Sunday, April 10, 2005

How could I possibly hate Joe?

Ok everyone, I guess I took the whole"I hate Joe" thing too far. It was mainly used to create comedy effect in friday's blog. Just a bit(ok, a lot) of sarcasm. Sorry if I made you upset or worried Joe. Just to everyone knows I love Joe to death. And will"forgive" him of any wrongdoing on the suggestion of Toni. heck, we're getting married for goodness sake, how could I hate my future hubby? even if he is a violinist? I love Joe, I love Joe, I love Joe, I love Joe, I love Joe. There, I counter-acted all the hates. But you can still give me a hug and gushers anyway Joe. :)

oh, I don't know why the dumb blooger posted friday's blog halfway down the page. stupid thing deletes my blogs all the time. I should sue.

1 comment :

  1. awwww... thanks becca! yeah, you'll still get gushers and a hug :)