Sunday, April 10, 2005

Here I am again

I'm am so utterly(moo) and completely bored out of my mind. So, all you lucky people get two blogs in one day. Two! you lucky ducks!(quack) I guess we use animal-like words a lot when we speak and we didn't even know it.
Anywho, I was reading through all the conference talks today because I didn't get to hear all of them. I wrote down this quote, but I can't remember who said it. "Others waste today's time with a disabling fear of tomorrow or a paralyzing preoccupation over mistakes of yesterday. " This is SO me! I put off so much in life for fear it won't come out like I want. I have a huge fear of rejection and dissapointment. This quote made me realize that I am putting off what I want in life because of fear. I guess I need to get over the fear and do what I want and take a risk. Just a thought.
I decided to change my template because I was sick of looking at green and yellow dots. Consider it a new beginning for me, in relation to taking risks in my life. wohoo.
Ok, I am officially going nuts. Joe, if you got your scholarship letter already, call and tell me NOW! I would rather know if I didn't get it early, instead of wait for the bad news. If you haven't gotten yours, I order you and Michelle to go to The teacher(is his name Fulmer? I forget) and tell him to get moving. I'm going crazy!
Today my mom told me if I move out I will miss her and home so much I won't last a week. HA! She also expects to get a letter, once I move out, about how I now realize how much I took her and my dad for granted, and how I was wrong in my teenage ways, and they were right. She expects this letter, because both my brothers sent one home a month into their mission, and my sister just sent one home this week. NOT ME! I already know how much they do for me, and I'm not some stupid teenager who doesnt appreciate all they do, plus, I was a responsible teenager, and will not admit rthat I did anything wrong, because I didn't. SO YOU AIN'T GETTIN' ONE MOM!
*ahem* Now that that's out of my system, on to the rest of my dull life. My suster is moving into my room this week. After sharing a room with her for eighteen years, I finally got my own room last year. Now that my brother and sister are coming home soon, my dad has to finish the basement, and my sister moves in with me. WILL IT NEVER END!? So in my entire childhood, I had my own room(that never had a door) for approximately 10 months. can you say LAMEZOR! Shouldn't a (soon to be) 19 year old female be entitled to her own room? Have my parents heard of the word PRIVACY? I love my sister, but when I shared a room with her, It brought out the beast in me. And it was a big beast. I can not wait to move out.
Well, I think I've rambled on enough for now. If I get bored I'll come back and bore you some more. tootles

Don't forget to scroll down and read the BBQ story if you haven't already. It's in saturday's post

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  1. hey there! i asked fulmer about the scholarships today and he said they were supposed to be sent out two weeks ago. they're going to have a meeting tomorrow and hopefully get everything cleared up. they'll be coming soon!