Saturday, May 24, 2008

"I see", said the blind man

I'm trying an old fashioned hair curling technique. Have you heard of pin curls? If your answer was no, I'll explain.

Wash your hair, wait until it's about 80% dry (Or it will still be wet the next morning). Add mousse, gel or your favorite pomade cream. With a 1 inch section at a time, wrap the hair (starting with the end) around your finger until you reach your head. Pin it in place with two bobby pins making an "X". Spray finished curls with harspray and let dry.

It should look something relative to this pic below. You can even smile like her when your done for added effect!

Place a hair net over your head and go to sleep! Now what other hairstyle requires sleep as one of the steps? Could life get better? I submit that it cannot!

I"ll take out my curls in the morning and take pictures of real, non-enhanced results of the classic pin curl method. I hope it works, or else I'll be sporting a very bushy ponytail wilst grocery shopping tomorrow.

Michelle and lema came over the other day and brought Miles along for the ride (I say that like they were considerding leaving him home. Uh huh.). My dad was sick at the time Miles was born and ddn't get to hold him for fear of being contagious. So this was the first time he got to hold his first grandson! Miles was in a good mood and stared at my dad the whole time. It was a bonding momemt. 1,2,3 AaaaaWWWWWWWW!!!

That day Miles was wide awake without complaint. Perfect picture moment!

He loves to sleep all stretched out. So comfy!

Rachel took two art classes this year at Cyprus. Part of the year end requirements were to submit a couple pieces into the art show. Rachel didn't have enough pieces, so the night before, she stayed up until 3 am and made this polymer clay wizard. It not only got a red ribbon (excellence) but won 1 of 2 principals choice awards for the pottery category out of about 100 other pieces. She was beaming all night long!
Her slab pot won a blue ribbon (superior). She didn't mean for the glaze to drip, but it turned out cool anyway. Cool enough for a blue ribbon!
Like I said, she was beaming! lol. This is her stamp she carved herself. It's Cary Grant for all you non-old-movie-watching people
That same night was the Spring Choir Concert. Rachel was in the concert choir Remember doing this? The hot lights, binding dresses, Mishaps left and right? Ah, good times. They sounded good this year, especially the madrigals. They are going on tour as well and did their tour show towards the end of the concert. VERY well put together. They have good danceers this year.
Don't you love the penguin dresses? I liked our senoir ones best. The Blue ones that flattered everyone.

Oh, can't forget. Mothers day. It's a little late, but oh well. My mom got a new crockpot, a tall climbing vine plant and a bunch of other things I can't remember. I got her a church bag she had been eyeing at walmart, and her corsage for church on sunday. No one does these enough anymore. I think we all should. Flowers always make a girl (or mom) feel special.
My mom has done so much for me and my family it blows my mind. She's a convert to the church and knows so much about it that I can never catch up to her knowledge. She majored in English in college, and to this day, still reads the dictionary for fun. I am so glad have her for my example of what I want to be when I grow up. I got her great toned legs and thin ankles from the gene pool, her love of music, love of the scriptures and her green eyes.
She is the most charitable and patent person I know. I love her to pieces. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reflections of Christ Photography Exhibit

I stumbled upon (Thanks Alli!) this amazing photography exhibit video. I think it was on display in one of the church's museums downtown for a while, but is gone now. They are working on making a movie of it to sell. The music is amazing. The guy who sings has a beautiful voice accompanied by Cello and Piano.

They are out of the ordinary pictures of Christ, because they use real people. These aren't paintings, they're real taken-with-a-camera pictures. I love it. Here are a couple of examples

Click HERE to see the full video from the original website. Don't forget to press the "full screen" button. It's definately worth your while!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have been tagged by Jessica, so here goes!

3 joys:
1. My new nephew Miles. So fun to watch and take care of
2. Gardening. A way to relax, be away from the world, and create something
3. Ace my dog. He cuddles up next to me every night and keeps my feet warm.

