the pacifier. I was addicted to my pacifier for years as a kid and would suck it most animatedly. This is the second Maggie toy my mom has given me. Odd, I know.

3. Back to coaching basketball for the young women at church. It's been a LONG time!!! It's getting me active again though and I'm loving it. My sister Michelle is one of the other leaders so it's nice to see her every Thursday :)

4. I have the BEST hubster in the world! I'm amazed he puts up with all my quirks and female drama all the time. Which why I don't mind closing the shower curtain the one foot left open every morning. Seriously, I can't complain, he's wonderful :)

5. Our niece Lily sent us a thank you card for a birthday present we gave her. I think she was meaning to draw us here. I thought this was hilarious because right now Steven is sporting a beard. Think she made him hairy enough?

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