Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flashback Weekend

Months ago I started the eternal task of scanning our old pictures so we have an electronic backup. We are talking 3-4 full 8 gallon buckets of pictures. Quite the task. after editing some to the puter, I thought I'd share some with you.

Randy, a doof from the beginning
The fam taking a trip to the river. I think this is actually bridal veil falls. We were all scrawny kids.
Toby in the early innocent days
Hair sectioned off for my first ever perm. 5th grade I believe. Don't you love the see-saw in the kitchen?
Our first dog Muppy. So cute. What a mut.First family portrait with all of us kids born. Rachel looks a little out of it.
Aren't I cute??Yay 90's hair!!!
The first Hodgson family picture. Xmas 1980
What can I say, I've been a luxury girl since childhoodHalloween Mumsy and Daddykins
6th Grade Pic. perm and bangs. Never again I tell you.

I collected dolls as a child an carried them everywhere. I also didn't give up my binky until I was 5 years old
Rachel's Barny b-day. We had odd minds.
Hope you enjoyed! The flashbacks should be a regular feature as I go through all the old pics. Have a good weekend!


  1. I remember becca with the perm and bangs AND the pigtail becca. he he he. Just need a pic of you with your pink glasses

  2. hee hee. YOur brothers look just like your dad.