3 fears
1. Wasting life
2. My daily/constant migraines returning. I've had one every day this week. Tylenol isn't working anymore.
3. Spiders reinfesting my room this summer

3 goals
1. Fulfill my calling as a primary teacher/attend church regularly
2. Lose the chubby tire around my waist!
3. Start a business

3 current obsessions/collections
1. My nephew. Very obsessed with him right now!
2. Colecting millions of wedding ideas for my business. I get about 5 new books from the library a week and am constantly online.
3. Obsessed with the new propel strawberry drink. It has caffeine!!!!!

3 random surprising facts about yourself
1. I don't like chocolate very much
2. I collect teapots ( I guess that should have been under collections....hmm..)
3. I sleep on my back and three pillows.

I'm supposed to tag 5 people for this, but that many don't even read my blog I'm sure. I'd tag Tony and Joe, but they haven't been online for months. I'll cop out and say whoever reads this and hasn't already done it, consider yourself tagged! And if you post this, leave a comment so I can read it!

Friday, May 09, 2008

More of Miles

As promised, more baby pictures! I have spent most of the last three days at Michelle's apartment cleaning, helping Michelle and watching(more playing really) Miles so Michelle can shower, rest and sleep. It's been so fun watching the little things baby's do. Miles LOVES to stretch and he always has to have his hands above his head. He is so content all the time. Such a easy happy baby. Michelle is doing good except for the inevitable tiredness from lack of sleep.

Miles with the "missionary" haircut. Or as Rachel calls it, the businessman cut.

My personal do for the baby, mowhawk. I think it looks rad. He was laying down in this pic, hence the saggy lip.

Grandma (my dad's mom) with her first great grandchild
This Bassinet My Great grandfather made, the blanket his daughter(my grandma) made for Miles. My grandma, dad and I all slept in this bed. 4 generation family bed. I think almost all my cousins and aunts and uncles have slept in this bed. It gets passed around to whoever has a baby at the time. Michelle added the ribbon and made the bumpers. It looks so cute!

Miles asleep in his bed

Baby Buddha and my mom. He likes to suck his mittens.
He loves to sleep on his arm. Always hands above his head.

Cuddly baby and mommy. Mitten suckage again.

Cute cute baby

Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm an Aunt!!!!!!! (Finally!)

Coming in at 9lbs. 5oz., 21 inches long, at 8:55pm on monday May 5th, 2008, we welcomed Miles Alofa Laulu to the Hodgson clan!

Michelle was started because she was a week overdue. She was started at about 10am and had the baby in three big pushes at 8:55pm. She had an epidural and said it was just tough pushing, but everything else went great!

Miles is SO cute!!!!! He has a jet black curly hair (lots of it!), big hands (perfect for sports like his parents), a bit of a cone head, and looks like a white polynesian. That seems the best way to describe it. Not really brown skin, but has his dad's nose and hair for sure. Pic below you can see his hair!

Gramps and Gran loving the new addition!

He only cried when he first came out, and after that he just made little grunting noises that sounded like he was laughing. It was hilarious!

Proud Daddy

Happy Mom

Mom, Dad, Rachel and I went to the hospital about 20 minutes before he was born. Really good timing. Lema's sister and her husband came too. I seem to have a knack for the retarded look in pictures. oh well. I'm an aunt and I don't care how stupid I look!

Flowers we grabbed at walmart. I worked my flower arranging magic with added ribbons, scissors and D.I. vases. Yay for flowers!

It was so cute when he started to open his eyes. The lights were too bright for him and he was squinting so much he looked chinese. He is so adorable I could stare at him forever! Sorry for the wrong camera angle. You'd think I'd remember after doing it 50 times.

Please excuse my insane yodelling voice in this video, but enjoy the cute baby!

This "event" took place about 30 seconds before we left for the hospital. I almost became a patient myself. I was doing the dishes and a pile started falling. A knife fell less than 5 inches from my foot and stuck right into the ground. Rachel was playing with my camera and got the shot. Lucky miss!

Just a note: their will most likely be a flood of nephew pictures until, well forever from now on. You have been warned