Thursday, June 30, 2005

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sesame street

my brother is a DORK. He is sitting next to me playingthe sesame street song on hius guitar bugging me to get off the computer. He's played it about eight times now and is driving me mad. Any hitmen reading this blog, please come kill my brother. I'll give you anything. All his guitars (five to be exact) you can take them as soon as he's dead. just a note to all those reading this blog.

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Migraine day

well the day has come again for my monthly migraines. I'm missing work because of it too. I am so pumped with drugs right now I'm worried I might have overdosed. I took my usual vitamins, calcium and magnesium, my acne junk, and excedrin, and my lovely frined Relpax. no wonder I feel like puking, my stomach is probably trying not to impload right now.
Lovely, my cat just threw up. gotta love animals.
Some lady called from the church office building today wanting to know why I haven't turned in my keys and my badge from when I used to work there. I told her I brought it in about a month ago. apparently they lost them, or they were stolen from the desk where I turned them in. I feel bad because they might have to change the locks and the security codes, but it's not my fault and I wasn't going to let the lady blame me for it. She was really grumpy about it too. some people.
Ugh. my mom is making fries right now. The smell of the cooking grease is making me even more sick. I'd go outside, except thar it's too hot, and David is keeping me entertained online right now. He's been giving me reasons my height is the cause of my migraines. i.e.
maybe I get nausiated because heights make me naucious, or I'm so tall, that blood has a hard time getting up there so it builds up extra pressure the gushes to my head thus causing migraines. He has a ..........great........ sense of humor. :)
I went to summerhays the other day to get new strings and some polish, and found out that it will be about $50 to get a bridge fitted to my viola. fifty freakin bucks! I've probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars contributing to my music life. Stringed instrruments require too much attention. Michelle can attest to this I'm sure.
Well, My brain doesn't want to function much longer, so I'm going to lie down for a while. Oh, we all need to do something around the fourth. I have the 4,5, and 6 off in July, Let me know your schedules and we can plan something. Maybe our traditional BBQ? I haven't seen you guys forever! tootles

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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That is definately an addiction my sister has. She always is eating something sugary Posted by Hello

There are easier things in life than finding a good man. Nailing jell-o to a tree for instance

I know I've put up that quote before, it just fits my mood for the day. I made a cake today. Well, decorated it anyway. I did it with fondant. Fondant is GROSS! never put it on a cake. a very pasty, grainy texture that tastes like glue.
I took Rachel to get her hair cut today. She got about four inches chopped off. Looks cute. I guess I'll go get some more layers sometime soon. I have to go to work tomorrow and get my training on microsoft office. the joy that fills my soul. I can't think of much else to write, so I'll stick up some pictures. tootles.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

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A loverly day

It's only loverly because I don't have to go to work. I love having three days off a week. For fathers day my brother and I pitched in a hundred dollares each to buy my dad a good BBQ. When he opened up the envelope with the money in it, he almost cried, and then got all teary-eyed. then he told us to save our money and go to college. You could tell he was realy surprised and happy about it. I got the warm fuzzies and everything. Good day.
My new viola came from ebay yesterday. The bridge is garbage and it needs a new one, but other than that, its awsome. And it came with two bow. I now have a grand total of six bows. Makes me feel,...........bwa ha ha, the lord of the bows..............anyway, it's a really pretty viola, and has a nice deep sound.
I had a slurpee for the first time in about a year. It was a green hawaiian punch slurpee. very tasty. yum yum.
I checked out a website that my bro Randy has been on for a while. yes, It's an online dating, match-up thing, but it's all LDS people, its free to write messages, and there are lots of decent looking guys, most of which are RM's. its called my profile is still going through the process of review, so it's not up yet. but Randy's and Danny's are on there. just thought I'd mention it in case any one is interested.
Hmmm. I'm just munchin' on some hot cheetos as I think of something enlightening to write about. Toni started work this week taking calls in his new team. He sits righ across from me. So cool. Have you ever noticed how much hot cheetos really burn your tongue when you really think about it? I LOVE these things! Heck, if they ever stop making these, I'll die. I'll have to start up a petition to get them back and do a whole campaigning thing to get them back, lets just hope that never happens. *shudder*
I suppose I should go do something productive other than write down my thoughts. I think when I stop writing in this blog, I'll print all the pages and stick them in my journal. Or I'll just save it to a USB device or something. who knew a little peice of plastic and metal would replace a journal. weird. Well, off to do something other than write. tootles!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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A day of pampering

