Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've gotten a couple complaints from people that non of the pictures are loading from Michelle's reception. Here is a link to my photo's of all the pictures from the original source.

Michelle B's Wedding

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Check please.

Leaves changing colors? Check

Weather cooling down? Check

Freezing at night from lack of finished walls? Check

Cold/flu symptoms kicking in? Check (I'm cursed, I swear)

Holiday cooking started? CHECK!!!!!!!

If you know me (which you better if you're reading about my life everyday) you know I love to cook. Makes me feel accomplished and Martha-Stewart-ish. Plus, what other activity can you consume the finished product? Without internal injuries that is....

I've been searching high and low for halloween treats and decor because our family never really gets into it anymore. I thought I'd bring the traditions into full swing this year. As a family we used to do a halloween party every year and it was great fun. We're all too old/too busy/too lazy now a days for anything like that.

Not anymore! Here are a few of the ideas I've been brewing up for our party.

How cool is this decoration for the front yard?

I can totally use my gingerbread cookie cut out for this one. Genius!

A cool way to use my birdbath in the fall

Candy corn pudding! Butterscotch, banana cream and cool whip

Balloons, glue, and string. Some ghostly creations. coolness.

Take a melon baller and an apple.....

Mini caramel Apples. SO CUTE!!!! and no seeds or apple core to worry about!

Last night my mom and I picked every vegetable from the garden. Monday we're pulling out all the plants. We got lots of squash and pumpkins, plus the usual mystery vegetables and fruit. We should have quite the fall get up on our front porch.

Off to get primary stuff ready for tomorrow and look through some books I just got from the library. Lots of hair designs and updos, so be waiting for a post on that!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Late nights with a camera, a viola left out after practice, and nothing else to do.

Well, It's done. Michelle has gone off with the married crowd. I am down another single friend.

Moving on. can't dwell on that sad fact.

I put my itunes on party shuffle as I was browsing my daily blog/websites, when suddenly, I hear the hunky man voice of Perry Como crooning me to "I'll be Home for Christmas". BAM!!!!! Wow, Christmas! It doesn't help any that it's snowing this very moment. Or walmart for that matter. I always start thinking about it too soon and get in holiday season mode. Halloween, Thanksgiving, then christmas. Keep it in order people! Although I do know what I'm getting most of my friends this year. It's cute too!

Now Carrie Underwood is on. Jeez. I get so distracted by music I can't think. I analyze it and sing along with the harmonies. Distracted.....

This morning my alarm didn't go off(or did I forget to set it? I can't remember. So at 6 Rachel came down to my room to tell me she was ready. I jump out of bed, start getting ready to book it to choir. Rachel went to clean off the car (stupid snow), then I had to move my dad's car(he parked behind me, KNOWING I leave before him in the mornings), Had to find shoes instead of flip flops (stupid snow) and seeing how I can't remember the last time I wore socks, had to scrounge up some of those. Rachel and I get in the van, she can't find her music folder. Back in the house to look for her folder. She never found it, and the by the time we would have left, driven slowly because of the snow, we would only be at choir for 15min before it ended. Not worth the gas I think, so we bagged it and stayed home. rachel went back to bed while I looked for jobs online. Fun stressful mornin' I tell ya what.

Speaking of hunky man voice, I found this interview of MIchael buble on a british talk show. I loved this little segment at the end and edited it up for all to see. I love this man. Later.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beauty is pain

Tonight was a fun filled night. First I drove to the Jordan river Temple and got to go through an endowment session as Michelle recieved her own. For some reason I get nervous when I go through the temple, and my heart races the whole time. I have no idea why, because I have noreason to get nervous. I can't figure it out. Anyway. I felt great coming out of the temple as usual and was going over some thoughts. I still can't beleive that Michelle is getting married on friday! It came so fast, but I am excited for her.

After the temple I bolted(as much as one can bolt on redwood road's 45mph limit) to Orchestra. It was our last rehearsal before our performance next Tuesday. Which is at 7:30 @ Kearns High for your info. I had practiced all week and did amazingly well through all the tough parts. It still irks me though, some parts are too tough. We have an amazing (did I say amazing? I meant UNREAL) Bass player who flies through the runs like they were cake and never misses a note. This guy rocks at Bass like no other (yes Tony, You rock too). Makes me wonder how much some people practice and in turn makes me feel guilty for not practicing more.

I wore my high heels today for the first time in months. I've been falling into the lazy habit of wearing my flats to church because I can, and because I have no one to impress there with my girly high heels. After a 2 month break in heels, my calves are screaming. I feel like I ran up 500 stairs on my toes. Sad really.

My sister Michelle and her husband are moving to Magna this friday. They are renting out the condo/apartment-thing on Centennial Rd. from Mr. Dilley (my old drivers ed teacher oddly enough)and I am super excited to have them so close. They'll be in my stake and neghbors with your mom Toni! Well, somewhat close neighbors. Mainly the excitement comes from getting to see Miles so much (I'm selfish). So tomorrow Rachel and I are going over to her current apartment to help her pack after choir.

Agh, must go now.