Sunday, October 14, 2007

blugh. too much food :)

Still no comments on the blog. totally sucks, but life moves on. I know it's the weekend, and you are expecting flashback pics. But.... My dad brought home new scanner form work to get a better quality picture and it will not connect to the scanner software on my computer!! The computer recognizes it, but other than that it's worthless. So no pictures this week. Sorry.

You know what I totally forgot to do? Take picture of our dinner/game night tonight!! Stupid me dangit. Well it was fun and I'm still stuffed. One course next time eh Shell? But I finally have made chicken Cor don Bleu. yay for me!

Last night I went to the Cyprus Football game. It was quite cold (freaking cold) but it was fun to see Kristi, Shana and Heather and play around. We all lost our voices from screaming so much and I go tto talk with Kristi on the ride home which was long overdue. I hate it when you go a long time without talking to someone and it's like you have a billion thing to catch up on . Anywa, she is getitng me a application at her work on Monday and hopefully all goes well, I'll get a job!

I am enjoying free life though. Scroungin off the parents, no bills, no car (sux), sleep in all day, stay up all night. Now If I could just stick to my exercise routine seeing how I have nothing else to do all day. You know me though. Exercise? what's that again? No wonder my body has so many health problems. All My own fault and I know it.

Well dearies, need to run, sorry so short. Can't miss church tomorrow. If I get to bed now, I'll get.......5 hours of restless, dog crowded sleep in time for church. Yipee. Tootles!


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