Today I didn't have work. I was feeling like poo with the same headache from yesterday and all, and just feeling down in the dumps. I took three excedrin migraine, took an hour long shower, shaved my legs to perfection, whitened my teeth, gave myself a manicure and pedicure, and Bought a viola off of ebay. I am in a much better mood now. I just feel better when I know I look good on the outside, even if no one is going to see me all day.
I am now typing in my blog, listening to Harry Conic jr. and doing whatever I want. It's just one of those days. Randy Danny and Mike went and saw batman this morning. they came back raving aboyt hopw awsome it was. I guess I'll have to go see it sometime soon. I have to go back to work tomorrow.. I don't mind though. I'm actually not regretting it, which is a big thing for me.
There really isn't any point to today's blog. just random thoughts of what I'm feeling. I'm done now though. don't forget to readf yesterday's blog. I ususally don't update this close together in the days. tootles

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Have it your way

Work Work Work. That's all I;ve been up to tha past month or so. I work ten hour days, so it seems like I'm there forever. Having three days off is extremely nice though. I'm going through the day all happy and fine, ,when all of a sudden i think,"Oh No! I have work tomorrow, I need a shower, I need to iron my pants, I need a lunch!" then I realize I still have one more day off. A very calming thought. Speaking of work, I got a new team manager. he's really cool, ,but like to stick to the rules pretty strict. His second day beong my manager, my alarm got unplugged and I was and hour late. what a way to leave an impression. He asked me to help him write down all of our stats on the stat board the other day, so apparently he doesn't hate me too bad.
I went to the doctors last week and got poked and prodded at. My doc is having me try this new prescription for Migraines, because the old stuff I was using apparently has long term side affects that could be harmful to my brain. I'm now on Relpax. it's a little orange pill that manages to do something to my blood vessels in my brain to prevent the migraines. He also gave me meds for my face. ya ya, apparently I had a mild case of acne. the joys of puberty. you thinkI'd be done with it by now, but no, It likes to stick around me.
We just finished watching a movie called "fire me please". It's about two people that get different jobs, and whoever gets fired the closest to 3pm without going past 3pm wins $25,000 bucks. heck, I'd do it.
Crap. I'm getting a Migraine right now. I worked out in the garden for a couple hours, but I didn't wear any sunglasses. I always get a headache after being out in the sun. i hate headaches. I would ratther have a stomach ache than a headache. you can still think and function when you have a stomach ache. You can tune it out. But not a headache. CRAPPAGE! I just got this prescription and haven't filled it yet. I'm going to have to go to the store, fill it, and then come home and take it. What a pain.
I searched the internet for wedding cakes the otherday. I have so many Ideas that i want to try. I'll have lots of cake around next week on my days off, so you all have to come and get some. I don't even like cake that much. just decorating it is the fun part. well, must be off, we are having our family night tonight because we couldn't yesterday. we are watching the wrok and the glory. fun stuff. happy trails to you all. I'll post pics of some of tha cakes I'm going to try. Tootles

