Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I sure am in love!


Friday, October 15, 2010

le contenu

Life has been good this past while. I always seem to have a million things to keep me busy, which is a good thing.

General Conference was great. I got to watch it on a huge screen in HD at Steven's house. Awesome! I still have a couple talks I need to watch that I missed, but everything I did hear I loved. This conference of course caused a lot of controversy with President Packer's talk. All I have to say is that he said what has been the church's stance from the beginning, nothing has changed. I believe he is a chosen leader of God and gets direct revelation from God, so his word is the same as if it came from God's mouth. I support him and the church 110%. The world is changing and it is changing for future events that will come to pass. It's scary, but I'm not worried about it. I know what I believe, and I"m ok with it.

The migraine research thing has been going well. In the 3 weeks since I started it, I've had 1 headache, and 1 migraine. Not bad considering I usually get a migraine a week and headaches in between. Let's hope it keeps doing what it's doing! And heck if I got a placebo, I don't really care, I'm doing something right in my lifestyle to keep the migraines at bay.

Ooh, one thing I'm way excited about is, STEVEN GOT A JOB!!!!!!

And one he might actually like instead having to sit in a cubicle talking to angry people all day. I'm so happy for him and hope it is a great job. I know he's been trying forever for it. So go congratulate him on facebook or something (Id's say "on his blog" but he doesn't have one....yet =) ), it's awesome!

My parents returned this week from a 2 week long cruise to Nova Scotia. They got to tour all of Manhattan (my dad drove through times square, he's crazy), saw Prince Edward island(Anne of Green Gables!!!) and stayed on a super luxury cruise ship. They even got upgraded to a giant balcony room with a huge bed for FREE! lucky ducks. I got to play mom for two weeks with the cooking, cleaning and animal maintenance. Rachel helped a bunch, so it wasn't too bad. It made me realize how much I miss cooking. I haven't been cooking forever. I blame Steven 100%.

Haha, it's ok though, I'd take him over cooking and my other hobbies any day.

Tonight I've a got a girls night that should be fun. Lots of food, friends I haven't seen in a while, and just a good time. Last time I went was probably a year-ish ago. I'm excited!

Hope you are all as content as I am right now! Later!