Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So long, Farewell, Adios!!!!!!

Well Peeps, I'm being set apart tonight and leave tomorrow morning to Provo for the MTC!!! Again, my sister will be updating this blog with my letters and pictures occasionally, so keep coming to visit!!!! She will also be mailing any personal emails to me, so if you want to send emails, I'll still get them. I'll see you all in February 2009!! Tootles!
Hermana Hodgson

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Skittles Game Pics

-and a little musical production by Joe

Oh, Angela Ainsworth(formerly Brooks) had her baby on Thursday July 12, 2007 at 8am. He weighs 7lbs 5oz. He came three weeks early and his name is Michael Kieth. Yay!!!

Ok, here are the skittles pics from our traditional skittles games played by Tony, Me, Michelle, Joe, Karen, and Muchelle's boss(can't remember her name). We also played clue(Karen won) last wor(Joe won) and Cranium (Karen & Shell won). Oh yeah, the water game which ended as a tie between Karen and Myself (yay). Enjoy!

And for the grand finale. Joe singing us one of the classics. Though, you must suffer through my idiocy as I turned the camera not realizing the video would also be turned. My bad.

Monday, July 09, 2007

At work. Don't want to work. Last week of work.

Yes, it's my last week at work. Yayness for me. They are about to do some construction in my area and tear down the wall right next to me. They are doing it the DAY after I leave. Why couldn't they do the exciting work prohibiting stuff BEFORE I leave? stupid timing of life I guess. Dash it all. I hope I don't forget everything I have leanred here because I want to come back when the mission is over.

Speaking of mission. I decided where I'm going to have my "farewell that's not allowed" party at. Our house is too small and our backyard still isn't finished. SO, it's going to be at the pavillion at Magna park. It's the closest park to my ward and no one will be squished. I think I'll have the 6 foot subs and cookies. So come!!!!!

It's so sad saying goood bye to everyone at work. I will miss all the people here tons. Change is good I suppose. And boy do I need it.

Rachel is up at girls camp this week. She left this morning at 6am and will be gone till friday afternoon. I'm going to be quite bored this week. I mean, I have tons to do and pack, but Rachel is my entertainment at home. RAndy is gone all the time with charity so it's practically like he's moved out, and Michelle now married, Michael moved out. Kind of empty. sad. I guess I could use the alone time. I still need to finish the Book of Mormon and Preach my gospel before I leave. Only three weeks left to do it. yikes.

Oooh. Just remembered!! Harry Potter book #7 is out in 12 days!!! You know what I'll be doing July 21st!!! When does the movie come out? (....checking google......) Ok July 13th. Holy Crap this Friday!!! I can't stand when the theatre is full of stupid noisy kids though. I'll probably go Monday morning on the 16th with Rachel. Yay!!!

Ouch. Stomach. Rumbling. Must. Not. Eat.

Going to get some water now.


Sunday, July 08, 2007


so, the fast lasted 3 days. Not bad I'd say. The wedding threw everything off and was insane crazy for the past four days. Tomorrow starts another fast. Nothing huge going on so nothing to distract me. I think I'll be drinking a lot more water this time though. I got a little dehydrated last time. Need to keep track of it.

So, have you seen the mission counter 25 days to go! yay! I still have the bajeezez scared out of me but I'm way excited still. Lots to pack and prepare. The list is endless. As soon as I get my mission picture back(sometime this week, I'll be sending out the invitations to my farewell. So, Toni, Tony, Joe and Michelle, I need your addresses!!! please send me an email with them included!!! Thanks a bunch. wouldn't want you to not get one!!.

Happy fasting

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Michelle's Bridal Shower, Wedding Day, and Reception

Beware-Long post and LOTS of pictures!!!(and bragging)

So, As you've noticed I haven't been doing my daily updates as regularly as I used to. Why you ask? Because I've been planning a shower, AND an entire reception! I'll start at the beginning with a photo diary of the past two weeks.

Michell'es bridal shower. Lots of ward members, fun gifts, hawaiian haystacks. Typical bridal shower but it turned out great!!!

The food table. yummm. As you can tell our theme was polka dots. EVERYTHING down to the invites and tableclothes and napkins were polka dot

The bubble gum game. Ask a question about the bride to a guest. If they answer right, she does nothing. Wrong, and she eats a peice of gum. As you can tell by the size of her stuffed cheek our ward members didn't know much about Michelle's personal life

Wedding day 6-20-07 Salt Lake Temple

It was so awesome to be able to go to Michelle and Lema's sealing. quite the experience and i can't wait to be able to get the same blessings of a temple marriage. It was beautiful, Michelle and lema in the traditional Samoan wedding clothes.

everyone who came to the temple in this pic

Rachel looked so gorgeous that day I had to get a glamour shot! (I was hiding,. I had just gotten a sweep that was WAY too short and my hair was up. BAD hair day. I looked like a man!!!)

The same tree where my parents sat 25 years ago

All the hodgson girls together

At the luncheon Rachel and I slipped out to decorate their car. Lets just say we should have worn raggy clothes. We were covered in grease and car chalk. But hey, the car looked cool with stramers, balloons and oreo's!!

This was the microwave that I gave them for a gift. cool bow, tookme forever to do.

Reception Day 7-6-07 Washington Road building. Pretty much my mom and I planned everything for this reception and spent over $1,000 for everything. We had no idea it came to that much, but when we totalled it up it was tht much!!! Rachel, Mom, Dad and I were the one's who set up everything. We were exhausted after 12 hours of setup, but next was the primping for the guests and 3 hours of greeting and entertainment, and then cleanup. If their was a store within walking distance, I would have bought a knife and killed myself.

Rachel and me setting up the cake table before the cake lady came. the second we finished, she showed up. LUCK!!

Rtying on MIchell'e garter for kicks

The picture table. looked so cool with the ferns and the mirror underneath

The bridal portrait stand. Decorated by yours truly. we hadn't deceloped the brisdal yet, so imagine a really cute pic of Michelle in her wedding dress.

Michelle's train. this pic was taken at 7:10, when the bride and groom came in 10 minutes late while half our ward waited as they all decided to be on time to a reception for once.

the Bridesmaids

siblings from both sides

all the brothers and Lema

Randy- always the center of attention

Mom, Dad and Michelle

This was the money collected after the wedding dance done by cousins of lema. Totalling about $200

Randy, Michelle, Michael

Michelle's Hair. So pretty

The food that the somoans brought. their was SO much food. Good stuff to.

The sisters. For some reason i look like I'm about to cry.

The quilt my Grandma made for MIchelle and Lema. Puff quilt. I want one!!

Rachel's close-up

The cake as the cake lady delivered it (before)

The cake after I got through with it. (after) yes, I was the florist, & decorator for this event. I should be paid.

And, the final product with the sand of their initials(my idea)

the Corsages on the top row and boutineers on the bottom also made by me. turned out quite good if I di say so myself.

Michelle's bouquet (Made by me with some help from Rachel)

With all the stress, it still turned out good enough in the end for me to look like this. Notice the pearl earrings? B-day gift from Michelle Buckner-homemade too.

the garter toss (Randy caught it)

after the bouquet toss(Randy's girlfriend Charity caught it!!)

Randy & Charity
Cutting of the cake

the disaster afterwards

the top of the cake they will freeze for a year.

Michael and Michelle eating the last of the cake after eveything was cleaned up. It was GOOD cake with rasberry filling