Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some times life hands you a lemon, other times it squeezes the juice in your eye

I feel like a stupid idiot right now.

I totally ditched you guys for new years and hate myself for it. Cam you believe my parents? the SECOND Tony left out of the driveway, they both said," Well, I didn't know Tony was here to give you a ride, why didn't you go with him?"


I sat there on the phone begging them to let me go, and they kept saying it was unsafe to drive this late, with the drunks, in the dark, that far, and there is a storm coming on. And then they go and say I should have gone because Tony was here. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I could shoot them both.

If it's any consolation,(however stupid it may sound) As soon as my mom said she didn't feel right about me going, I had a HUGE rush of something inside.(yes, that burning feeling in your bosom. ) that I shouldn't go. Maybe I would distract Tony while he was driving and we'd both crash and die, or maybe I would've said something that split up Toni and her man, or done something to ruin Michelle's and my friendship. whatever the reason, I had that feeling that I shouldn't go and I was sticking to it, I'm sorry. I've had experiences in the past where I regretted not following that gut feeling I had. Once again, I"M SO FREAKING SORRY I DIDN"T COME TONIGHT!! You have no idea how bad I feel right now. Send me hate mail, blackmail me, egg my house, do something so I won't feel so bad about not coming.

Tell ya what. instead of egging my house, I'll make it up to you guys somehow. I'll think of something. I promise. Trust me, I'm hitting myself right now because how mad you guys sounded on the phone.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Do you think I'd rather be at home with my parents on new years? think again. My siste is even at a party this year, so it's just me and my parents. I really did want to come. I swear. I wasn't just pulling one of my,"I don't feel like going so I'll think up an excuse" acts. I'm serious. Sorry guys.

Well, since I haven't updated for a while I'll fill you in on my life the past two weeks. I doubt they are anything exciting compared to Toni and her engagement(CONGRATS!!!!!! ) but I'll try.

I've been working everyday except holidays and been busy with work work work. I guess I'm still not in the adult pattern of working normally. I will one of these days. I'm still just slowly slipping into adult-hood. Anyway, the job is going good. I should be going to SLCC part time in January if all turns out well, which it should. And I'll most likely be taking voice lessons in January through June to keep me even more busy, but it's been something I've wanted to do for a while.
Lets see.....what else. Oh, my cat threw up twice this morning at 4am and 5 am. So much for sleeping in on saturdays.

Oh, I'll fill you on Christmas stuff real quick. I got paid the day before christmas eve, so I was in a mad rush for the stores after work to get presents. I still have four more presents to get and give. I'll probably do that monday on my day off. thank goodness for fridays. I got a lovely bunch of stir fry stuff to add to my collection. lots of utensils, foodstuff, books, and a totally awsome chopstick and place setting set. very oriental looking. I got many many cool books: 2 cookbooks, 3 churchbooks, a yoga book and an awsome scrapbook book from Shell that is being overused already. My mom went a little crazy with my litle collection of tea things. I got teapot stickers, teapot iron-on transfers, a teapot ornament, teapot cards, teapot dishcloth, and lots and lots of tea, and a tea tin. I'm set for life with tea.
My mom also went nunts on my liking for scrapbooking. I finally got a 12x12 scrapbook. leather too. lots of other little things for scrapboooking too. One of my fav gifts was an L.L.Bean Extra Large aloha teal embroidered duffel bag. I can fit in this bag people! IT'S HUIGE! And of course the usual hot cheetos and gushers. ahh yes. you're all wondering what garlic things I recieved aren't you?
Actually you're probably thinking," what is with this sick obsession with garlic this girl has?" Well, I'll show you at the end of the blog with some pics. And I'll add some other Christmas ones too.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

ok, ok, I'll update.

but it's going to be short! I am giving up sleep time for an update. See how much I love you people? you are so lucky.

I started my new job on monday (12/12) and I have been super busy. The week before Christmas is the absolute worst time to start a job. Can you say stress? Plus I had three parties. The company party on tuesday, the department party at my bosses house on wednesday, and a birthday party of a girl in the office on thuhrsday. CRAZY! HECTIC! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

I really like my job though. Awsome people, and it's something I will actually enjoy doing for 8 hours a day without it getting tedious, because it always changes. So far no cute guys or anything though, major downer. All the doctors are old and bald, and the rest is young 27 year old moms up to 50 year old grandmas. so mostly female.

Oh, Karli, (if you read this) Michael (my brother) said he saw you at church today and you're on the missionary counsel with him? coolness. He came home and asked if I knew any karli's with red hair. funny.

