Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jimmy Michael

Well, we've got a baby! He's 4 months old now and our life has been turned upside down since he decided to come three weeks early via c-section.

My blood pressure was dangerously high so they admitted us and got me started on drugs to help me deliver, but then his heart rate starting dropping to they whisked us away to get him out.

Our little turkey came June 13th 2013 at 12:13pm weighing in at 5lbs 5oz, 19 in. long. He came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but other than that, he was perfectly healthy.

You can see how tiny he is compared to Steven's hands! Such a little thing. We didn't have any preemie clothes so he had to drown in newborn clothes for a while.

His favorite place on Daddy's chest :)

A few days old. Not quite fitting into his skin.

Drowning again in his clothes.

He always holds the bottle "position" for a bit after we've taken out the bottle.

This swing is the only thing (other than Steven) that would save my sanity. I could sometimes get him to sleep in it (day or night) other than that, this kid DID NOT SLEEP. Never more than an hour at a time and no more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period. FOR A NEWBORN! Let's just say those first two months of no sleep were the hardest of our lives. This kid is a crier and will not be put down under any circumstances. He has to be held or it's screaming bloody murder all day long.

After we added a head support, it was still too roomy in his car seat. He was such a little guy!

After a month and a few days he started to chunk up a bit and was wearing newborn clothes at last.


 It's still SO difficult to get anything done or go anywhere because he's still our little inconsolable screamer who has to be held 24/7. Thankfully he has started sleeping 8 hours through the night so we have our sanity back.

We sure love our little drool monster and wouldn't trade him for the world. Some day soon I'll get back to blogging, but not until this little man gives me some time on a regular basis :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Counting down the days!

How Far Along: 37 weeks. Should have 3 weeks left, but sudden super high blood pressure is making this baby come in June! 2 weeks left and I"m getting induced. Pray I don't get a C-section :(
Baby Size:  19 inches, probably 6 lbs
Total Weight Gain: I think I'm at 15 lbs now. Possibly 20. Yikes! 
Maternity Clothes? Yes and YES.
Stretch Marks? OHHHHHH yeah.
Sleep: HA HA HA HA HA!!!
Best moment this week: Getting the car cleaned out, the wallpaper down, the changing table set up, and all the baby clothes washed. My to do list is almost finished!
Miss Anything? Being able to walk without my pelvis hurting, and being able to do things. I was on partial bedrest, then pretty much full bed rest now. BORING! Although, I don't mind the naps!
Movement: Slowing down, but when he does move, I can tell he's big and running out of room.
Food Cravings: Gushers :)
Anything making you queasy or sick? Mornings. I wake up everyday now and take a vitamin B6 which usually helps. bleh.
Gender:Still a bouncing boy!
Labor Signs: nadda
Belly button in or out? Almost an outie. about 90% there. 
Wedding rings on or off? On, but the CTR ring which is a size smaller has been off for weeks. Stupid swelling hands and feet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: TIRED
Body Changes: I'm exhausted, constantly have a headache, and am DONE! 
Looking forward to: Tomorrow's stress test to make sure he's still okay.

May Happenings

Our two year anniversary Steven had the day off so we went to see Star Trek into Darkness, then to Dickey's BBQ. We had been getting the house ready for days and it was wonderful to take a break! We even bought popcorn and a slurpee for the movie! (We NEVER buy concessions!)

Ivory is just a doll. She grunts like a little piglet and watches everything like a hawk. I love having a niece! And Babies in general!

Part of the Mother's Day tablescape. We were all at my parents' house for when Rachel called. Good food and my first "Technical" mother's day! It was wonderful and Steven spoiled me!

Michelle got a new camera and Randy was testing out the continual shot mode. MIchelle abliged with crazy faces :)

Eli & Lema, chillin'

We also celebrated Miles birthday that day. I can't believe he's starting kindergarten this year! It makes me feel old!

That Wild Laulu tongue!

We were SO happy to see Rachel!

Poor Dad held the laptop the entire time. He eventually conked out.

8 months Pregneto!

The little boys wanted to be carried around in a box for some reason, so Steven obliged. They LOVED it!

Yeah, Carter is in the box!

My beautiful mom! I love her so much!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

28 weeks!!

Michelle is about to pop! Just a couple more weeks! It's so fun to both be pregnant and consult each other on everything. I'm glad we'll have our kids so close so they can have a friend.

How Far Along: 28 weeks. Third trimester here I am! Only 2.5 months to go!
Baby Size: 14.8 inches(wow, long!), Chinese Cabbage
Total Weight Gain: 6-7lbs, but Jimmy is measuring right on schedule! 
Maternity Clothes? Yes and YES.
Stretch Marks? Still just by the belly button.
Sleep: Hard to do because my back hurts all night and the usual bathroom breaks. Oh, and constant restless legs and occasional leg cramps. Pregnancy is FUN!!!!!
Best moment this week: Getting kicked so hard it hurt. I know he's strong and healthy!
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, STILL
Movement: Steven laid his head on my belly to listen for the heartbeat. Instead he got a big kick in the face. It was awesome ;)
Food Cravings: Lots more salad and Arctic Circle Cherry Toppers! I ALWAYS want one!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still meat once in a while. And elevators. I used to love the anti-gravity feeling, but now I feel like puking or passing out every time I ride one.
Gender:Still a bouncing boy!
Labor Signs: Possibly Braxton Hicks?  either that or just some serious random pains in my stomach once in a while.
Belly button in or out? Almost an outie. about 80% there. You can now see my appendectomy scar poking out.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but tight some days. Must remember to drink more water and move around!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but wow, watching Cars almost made me cry last night. EMOTIONAL. 
Body Changes: I have a bump that gets in the way of kissing Steven and also itches like mad from the stretching. 
Looking forward to: A family baby shower next week. and almost at a point where we can paint the nursery and then fill it up with everything!

Life is crazy and wonderful as it should be, thus keeping away from the blog!

Get ready for a long one!

Daxy and her daily ritual of either sunbathing on my desk, or screaming at us to let her out back to "play" with the birds.

Mumsy and Daddykins on a Sunday evening I think? They were watching a slideshow of our pets that I put together.

Playin' games.

Randy and is camera smile.

BLue seemed to be the color of the day.

The boys racing their cars down the stairs and as usual making a racket!

Mom and Dad's 55th birthdays (they are 12 days apart)

Neither wanted to fess up to being that old and accepting the cake.

Mom's winter flower in bloom

So much smoke!!

The flames melted the frosting it got so hot!

Dad bought a box of twinkies off ebay and shared it with everyone. SO delish! (mom wa excited, can you tell?)

Steven giving Dax "loves". She's TOTALLY enjoying it.

David and his cute girlfriend Andie

The freezing rain (a while ago) that made everyone's lawn into a skating rink

My valentines surprise. He even hid the flowers!

Our VAlentines Dinner was made 100% by Steven. He shoveled a good two feet of snow to cook us steaks (which turned out AMAZING!)

Dax showing the love.

One of our date nights "in" to save money for Jimmy who is already draining the bank account, and he's not even here yet!

Our neighbor's house caught fire and was completely gutted. A tractor came two weeks ago and leveled it. Now just a big hole in the ground :(

One of my other Valentines gifts. One can never have too much jewelry!!

Randy's Birthday! The boy just can't do a normal face for a camera.

I found this quote one day and loved it. So I made my own little printable that's now in a frame on our dresser. Helps me put things into perspective everyday.