Thursday, April 21, 2005

My new job(that I hate): part two

It's 1:40am, I just got back from work. Do you all want to know what I did for the last four hours? Do you really want to know?! Fine, I'll tell you. I vacuumed the EXACT carpet I vacuumed yesterday. I emptied garbage cans that had only one tissue, or piece of paper in it, because they were the same cans I emptied yestarday. I dusted the same desks I dusted yesterday which had absolutely NO DUST! What a freaking waste of time! The only thing keeping me at this job is the security guards. I'm totally serious. They have me do jobs that don't need to be done until the next week! It's like washing a pair of pants, then as soon they are clean, you throw them back in the washer. totally pointless. I am getting paid 8.17/hr to vacuum clean carpets. It drives me nuts!

On to bigger and better things. My room is almost clean. It has been months since you could see the floor. I used to always have a perfectly clean room. It looked like Joe's did when I last saw it. I even used to evenly space my hangers in my closet, and iron my blankets. No, I'm not joking. but lately the slob in me has surfaced. But now I'm getting back on track. Then I won't be ashamed for people to see my room. (wahoo)

I put my hair up all nice and pretty today, and did my makeup(it's been a while) and I didn't see a single security guard today. kind of depressing. Oh, whoever wrote the"annonomous" comment(Toni, or Tony) (well possibly Joe, but not Michelle, she's too normal for that) you are wierd. Please do come and kill me though, I have nothing going for me at the moment.

I was quite hungry on the way home from work, and the only place that is open downtown is Wendy's. I got a chicken strips meal that was totally not worth it. The chicken was quite disgusting as a matter of fact. the fries will end up making me sick tonight, and the fruit punch probably stained my teeth red. What a waste a five bucks. I shouldn't buy fast food anymore.

Yikes. I just felt my legs, and they are hairier than bigfoot. And all my fingernail polish is cracked and falling off. Since I know I'll be sore tomorrow, I'm going to take a humungo bubble bath, manicure and pedicure, and some serious shaving. It's not capri or short season, so I kind of neglect my legs in the shaving category. Does anyone else hate the hair on your big toe? It drives me NUTS! I always shave it off, because I did it once, and it always grew back blacker than black. My little sister Rachel shaves her arms. What a weirdo. her arm hair isn't even dark. It's blonde. My sister is funny though. She'll be cooking something, and turn on the radio to classical 89. I'll walk into the kitchen and she'll be conducting the song that's on as if she were there. and If she's listening to oldies, she'll start dancing around the room. I have an unusual sis.

I can play another song on my guitar! I know chords and such, but I'm teaching myself classical stuff. more fun I think. Plus my guitar is a classical guitar, so it makes sense. just a thought.

I have a plant in my room that is some type of fern, and is about three feet tall. I've been neglecting it a lot in the past few months, and it's very sad looking. I might throw it away if I can't revive all the dead branches.

I'm extremely tired, but am really in the mood to write about everything. Well, actually, nothing, it's all just random thoughts and rambles. My sister left all her junk at my computer. She uses it when I'm gone to do homework. She always leaves the most random stuff. Envelopes, rosin(like she would need that to do homework.) a safety pin, a fork, and a single shoe. I really wonder about my sister sometimes.

Oh, to answer your question Tony about the poop, I mean pope, stuff, He chooses his own name, and i think Joe looks like a Narcissus type of pope. Narcissus, a greek name meaning self-love. :)

Well, I can't really see my computer anymore, my eyes are burning and drying out. I'm sure if I looked in the mirror I'd scream. must be off to bed now. Oh, sorry I wasn't online today to talk to you michelle. I will be on from 10:00-11:00am tomorrow, well today. April 21, 2005. sheesh. off to dreamland once again. tootles to you my friends.

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