Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Work out shakings

My mom makes a loverly tuna casserole. I heart it quite a lot. Lucky me, she made it tonight. Good girl me went with Michael to the gym five minutes after wolfing down a huge bowl of casserole.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid

We get to the gym. It's bursting at the seams with kids in costumes running around on blowup playgrounds, apparently they have a community halloween night for kids at the gym. The actual b-ball court was blocked off for the kids as well as the lobby area. We pushed our way through and started working out our legs. last time we did arms and cardio. So all the machines are new to us. I get on the leg press and Michael decides I can push the same weight as him. 300 lbs.
I used to be able to do more in high school when I had weight training but it's been years since then.

I get on the machine of death and begin. At first I thought it was broken because it wasn't moving beyond a certain point. Stupid me, i wasn't puching hard enough. So I do 12 reps and we switch. 12 reps again. and again. I was quite impressed I could do that much weight after not lifting for so long. By this time my heart rate is up like I've been running for the past hour in a sprint. My wholoe body starts to shake and I feel a rage of nausea coming on. I run to the bathroom and sit down on the bench and nothing comes out. I wished it had.

Lets just say I can't handle exercise with food in my stomach. I thought I'd tough it out and keep working out so I didn't just pay $4 for nothing. After a half an hour of weights I couldn't take it any more and had to collapse on the floor. I couldn't stand up without puking and their wasn't a garbage can in site. Just a bunch of screaming kids shoving their faces with junk food and sweaty men working out. I did not want to throw up there.

I took a break for five minutes and Michael ran a bit. Finally I started walking around the track and got in about half a mile or so. I'm quite proud of how much I did seeing how I was holding down the puke the entire time. And you know what's wierd? My bum is sore. I don't know what exercise I did, but it's sore.

end of part 1 of my gym adventures. Stay tuned next time for..........organisms attack on the bench press.........

over and out.

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