Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I think vegetarians have it all wrong, whats this about being kind to animals, and then stealing their food behind their backs so they can starve?

Today was an extremely good day. Even though it's just 4pm. I went to a job interview at Alorica, which I thought went quite well. oh, Alorica is a computer tech/customer service cneter. I knew all but two answers to the technical questions they asked me. I guess I know a lot more about computers than I thought. When I got home, I called about four people until I got a replacement W2. I lost mine last month and would greatly appreciate my tax return and prefer that the IRS didn't hunt me down. Afterwords The church called and said I got the part time job at the conference center. YAY! I finally have a job! It's part time and 9pm to 1am, so I can get a day job(hopefully Alorica) and I'll have more than enough to move to Orem! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention my part of the day that sucked. My computer moniter is totally and completly DEAD! we will now have a moment of silence............................................................ Stupid machine. My dad said it would probably cost more to fix it than to buy a new one. It just up and died. no reason whatsoever. It was a 14x11 screen too! FLATSCREEN! I am so upset. Right now I am borrowing one of our old ones.(we have about five computers, a million mice, three keyboards, and three moniters just sitting in our house. My dad likes to tinker) it is 12 1/2x 9 1/2. LAMEZOR! It is a 1999 ADI model. IT SUCKS! You can't even adjust the brightness or resolution at ALL! I just bought it last year, so I might be able to get a new one free or cheep. I guess i shouldn't complain though. Not everyone and their dog owns a computer as good as mine. I'm lucky my dad and brother are in the buisness.

My mom is making New england boiled dinner tonight. I like corned beef and potatoes, nut I'm in it for the CABBAGE! I love cabbage to death. it is my favorite veggie. Oh! I just got inspiration for a new song for the band! CABBAGE! they have wanted to do a song about a vegetable forever! I have to go write a song now. I'll post it when I'm done.


  1. mmm....cabbage. anyway. yeah, i don't even have a computer! but that's ok. i don't want one. where would i put it? besides, i've full 24/7 access to my roomies computers, which are way nicer than one i could afford. yeah. happy trails :) sorry about your screen! that really does suck.

  2. Anonymous1:47 AM

    you spelled monitor wrong...