Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My new job

Wow, my first night as a janitor was last night. You would not believe how big the conference center is! You think the auditorium is big, but when you go where all the offices are, it's like triple the size. There are so many offices and rooms, it is going to take me weeks until I don't get lost. The job is actually really easy. Since I'm new, I have to dust, empty cans, polish wood, and vacuum. Everyone has too much time to get the job done, so they talk to eachother for about half the time, and go exploring together when they are finished. I was shown about six other secret elevators that will take you anywhere. They took me into the security room, so the Security knew who I was. They have a huge map of the entire world, and pictures of where the first presidency and twelve apostles are. they Track them! they know where they are and what they are doing 24/7! next to the first presidency they have an electronic read out that said "sleeping at home". It's crazy! Plus, all the security guys are WAY hot. I think I'm really going to enjoy this job :) I now have a key that will open practically any door on temple square. "Feel the power of the ONE key" All the people that work there are really nice too. We went up onto the roof when we were finished and just sat there for a while. It was so nice and peaceful.

So, tjh world has a new poop. I mean, pope . I'd be glad to become pope just so I could change my name. Ratzinger. Toni and I decided it's evil. maybe it's because he's German, who knows. But now he will become pope benedict the somethingth. Interesting.

Well, all the snow as melted from last night, but it's all windy and cold. I wish spring would hurry up. My friend Cami is moving to New Jersey to become a nanny of all things. We were best friends since we were four. We always planned on going to college together and living together. Then Jr. High came along and she decided to hang out with the wrong people, and we drifted apart. well, more like swam very quickly. thinnking back on your childhood can be sad sometimes. makes me feel even older.

Well, must be off to exercise and shower for the day. tootles to ya.


  1. why do they have to change their name when they become pope. and who decides what their new name should be. and why? what would joes new name be if he were the pope?