Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Blues

The day after Christmas. Kind of a boring day compared to what you've been going through the past month in preparation for this holiday. But I really can't complain. I was spoiled again at Christmas. My mom knows stuff I like more than anyone else in family, so I usually end up getting the most gift-wise.

I got my favorite bedding from Ikea that matches my whole room. Looks SO nice!!! New scripture case I wanted(yay for magnetic closures!!!), an awesome photo album that is emroydered, diamond blue earrings, way too much junk food, Lane Bryant Jeans and two sweaters I picked out at the mall a while ago. Lots more, just can't remember at the moment. I'll take pictures when I can find my blasted camera. It's been missing for amonth now! I hope no one stole it or if it is lost it's in my room. Starting to get worried.

Yesterday I had SO much junk food. I think the only thing I ate that was healthy (relatively) was the yearly ham dad brought home from work. I got stuck cooking it. It was good though. I only tried two bites, didn't want to get sick on Christmas.

Christmas Eve Michelle and Lema found out they were having a BOY!!! We also got to see ultrasound pictures. Feels so much more real now that we can actually see him. They want to go with the name Miles. The first two letters of michelle's name, and first to letters of Lema's name. I think it's cute. now my mom is going to go nuts buying everything blue green yellow and prange for baby. Can't blame her though. I'm way excited too!

today we all slept in, had a big healthy breakfast (as opposed to junk food from stocking) and now we are getting ready to go see either National treasure or Water Horse. I'd prefer to see I am legend, but Mom will have noneof PG-13 anymore.

Well, going to the movies, gotta run!!!

Tootles, bec

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