Friday, April 01, 2005

Having brunch makes me look forward to having lupper.

I got to talk to Michelle, Toni and Bec B. today! well, not talk, but instant mesage. It's nice catching up with people.
I didn't go to my other job interview today. I was too pooped from last night. I didn't get to bed until 3:30! My mom and I were having a discussion. Not your ordinary discussion though. A gospel discussion. When my mom and I start, you just can't stop us. It amazes me how much my mom knows about the gospel. I get this hunger once in a while to learn something I don't already know about the gospel, so I ask her a question, and it leads to another and another and another. we talked for four hours last night. I just love talking with my mom about the deep down details that not many people know about the gospel. So interesting!
Anywho, Randy wrote today from the land of germans. and what do you know, he didn't write to me AGAIN! he got So mad at me the one time that I forgot to write to him, and he hasn't written to me the past three times! how hard can it be to drop a quick little note saying hi when you're e-mailing?! He's such a poop sometimes. It makes me want to go play his guitar and then tell him I did. then I'd realy get a response! Hmmmmmm.....maybe I should try that!
My room still isn't clean! I was on a roll tonight, but then I wanted to talk to Michelle Toni and bec, and then we went to get subways for dinner, and now I'm updating my blogs because it's been a while. My room is never going to get clean. You can see some of the floor though. I guess i've had some progress.
Well, I need to finish cleaning my room and work out all before midnight. I have to get busy. Bye Bye!


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