Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Well, Today was just another average joe kind of day. Not that Joe is average in his ways, just a figure of speach. The dumpsters were dropped off all along the streets again, so my dad stayed home and we cleaned up around the hoiuse and threw away a ton of stuff. My dad checked out my moniter a bit and decclared it officially dead. Oh joy. Today the internet has not been cooporating at all. I aalso tried to install a couple photo programs, and apparently, they aren't cxompatible with Windows XP. What in it's freakin' mind would not be compatible with windows?! So I'm stuck with the ol' boring programs. Today my MP3 player also decided it didn't want to talk to my computer, so I couldn't download my new songs to it. I'm cursed!
On to happier subjects, We had pizza for dinner. I somehow managed to eat hallf a medium pizza. I felt really guilty, until I realized the only other thing I had eaten today was an english muffin. So, I ate an entire days worth of calories in one sitting. I'll be working out extra hard tomorrow.
I filed my federal taxes today. It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. But, I still have yet to do state. I get back $158 for federal. Huzzah! but alas, I must hold back my need to spend and think of the future. I'll just have to save it to help me move to Orem! My parents really don't think I'm going to move out. well, I am.
Goodness! The wind here is crazy! Things are flying around like crazy and hitting our house. You'd think it was a tornado! It's just a cold fron though. No storm. Well, a wind storm I suppose. Right now I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson's "Low" Kiind of a sad song, but something I can relate to. I love her voice. She can hit all the higher notes in chest and has really good vibrato. Her "S's" whistle though. that kind of drives me nuts.
I have new german neighbors. Well the parents are from germany anyway. They've got a son my age who is quite nice looking. Must brush up on my German skills. "Ich bin ein Berliner" translation: I am a jelly doughnut. Did you know that kennedy actually said that when visiting Berlin? He didn't mean to. He was supposed to say, "I am a berliner" but it ccame out a bit wrong.
Yah, those PJ's I was going to make today?(scroll down if you don't know what I'm talking about. there is a pic) We were working all day so I didn't make them. Humphf. I'm making them tomorrow for sure though. i'm definatel a PJ girl. I actually have a collection. I love nighgowns too. Not something to wear in public, but make you feel so feminine. I'm sure others would agree with me.
Did you know that Angelina Jolie adopted her son? I never knew that. I learned something.........
Ahhh, Beautiful Disaster, another fav song. Oh! I just thought of something! I can get my viola off e-bay with my tax return! It's a sister viola to my sister's viola. (ironic) It has the deepest sound in the lower register. My viola isn't up to College level, so I would feel justified in buying it. Plus, it's the prettiest viola I've ever seen. YAY! I'm happy now.
Well, I should be off to bed so I can get up early to exercise th same time as you guys. Goodnight to the ol' windy world.

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