Sunday, April 24, 2005

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated since thursday. That's really long for me. We just got an e-mail from Michelle(my sister) and she told us she had frog for dinner. yum yum :P She also said she saw a dog being cooked at a neighbors house. that is just wrong.
My mom was tralking to our Relief society president today about my brother Michael. My parents are really starting to worry about him. He plays computer games ALL day. He does absolutely nothing else with his life and has been doing this for almost five years. Our relief society pres said she would pray that he would give up the computter. You are never going to believe this, tonight my sister tripped the circuit breaker by plugging in too many things, and it fried my brothers computer. It won't work anymore. Can you say answer to prayer?! That was amazing to me. It's probably just the power supply fried, and easily repaired, but still. pretty amazing.
I made chicken quesadiias tonightt for dinner. They were SSSOOOO good and everybody loved them. I have to make them for you all some time. I gave my kitty a bath today because he was all greasy and stinky. Poor thing. he didn't howl at all this time. he just sat patiently while being shampooed to death. My poor old kitty.
I went to church today! Yes, such a simple thing to do, but I always dread going. I must get over that. sometimes Satan knows exactly where to push my buttons for temptation. GRRR! But I went. despite only having a few hours of sleep, I was determined to go today. It wasn't so bad, I kept dosing, but managed to get a lot ouyt of all the lessons today. very glad I went.
hmmm. I can't think of anything else interesting to write, but I'm still in the mood to write. da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da de da.
I've really come to like my job. I've only been theere a week, but now I don't get lost, and know all the people real well. The work is ok too. not that I love cleaning and mopping and such I don't mind coming to work - I just don't want to stay when I get there. That's why I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I'd love cleaing my own house, raising kids, and doing things for my family. That's my chapter in life I can't wait for. Oh well. it'll be a while. Speaking of, Angela is getting married! It is so wierd! Just the other day we were all worrying about the ACT and graduation, now we are going off to college and getting married. Her poor husband though. Angela only knows how to make toast. that is the extent of her cooking abilities. I'm sure they will be eating out a lot. That's where my husband is lucky in the wife depratment. I can cook anything and everything. My momm started teaching us girls how to cook before we could walk. my first word was probably spatula. that's how i broke my collar bone too. My mom was cooking a pie, and i wanted to see how to do it, so i pulled up a chair to watch, fell off, and landed on my shoulder and broke my collare bone. But I learned how to make pie crust! so it was worth it.

Rebecca broadbent is back in magna for the week. we are going to hang out all week and catch up up some. She is going back to Idaho for school in the summer, so, I won't get to see her then either. who would voluntarily go to school in the summer? beats me. Anyway, we are going to practice some of our old songs. I miss playing in Moore's room during lunch all the time. She taught me almost all the fiddling songs i know. I miss all of my old friends. Whitney Moore better plan a good reunion.

Well, I should be off to bed now. oh, and Tony, you are a good man, but you are one of my friends, so it's different. you don't count. sorry. :) Tootles


  1. as a good man of course. you are one of "the pals" the one in toni's ode to nice girls, you are the friend. I'm sorry, but you must accept it.