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it

Ahhh, sleeping in. one of my favorite things. I slept in today until eleven. so nice. I gave Jack a bat today. he only howled once. now he is sitting bext to me on the bed with a very content look on his face. think he is happy because he s clean. you know, that refreshing renewed feeling after you take a shower? like that.
My new scale came today. I was sick of my old one that is never right, plus it's ugly. My new one is very modern looking and digital, I'll post a pic of it. When it got here this morning we ripped it open and all took turns weighing ourselves. I stayed the same weight all five times I was weighed. Randy somehow managed to gradually gain five pounds within 5 minutes. He blamed it on the swelling of his knee. Probably his head was my guess. Rachel wouldn't weigh herself in front of Randy. She knew he would just make fun of her.
Tomorrow I am going to the library. I have four books on cake decorating waiting there for me. I've always loved cake decorating, and I have all the stuff to do it. I want to do the real thing now. I got a pamphlet from Michael's on the classes they give on decorating. Wouldn't it be so awsome to make your own wedding cake? I'm sure it would be stressful at that time, and I'll probably go out and just buy one, but still. It's really fun, and I love designing new things food-wise.
Geez! Randy bought pizza, it's sitting right next to me, calling to my stomach. It smells so delectable right now. I'm not hungry though, I just had dinner. Pizza just has the best smell! They should make pizza scented air fresheners. It would be good advertising. what makes you wants to buy pizza more than actually smelling a fresh baked one? I'd buy some! I should invent it. And I'll make a fresh homemade bread scented one too.
Last night I played around with my new/used camera. I lent $320 to Randy for a new camera that he wants. he needed it now because they don't make that model anymore so he had to buy it before they were all gone. Part of the deal was he would give me his current digital camera. I guess it was time for me to join the band wagon in digital camera's, so I gave in. I've taken a couple pictures, but nothing blog worthy yet. I'll keep you posted though.
Tony found out the other day that he has the same team manager as I do. We'll be in the same area and everything! yay! I'll finally have someone to talk to and bum rides off of.
Kiera's wedding invitation came today. She is marrying her boyfreind of six months, Bennion in the salt lake temple on June 24th. First Angela, and now her. I always though they would be in the group of people to get married first from our class. hey, I wonder if she has her cake ordered yet? lol.
CRAPPAGE! that pizza smells so darn freakin good!!........................ok, I asked Randy for a piece and am eating it now while I type with one hand. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, so I indulge once in a while .
Ok, we are back to two hands now. I also took a minute and brushed jack before he completely dries. His fur is all stuck together and still moist. He came on the keyboardagain to visit, I figured I might as well brush him while he's in front of me. he's a cutey.
I need to take a shower and go to bed now. Staying up late messes up my schedule for work. so off to beddy bye.

Friday, June 03, 2005

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A sale! A sale! I finally got a sale!

Yes I finally did it. The new part of my job is sales along with the technical support. One more thing to make my job oh so much more appetizing. I sold two things today. wahoo, everyone stand up and do a little dance for me. I was really happy about it, until I got an email saying the winners of this months sales in our department. Some dude got 100+ sales in a month! No matter though, If I average two or three a day, I'll be fine.
Sorry this is so short today, It's late and I have work tomorrow, and I'll be there until about 7pm. I need to get to bed so I won't die. I'll update more during my lunch break. tootles

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

Alright, alright, I'm updating Tony. I went and saw Madagascar today. Kind of a cute show, really short though. Today was my sister's last day of school. meaning I have been graduated from high school for one year. It just doesn't register in my head that I'm past that chapter in my life. Mike and Randy are jammin with their guitars right now in my living room. I guess they're playing at grad night on thursday. fun stuff.
Well, I've been enjoying my three days off, but now it's back to work again tomorrow. Although Tony is there now, it might not be so dull anymore. My revolution has begun. No more spending my money on anything. I have to save for a car. Once I have a car, I can go work where I want, move out where ever I want, and be FREE! Michael(the brother michael) Went and played with SLCC's marching band today. they needed more trumpets, and he knows people in the band. Randy and the Tomcats are all back together and practising all the tiime, And Rachel is going to a music camp in a couple of weeks. EVERYONE IS PLAYING THEIR INSTRUMENTS EXCEPT ME! I am going crazy! you can only play your solo songs so much until it drives you mad. I need to play in an orchestra! I'm calling SLCC to see if I can come play with theirs, if not, I'll try west valley symphony. My viola calls to me all day long. It's crying to be played with other violas. I'm worried I'm losing my touch too. Ok, I'm getting depressed again. new subject.
The infection on my face is finally going away. I get cists on my face that get infected all the time. This last one was really bad though. I've had it for about a month. It's finally starting to go away. YAY! I'm still going to the dernitologist though to get it checked out, so if I get anymore, I know what to do. Okay, enough about my bodily functions.
As most of you know, I am addicted to garlic, and if you didn't know this, how dare you call me friend. Anyway, I found this book today entitled,"Garlic". It's all recipes of garlic dishes. The kitchen has been beckoning me all day to cook some of them. I almost feel bad for my future husband. I eat garlic at least three times a week, and I doubt I'll ever grow out of it.
You know that song about destroying some dudes sweater? that's what they are singing right now. Odd people are in my house.
Well, I have to go take a shower, and find my stuff for work. Oh, Tony, I'll apply for lunch some time around noon. so be in the lunch room around then, OK?
See all you people's later