Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mumsy & Daddykin's 30th Anniversary

December 13th 1979 The Hodgson clan was formed. My parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple 30 years ago. Rachel and I put together a slideshow of pictures from the past 30 years as part of the festivities. Here's a mini version for my blog's sake.

My parent's engagement picture. My dad had a "stash"

My parents went to Maine on their honeymoon (Where my mom was born). They took this picture.

30 years later they went back to Maine with my grandma and Aunt. They took the same picture at the same place without knowing it. I noticed the two when I was putting together the slideshow. Cool coincidence huh?

we all have out crazy sides, my mom's is a bit more pronounced :D

As is my dad's.

Some pictures from their trip to the east.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've been going thorugh a folder in my computer marked "to blog". I completely forgot about this folder and have some year old pictures to add. So if they look old or out of season, that's why.

I got Rachel working on her ever famous spray paint peices of art. Even 2ft. deep snow can't keep Rachel from her and her art. this was December 2008

Toby holds onto his rawhides when they're down to a stub. We call it his stogie. Here is a prime example.

The dogs aren't allowed on my parents bed for fear death by my dad's hand. And the dogs know it too. Last time my parents were out of town for my dad's work, Ace decided to play with fire. I came upstairs one morning around 7am. Everyone was still asleep and I heard some moaning. I looked in my parents room and saw this:

Ace was moaning in comfort enjoying the full California King size bed all to himself. I had to get a picture. Thankfully my dad laughed when he saw the picture.

I want a kitty who does weird things. Mine just howls all the time.

Kate Spade is the Vera Wang of stationary, clothes and bags. For those of you who don't know who Vera Wang is, she's the master of gorgeous wedding dresses. I need, desire, crave, and am willing to sell my little sister for this bag. It's red, it's croc, and it will be MINE. *drooooooool*

I thought this was hilarious. Right in tune with the season. Again, everyone and their dog is getting married right now. Randy & Becky are planning away and I can tell it's going to get crazy at my house real soon. Cami Leafty just got engaged and I have about 4 other friends also geting married this spring/summer. Oh, did you guys know Rikki Perea is engaged? She lives in Magna! I had no idea! Here's her wedding Blog.

Here's another reason/reminder for me of why I'm not shaving off the massive mane of hair on my head. It's about mid back right now and I'm still going longer. Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, so I can have the coolest hair ever and do stuff to it like this. You can't do this peice of work without LOTS of hair. Sweetness.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

I didn't do very well this holiday season with taking my usual 2-3GB of pictures. too busy I guess. but at least I got some right?

Our tree in terrible lighting. It really did look good. I promise.

The sibling + pets lineup. Classic.

Randy Carter & Becky. Our living room is getting SO packed at holidays now! It was fun having them over on Christmas. Oh and Randy proposed to Becky later that night. She said yes, and they're getting married April 2nd. Wahoo, another sister! becky is awesome. She's like me, but cooler. We even have the same camera and get the same pants at Lane Bryant. Soul sisters.

Becky's gift to me. A "penguin books" version of pride & prejudice. The coolest book cover ever! I LOVE IT! She said she stalked my blog to find out what to get me. That's cool, because I blog stalk her too. Again, soul sisters.

Rachel is one for faces if you can't tell. The bow on her head was on the gift I gave her. She knows she loves it. Can't you see it in her face?

The necklace that Michelle made me and all the other girls in the family. She soldered these and made the chain herself. I can't imagine how long it took her to make these. i couldn't believe she made it herself, so cool!

Rachel's child. If you touch it, she WILL bite you.

The gift I was saving up for because I didn't think anyone was going to get it for me. My parents surprised me and got it. Have you guys seen "Julie & Julia" the movie? It's AMAZING and I want to be julia. I'm tall enough already, now I just need to brush up on my french cooking skills. Pastry city, here I come.

Miles was rubbing his belly for the longest time. Such a funny kid. Soothing I guess. We should all try it sometime.

Michael and his Victoria's Secret Gift. Actually it was a cat poop scented air freshener from Randy & Becky. Our cats have often dragged their bums across Michael's bed and no one elses in the family. Maybe they love him more?

Mom and the embroidery Rachel sewed for her. Rachel worked for months on it and has never done a cross stitch or embroidery before. She prety much taught herself how to do it with a little bit of coaching from me. Very impressive!