Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy B-day to me, I really have to go pee.

Ok, Just came back from the bathroom and feel much better. I guess tachnically I'm not nineteen because I wasn't born until 5am. Oh well. same difference.

Just got back from Walmart with my mom, some grocery shopping and b-day shopping, fun fun, exceopt that I know 2/3 of everything I'm getting. Oh! It was so funny tonight. My mom and I were in line to get something to eat at the McDonalds inside Walmart. Three scary looking gangster dudes were standing in line next to us and it was really quiet. All of a sudden my mom gasps and yells," Look at that!" and points up to a sign on the wall. I turned and looked, the three gangster guys turn and look, and even the lady behind the counter looked.We all thought something scared her, or something amazing was on the wall. then my mom," They have Lemon pies now!" Everyone laughed histerically. It was so funny. No one else was in the place, so it echoed forever,"they have lemon pies!" I couldn't stop laughing, and the gangster guys probably thought my mom was nuts for getting so excited over a stupid pie. Just my funnny thought for the day.
Guess what I bought, everyone? I got marshmellows, and chocolate covered graham crackers so we can have smore's at the next BBQ. And I got some metal skewer fork things to cook the marshmellows on. yay. oh, and a frisbee.

well, I suppose I can tell you what I know I'm getting for my birthday so far. A coconut(I love em'), bobby pins(I go through them and lose them like mad, I'm sure Toni and Michelle can relate), My favorite face wash (that costs a billion bucks so I can't afford it), Gushers(of course), and a two hour teeth whitening kit. I have this thing with teeth. It's the first thing I notice on a person. I just love straight white teeth on a guy, makes me week in the knees. Plus it drives me mad when my teeth aren't clean, or if they have a hint of yellow. I always brush my teeth past the two minute requirement, because they still don't feel clean. Maybe I'm just weird, but It's the way I am. Anyway, back to B-day. My little sister is cute. She wanted to get me a piniata(however you spell that) and balloons for my birthday. You just can't have a birthday without balloons. that's my motto. And my parents are taking me to Sizzler for dinner. mmmmmm...........................................Ribs..................................................................*ahem*

My mom and I went peeking through the D. I. today. They have some really cool stuff you can't find anywhere else. We found this book that my mom has wanted forever, but is out of print, so she was all happy. I collect china and antiques and found some cool plates too. They had this piano in the back for $150, It was really dirty, but sounded really good. If I had a spare $150, and a room to put the piano in, I'd buy it. We then went to reams to get eggs which were on sale. I don't really like eggs, so I wasn't that excited about it. My mom ordered my cake at the bakery too. She had me go away so she could surprise me of what was going to be on the cake, when all of a sudden I hear," Hey Ben, do we have any pictures of Violins to put on cakes?!" The girl was yelling halfway across the store to some dude about my cake. So much for surprising me. thanks anyway Mom.

Well Joe, still no letter about scholarships yet. Maybe they'll come today. What a great b-day present that would be. I mean today, because I'm writing at 12:43am, so, obviously the mail hasn't come. I wish they'd hurry up! Unless of course, You've already recieved yours, and are trying to figure out how to break it to me gently that I didn't get one.

I bought a Burger for my brother today from McDonalds, came home to give it to him, when I had the sudden urge to go pee again. I threw the burger in my purse and threw the purse on the couch as I ran to the bathroom. When i was finished(now feeling a sense of calm and relief) I came down to give the burger to my brother. But, the burger wasn't there. I searched high and lo, and It was no where to be found. I walked in to the kitchen and the wrapper was on the floor, spotless, and Toby was next to it with his head down, avoiding eye contact, and his ears flat. Hmm. Now where could the burger have gone? My dumb dog had managed to rumage through my purse without dumping out all the other contents, sneak it into the kitchen and snarf it down, lick the wrapper clean to hide the evidence, and all within the time period of me using the bathroom in a hurry. What would this world be like without dogs, I wonder. I can only imagine.

I will post a post-birthday party blog after all cake has been eaten, and presents given tonight. Unless of course I get a letter about scolarships. then I will ramble on in excitement about how I am finally going to college, and moving out of my Chaotic, yet sometimes boring house, To OREM! I can only hope.

Tootles my fine feathered friends

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  1. yay!!! i'm all excited about the next bbq! it'll be so much fun!

    yeah, no letter here either. however, i'm a bit worried. on friday, they told us that the sholarship committee cut the music scholarship money by 1/3. i'm thinking i might not get one, but i've still got my fingers crossed. you'll probably get one because they really need more good violists. never enough of those! maybe i should convert...

    well anyway. happy birthday! see ya later!