Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've been uploading photo's to my photo album today, so if you wanna check it out, lots of old and new photo's.(link on the right)

I found an old email from my old job that's been hidden away for months. Good ol' Westech. This was by far my favorite job ever.
I came to work one day and my mouse was gone replaced by a "mouse". A gummy mouse to be exact. All the guys were trying not to look at me and doing the man giggling thing. I yelled, "Ha ha, very funny, now if you want any work done I better get my mouse in the next five minutes" Of course it was Jeff B. one of the two big oranksters in grp 5. I kept the mouse at my desk until the day I left. Yes, this pic is my desk. Doggy pics on the monitor, speakers for music, gooey blue timer-thing, candy dish, and a stack of proposals to file. Ah, memories.

These flowers were from Administrative Professionals day. The ones on the left from my boss Vince and the one's on the right from Rex the unit leader. Awwwwww. cute.

One of my duties as Admin was to get the birthday treats for our monthly birthday celebration. Ususally we had pie, but I was sick of it, so I got a cake this time. Everyone loved it, but in an odd way. See below and you notice they have eaten it from the inside out. Welcom eto the world of engineers.

Jeez, I wish they'd hurry up and give me a job already! I miss it!

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  1. Hey I do proposals all the time now. :) Your desk looks much like mine, no speakers, (I use an mp3 player) But I do have a candy dish full of tootsie rolls and pictures of my baby everywhere!

    Engineers are weird guys. Seriously. Like... Odd.

    I miss you and I hope you come back... SOON! :D