Saturday, October 27, 2007

I spend WAY too much on music.

I have no job and no income at the moment (still), yet I am using the last of my resources to buy music online. I refuse to buy actual CD's of an entire album unless it is Kelly Clarkson, Beatles or John Mayer. Otherwise, it's online purchasing of individual tracks I like. I was looking at my bank statement today and totalled up this month's spendatures. Totalling $30 this month alone. Month before? $42. It's becoming an addiction methinks. Good thing I have an 80GB hard drive to hold it all. I need to save up and get an 80GB MP3 player now. Sadly ipod is looking like the best option. but I have yet to give in. I will keep searching before I join the ipod cult.

I got a call from the SLCC orch. director tonight. I guess he wants me to come back. I think I will, I miss playing. It's been months again since I've touched Hannah. That sounded wrong. Since I played hannah. No, that sounded gross too. Get your minds out of the gutter you sick people. Anyway, I think I'll go this week and check things out. can't be playing with any old orchestra you know. I have my limits. Ok, so I'm a music snob. Deal with it.

Oh, guess what I did today? While walking from my car to subway- a total of about 10 feet- wearing only flip flops (AND clothes you nasty people) I pulled/tore my arch. As in my foot's arch. It felt like someone took a seraded knife and stabbed it and ripped it about 4 inches down my foot. It hurt like no other. So I wallow in pain, squeeze Rachel's arm to the point of bruising (she was with me) and try and walk. I could handle it with a slight limp. Then, WHAMO! it happens AGAIN. I pulled the same muscle twice within 5 seconds. ........ 5 min pause.....

I just checked my foot for bruising, and I have two massive liquid filled blisters on my foot! Holy Crap my poor feet!

After I pulled my arch I taped it so it had some constant support and it seemed to help. I've been running with Michael and going to the gym to lift weights this week, Tonight I wasn't going to give into the arch pain and ran anyway. I guess the retarded limp-run I was doing gave me blisters. wonderful.

Tonight I helped Michael make a curry chicken stirfry. I will never use curry again. It is NASTY! I ended up rinsing off the veggies and chicken and starting over, turning it into sweet and sour chicken. Who ever invented curry should be shot. Goess Gross Gross.

My mom volunteered me to play the piano in the primary tomorrow. I guess she forgot.......... I CAN ONLY PLAY LIKE TWO SONGS MOM!!!!!.........................
So I'll be looking like a completee idiot tomorrow pretending to play kids primary songs I don't know. they'll be getting the right hand only. Maybe and occasional left hand accomp. if it's in C major. They should sell tickets. it should be interesting. Pray for me.

Well, the bathroom is calling (trying to drink 8 glasses of H2O a day) and I have some blisters to take care of (oh, were you eating?) Hope you all have great weekend. See most or all of you at Shells party!!!!!!

Oh, michelle inspired me to finish my "100 things about me" section as she did hers
in ONE day. Go check it out!(link to the left) I left off at 67 last time. I finished it!!

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