I get half a day this friday off, and the next monday off for christmas. I wish it was more. but hey, I need money. I still haven't gone to temple square yet. I'm going to drag my family there this week, and If you guys go any other time, I will also go. Christmas just came way too fast this year. I mean, I was listening to christmas music in November(as Toni would know) and cooking treats and stuff, but not realy shopping or anything. And now, It's in 6 days and I haven't done shopping. Money is the main factor, but stilll, It came too fast.

Arrrgggggggghhhhhhh. A lady in ,my ward trapped me into playing in sacrement meeting ON CHRISTMAS DAY! My dad was going to nake us go to it anyway, But now I have to actually put on makeup, do my hair and wear something decent because I'll be in front of people. I hope no one shows up and they cancel it. As blasphemous as it may sound, I don't you should have to go to church on christmas. I mean, all the adults will have stayed up all night long wrapping last minute presents, and will be dead, and in my house we don't usually start opening until 9, and church starts at 10:30, so it totally clashes with my present opening schedule. Watch, now my christmas tree will catch on fire, and burn all the presents. God will teach me a lesson. Maybe I should delete that last part. oh well, What's said is said.

Ok, ,I've gone into my sleeping time lolng enough, I must go to bed now. I cannot function on 6 hours of sleep, so It's off to bed I go. Tootles!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A severed foot: The ultimate stocking stuffer

Ouch again. I went back to clinic the day after and they took my blood and gave me another TB test shot. Jeez, I'm about to go find myself another job that doesn't require so many shots.
Not only that, but I never realized how much people touch, slap or punch your arms in one day. I crack my knuckles, and no one should care, but my in order to break this habit that I am perfectly fine with, my papa dad, smacks my arm every time I crack a knuckle. The day OF when I got the last two shots, He punched my arm twice! the same arm in the same night! I could hardly hold back the tears it hurt so stinking bad. Then my sister even tapped my arm after that. I was thinking of putting on a big in big bold red letters,
"DON"T TOUCH MY FREAKING ARM!" but decided against it. All is well now though. all shots completed, blood drawn, cat scans, transplants and such are finished.
Ah, I got my new migraine meds today. The possible side effects are(I shall list in matter of greatest fatality inducers) Dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness, rash, itching, slow heart or pulse rate, or shortness of breath. Boy those don't worry me one bit. "hey doc, my hearts been feelin' kind of slow lately, should I be worried?" hhhmmmm.........ya think!?
The thing I'm most worried about is other meds I take(Am I starrting to sound like a hypocondriach, or is it just me?) Today I took my acnes med, my new migraine med, I had a backache and cramps(the girl kind) so I took some midol, and when I got back from seeing Narnia(which is a whole OTHER story) I took two Excedrin. I think I'm going to die from an overdose.
Anyway, on to my Narnia experience. My sister Rachel, my bro Michael and I went to Narnia tonight. We gave ourselves half an hour seeing how it just came out yesterday, and it was a weekend night. We get there at 7:30, get our tickets and go to the theatre. We walk in, and some loser kid is standing there holding a vacuum talking to his buddies. We sit down, arrange ourselves and wait patiently for the show. He comes up to us and says,"Are you here for the show?" Well, Ya, we ARE in a movie theater. "you'll have to wait in the lobby until we're done cleaning" Since when does five star CLEAN their theaters? He wasn't even doing anything! so we get up and go wait in the lobby. 10 minutes later(all while not hearing a single vacuum running) we go back in figuring they'd be done. Nope, still standing there talking with his buddies and laughing like a bunch of trolls. "we're not done yet, go wait outside" he says. So we wait outside the theater not wanting to lose our early seats by going back to the lobby. Not hearing any vacuuming AGAIN for about five minutes, the trolls emerge and their leader, king ugly face, tells everyone(which had accumulated to about 15 people) we have to go stand on the other side of the ticket box. Wanting to strangle this ugly kid, we as a group shuffle over behind the ticket box . His troll friends wander off to steal some consessions candy and he slowy walks up to the ticket box. "Finally" about alf the group said. but no. kind ugly face stands their enjoying every moment of our torture. After an eternity of waiting, he grunts, "tickets please!" Since WHEN does five star ask for your tickets!? Finally our group gives in our want to see the show over wanting to strangle him and we give him our tickets and file in the theater. The floors were flippin' sticky, their was garbage everywhere! What MORONS! Finally the show started. Problem was they had the volume up ALL the way. everyone had their ears plugged, and someone went out to tell them to turn it down. They turned it down a little, but it was still deafening. Hence why I got a headache and took excedrin tonight.

