Friday, August 31, 2007

New links

If you look under my profile pic, you'll notice three new links about me.
-100 Things about me(I was bored, ok?)
-Wish List, things I want that are somewhat reasonably attainable
-Things to do before I'm 30. Just a list of things I want to do, and before I'm 30 so I don't sit around an wait till I'm an old fart to do them

Not much has been going on around here. STILL waiting to hear back about the job. They are slow poops right now.

Yay for the three day weekend! Not like it really matters that much as I am home all week long. The days are all the same to me. Such a loser am I.

I went to my old volleyball group at my church last night. Seems like it's been FOREVER since I playes. I could barely serve overhand and get it over the net. AND now they put the net at men's height (because it's co-ed) and I can't spike it anymore. It's tough, but it was nice getting out of the house. I even saw Kristi and Heather thought they didn't stay long. My first big step of rejoining the social world again. it was fun and I'm sore, nut it's all good.

Has anyone else changed their temple recommend to the electric/scan-able one yet? I didn't sign up for a time to go in, but my parents got their's changed over. I suppose I'll need to do it sooner or later. Kind of a pain considering I JUST had the interview last month. Oh well.

Do you notice I'm grabbing at topics to write about?

Last night my mom and I both had really bad headaches and couldn't sleep. We both went outside in the sprinkling rain and sat and talked (with our heads in our hands) for about 2 hours. Mostly about my mission. Of course my mom wants me to go back. But I really got to talk to her about all the details of why I came home and what it was like. At least now she has a better understanding if what I'm feeling and what I felt in the MTC. It was kind of nice talking to her and having no distractions(except the headaches). Eventually she took another asprin(her third that day) and I took my prescrption relpax and we both went to bed. It was about 3am when we went to bed. We both woke up around 1pm today. Kind of nice not having a job yet for those days you NEED to sleep in.

I saw nanny diaries with Rachel tonight. Definately a one timer. She's narrating the show pretty much the whole time and it's kind of annoying. Her charaacter was kind of unrealistic as well. Clumsy, ridiculous and stupid. And yet this hot harvard man wants her like no other. All all men in this world retarded? Would they REALLY rather have a hot skinny moron instead of an average looking intelligent girl? I'd rather have a ho-hum looking guy that is nice to me and intelligent, than some hot looking stuck on himslef jerk. What is the world coming to? I really wonder.

I've run out of things to say and am going to take a shower now. A long hot shower to relax my muscles. Night night.


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