Saturday, August 13, 2005

oh how happy and joyful, a pink freakin balloon Posted by Picasa
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Sunday, August 07, 2005

too cute. this is what Jack looked like when he was little Posted by Picasa

"On a sunday afternoon"

Today was quite a relaxing day. I stayed home from church because I stayed upo so late last night and woke up with a migraine and earache. We had the usual spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and afterwords I had an otter pop(or five or six) I love those things!
Mike and Danny came over again today to hang out. we ended up playing with clay and talking for about an hour. now they are all on the computer doing everquest and world warcraft. boys ad their toys. oh, yesterday The tomcats went to Tooele for another battle of the bands. THey won third place and got a huge trophy and $200 dollars. very cool!
Rachel has been sick the past couple of days. she has this infection in her eye making it all puffy and swollen. today is the worst it's been all week. So much for running in the mornings. Randy said he might go with me though. He has to be able to walk six miles and bike ten miles in one day before he can go back on his mission. So I'm going to help him get back into shape.
I had four stupid trojan horses and a virus, and tons of spyware. i got a new program to get it off though. My computer is clean! YAY!
Sad day in the journalism world today. Peter Jennings died of lung cancer. I always loved getting the news from him. I guess It could be a good thing though. So many people know how he got lung cancer from smoking and it could inspire a lot of people to quit. I'm sure many people will miss him though.
Well, I need to get off to bed. I've been staying up way too late on the computer lately. probably why I keep getting migraines. enjoy your day/night everybody! tootles

Saturday, August 06, 2005

another day gone by

I woke up this morning aroun 1pm. I was up all night with ANOTHER freaking migraine. I'm going to the doctors this week to get a refill on Relpax again, and to talk with my doctor about Topamax. It's supposedly prevents migrains by tking it daily. We'll see. Today is Lisa's reception. I am going to FOUR receptions this month and have already been to four this year. everyone is getting married! I will take lots of pictures and post some. Just another event where my mom will talk to me afterwords about," If you were going to institue, that would be you up there!" I'm only nineteen for heavens sake mother. sure I feel pressure because all of my friends are getting married, but I don't plan on getting married until I'm at LEAST 21. k, new subject.
I made a cool little shirt out of a dollar bill. I think I will do it with all my money, it keeps me from spending it when it tookforever to fold up. Hm. I think I'll post a picture of it just to show you.
Rachel has been sick with a sinus/eye infection, and I'm scared to death that I'm going t catch it. I hate eing sick. But the antibiotics I'm taking for acne my give me a bit of an advantage. keep your fingers crossed for me!
Oh, just a side note in case soe of you didn't know, I QUIT MY JOB! well, I didn't show up for two and a half days and I didn't call in, and I didn't even have a reason for not going in. very stupid of me, but I just didn't feel like going at all. so I go in the fourth day and talk to my supervisor, and he is almost in tears because he had to let me go. He gave me his phone number and email address and told me to use him as a refrence. he said I would go far in life and gave me hug when I left. he is THE coolest guy. He even put me down as voluntary termination instead of a no call no show. he is awsome. He told me he would out me as rehirable and if I didn't have a job in four months to come back. wow. I really screwed things up. Oh well. Life goes on.
It's been really nice having this week and not doing a single thing. But now I'm ready to get a job again. I guess I've become accustomed to it. waking up at 7 and working until 4. plus it's nice having cash. I'll be smarter with my next job and save everything though. I kind of went on shopping sprees every time I got paid.
Michael is going to help me get a job at Unisys. I'll be getting paid $10.00 to start there. 2 bucks more than my last job started me at.
Well, i have to go get ready for lisa's reception and I am going to write to michelle who sent us a package of stuff from the phillipines today. tootles!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

the whole gang of tomcats Posted by Picasa
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"I see dead pixels"

You know how my monitor died a couple of months back? Well, I've been in the market lately for a new one, preferrably an LCD 17". most of the warranties are ok, but some of them that are in my price range are quite rediculous. One warranty stated they wouldn't replace the monitor unless it had eight or more missing(dead) pixels. meaning they wouldn't replace it unless their is eight or more black spots on your screen. stupid eh? Anywho, I've found some decent deals, but still need to check out Ebay.
Today was kind of uneventful, but I'll give you the run-through anyway. I woke up around noonish because Rachel, Mom and I didn't get from walmart until about one, and didn't get to sleep until about two. So I wake up, check my email and such, eat some food, and WHAMMO, methinks it's time for the weekly migraine. I took two excedrin(is that how you spell that?) which did as much as eating dirt would. So I've been grogging around all day not wanting to do anything with this freaking headache. lucky am I says me.
in other news, my steam cleaner (well I bought it for my mom really) came today. It totally wasn't what was in the picture on ebay, and since I gave them negative feedback, they gave me bad feedback. stupid people. anyway, we've tried the cleaner and it works decent enough. Randy even cleaned his mototcycle with it. kind of fun getting new gadgets.
Last night was the magna night out against crime thingy. Randy and the Tomcats performed all night. They did really well, and we got good video and pictures to stick in their website ( I saw Amber there too. we caught up on all the gossip and such. she'll be going to SLCC this next semester instead of UVSC. So, possibly we'll go to institute together.
My poor dad. he got another flat tire in the car. that's our second one in the past three weeks. He just has bad luck with cars. Did anyone else see/hear/feel that rain today? I LOVED it! we haven't had a strom like that since I was a kid. totally awsome.
Well, I have to get off this thing. staring at bright screen isn't the best thing for my head right now. Oh, I almost forgot, Toni, I LOVED your blog. very touching. Thanks so much *tear* I have such awsome friends. I'm so spoiled :)