So the moral of this story is, If I die from a drug overdose tonight, it's Five star's fault and I will haunt them forever. Oh and they just suck all around. Especially king ugly face.

Anywho, I must get to bed. Don't want to miss church tomorrow, or do I? Nah, I'll go. Wish me luck on my first week at work on monday! tootles

Friday, December 09, 2005

Yay, Galadriel!

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can you say ouch? say it with me,"Ouch". very good

In the past day and a half, I have had a TB shot, a tetnus booster shot, a hepetitis A shot, a hepetitus shot, New migraine meds, and to top it all off, I peed in a cup. All the paperwork and nonsense for a job is just getting rediculous the days. Who cares if I've had my tetnus within the past three years? Is someone planning on bringing a rabid dog to a pediatrics clinic? heavens. I've been poked and injected with so many meds today and yesterday uyou'd think I was an addict. Not only that, I might have to get a flu shot tomorrow too. Drat. I've had three shots in my right arm and one in my left. But hey, they gave me a snoopy band aid for each one, so I have four snoopy band aids on me rightnow. Am I cool or what?
Yes, I got the job with IHC and start onmonday the 12th. Fun stuff. I'm even getting $1 moroe an hour than we discussed in the interview. Nice little surprise there. I train for one week and then start working with real patients and accounts. Finally. praise Alla, I Rebecca H. H. has a JOB! I"M NOT A BUM ANYMORE!!!!! My next quest and ruler of non-bums is a car. Yes yes, my chariot and horse will no longer satisfy my transportation needs with the growning cost of hay and feed. I must equip myself with a "pile of tin" that nobody knows "what shape it's in". following that small yet needed victory, I will then correct my ever garbage vision. LASIK BABY! you got it, the bec bec is going under the laser to get 20/20 vision like the rest of the perfect people in the world. No more having to sit in the front of a class to see the board, no sitting on the front row of Movie theaters to see the screen, no more having to drive with glasses, no more needing someone to read me the menu to the drive through of McD's because I can't see it. I WILL HAVE CORRECT VISION!!! BWA HA HA HAHA !!!!! MY PLAN IS COMPLETE!!!

Anyways......My doctor gave me a new prescription for migraines. Now instead of treating them, I will be preventing them. YAY! Why is everything going so well for me right now? It seems everything is falling into place right now. If only I had a man. :)
Ouch. my arm just started to ache again. three shots in one arm in one day will do a number on you.
Wanna know what my new obsession is? Yoga. that's right. the body contorting, ever relaxing yoga. It started a couple days ago when I realized I coudn't do the splits anymore, which I have been able to do since birth. I've been stretching everyday to achieve it again, when my mom saw me and went out and bought me a yoga book. Gotta love that stuff. I'm a total addict now.

my cat threw up in my closet yesterday. gross

did you guys see how much it snowed yesterday? like 2 and a half inches in one hour. Everthing was quite icy. very dangerous. gotta love snow in December thouogh. I'm keeping my promise to myself, that every year I will build one snowman. I started it last year, and realized how much I missed playing in the snow. Rachel and I went outside and made a huge one while freezing our rears off, but it was fun. When was the last time you made a snow angel?

Must be off to bed now. Weird. I just realized almost all my posts are written at midnight or later. oh well. It's when I get the most done being a night person and all. but that will change next week. I have to join the rest of the world in going to work 8-4 and going to bed at a normal time. thank goodness for weekends.

Monday, December 05, 2005

When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl

Another sunday come and gone. Thankfully no meetings after church, just a quick tithing settlment and off to home I came. yippeee.
I'm still waiting to hear back on the job for the patient accounts. They sent an email last frriday asking for my SSN to check references, so hopefuly that means I got it. I'll be expecting a phone call soon!
I watched the first presidency Christmas devotional tonight. Good music, and good talks. good all around.
Have any of you heard the song, "Lux Aeterna"? It is a gorgeous song. Kind of a chant/religious song where the sopranoes go to like a high B which is incredible. I could never get higher than an F without screeching my vocal chords out of my throat. ouch. If I can I'm going to take private voice lessons in January while taking choir at school. I miss singing so much. Viola too. But I'll be in orchestra, so no worries.
Must run and get to bed. I'm forcing myself to get to bed before 1am so I don't die once I start my new job. Tootles